Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Lost In Translation / Transition PT.4

Those that understand told me to Play On Player!!  I was told to stay in Transition To Power so I keep it pimping like Little Ronnie from the Ville...

I didn't quit like Cleveland Cavaliers showing irrational fears; I shake those haters off!!  they were acting like corporations laid them off  when Louis Farrakan told them they need to catch up on their pimping and create their own jobs!!  but they weren't keeping it real..

Lost In Translation / Transition?  this Louisville brother was once cavalier with it, but I had to take those gators off, plus the polyester suit!! I had to be real!!  rocking jeans, polo shirts, plus I have my Vans on..

Plus I have to pray!!  that's how I'm living!! that's how I make it!! shoulders of giants?  a brotha stands on..

Blues like Bobby Blue Bland  were on a brotha!! it's like I was on Beale Street in Memphis Tennessee..

Tennessee? a game of horseshoes? Arrested Development?...you don't feel me!!

What will the deal be?  who's part of the conspiracy like the Bilderberg Group; so what's up? 

What it do? after Obama made some tough decisions the honeymoon and marriage was over as some divorced from reality; The Thrill Is Gone Like B.B King, so what's up?

Meanwhile these brothas will slip through the cracks but some of this breakbeat science will be Lost in Translation / Transition

But we're not caught up!! that's not how we were brought up!! we're moving at a High Velocity so haters can stop chasing..

Haters were erasing the tape like security trying to cover up a crime..

We kept it moving!! Lost In Translation / Transition, after being caught in a moment of time!!

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