Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Not Trying To Waste Your Time Or Mine...

Not trying to waste your time or my time because you know time keeps ticking.

....And ticking and ticking; like Steve Miller's Fly Like An Eagle.. don't you here the clock? some might need to stop tricking.

..Said something about flying like a G-6...Might need to get their minds right!! get on the one with the universe.

Your homie is back up in the mix with this insight...old dude told me true indeed!! you might be the one to break the curse!

Who will break first?  flipping out like Jared Loughner having a lucid dream!

Who will break from first base? trying to steal second like Lou Brock; who you got on your team?

Defense was weak!! others score on your team!! you need to Tighten Up like Archie Bell and The Drells from Houston Texas.

But its bleak for Riders of The Storm!! word from The Doors and Jim Morrison!! whose spaced out? that's a problem; contact NASA in Houston Texas.

Pimps and whores were on the strip!! I saw the Lexus truck cut the corner; they said its all about staying paid.

ESPN or Fox Sports gave us the scores concerning March Madness..but it wasn't for all the games being played!

Whats happening?  your boy aborts his mission!! had to fall back...once in search of his heart like Phyllis Hyman and McCoy Tyner.

Regrouped; now ready to spring forward like March 13th;  rising to the occasion like a mountain climber.

Detectives scooped; they were trying to find her!! hired by the Chi-Lites who were asking have you seen her?

But she was down with ballers that hooped!!!  trying to roll like Lloyd Banks in a Benz Bentley or Beemer!

So what's the deally? in spiritual warfare we trooped..caught out there on the frontlines...

So what's the deally? this is serious business..I'm not trying to waste your time or mine!!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Train Of Thought is Rolling....As Usual

The train of thought is still rolling!! it's like Libyan rebels advancing on Brega..but I have to be discrete with it.

Pain is caught due to Wikileaking!!  life threatened?  all points bulletins issued...leaking info to the press on purpose like Jamie Hood!! especially if your street with it!

Somebody said your game was good...but who had plans for defeating it? what? your purpose!! that is a haters mission.

But we keep doing it!! playing it like old school Jerry Butler or Curtis Mayfield..we keep on pushing like an Impression.

Check this session; floating through the stream of consciousness!! flying high with an bird's eye view.

Check the session as we come with this!! hoping the brand new funk and the good words enlightens you.

Some said the truth will frighten you!! tripping like Jack Nicholson saying you couldn't handle it...the structure? some will vandalize it!! then hit you like a torpedo..that's word from Charlie Sheen!

Haters truth or dare!! said if you go along with the program you'll be like OutKast; so fresh and so clean.

But as I observe the scene I see its not even like that! some are asleep..they didn't even fight that..but O-Dizzle served in Uncle Jams Army; check out the Sonic Assault; hell was caught...but we fight that!

The reign started with a drizzle; now water slams the vessel back and forth across the troubled waters.

Crossover dribbles like Iverson or Chris Paul get the best of some; the stress doubled ...the mess gets hotter!

Whats up y'all?  where did you spot a brother? usually in Atlanta...I was dipping down I-20 in the hooptie.

Whats up y'all?  looking for a safe haven or safe harbor where the truth will be!

A ruthless one will be laughing at me!! told me for a brotha there's no justice or peace.

The train of thought is rolling...but homie told me not to hold my breath waiting on the madness to cease!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Chris Brown F.A.M.E. Release Party Photos

Chris Brown F.A.M.E. Release Party Photos | MyColumbusPower - Power 107.5 Columbus' Home for the Hip-Hop Community

Cashing Reality Checks...Making Sound Effects.. PT.4

                                    cashing reality checks...making sound effects..

What it do? I'm dipping through; cashing reality checks...making sound effects..out on I-85  in Atlanta.rolling in the old school Toyota Camry...not the Saturn Aura.

Slipping through the portal at a high velocity; its all game!! but some don't understand...check Pluto, Mars or  even Saturn to find out where I got my aura!

Studied the Dark Mystery of Time and Space..what's the case? who knows?  Maybe Tomorrow like the Jackson's!! there'll be truth in interactions!! no torpedoes of truth needed from Charlie Sheen.
....Back in the day type music when they sold cases of Afro Sheen.

....To Afro Americans; where? down in the hood...all up in the spot!!....I mean..can goods in the store in the hood are beyond the expiration date.

Funk in my genes from being a hood resident!!!  in Louisville / Newburg gunshots ring out after the debate.

The self hate should be eradicated!! what's up with it? please!! it's dangerous like Japanese Nuclear Plants..what's up?   check Atomic Dog..George Clinton said it must be the dog in me.

Rolling in the Mothership through Libya's no fly zone!! but saw homie in the hood walking the pit bull or Rottweiler with the chain on it..saying the dog doesn't bite; but pardon me!

Barks worse than bite? or maybe barking up the wrong tree? authorities wont pardon me or you!!  they had other plans!

Old dude down in Georgia said " it ain't right" ....cashing reality checks even though the economy is tight....Ben Bernanke didn'nt need to tell me!! in the dark is where some are waiting!!  from around the block to over in other lands.

Blues like Bobby Blue Bland's; new there's no love in the heart of the city!! due to societies hating!! it doesn't seem to be abating!

Cashing reality checks...making sound effects...paying dues!! but programs were getting cancelled; we didn't receive a good rating.

Reality was deflating egos!! reality checks were issued by the payroll department.

Reality exposed some!! no air traffic controller when we landed back on earth!!  earthlings were hating steelos!! during the ongoing madness? they saw us surviving in the heart of it.

Why start it? damn!!!  it looks like something we have to finish!

Why start it?  we stayed strong!! hope never diminished!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Stoudemire leads Knicks past Hawks with 26 points

.......the knicks invaded atlanta...

Stoudemire leads Knicks past Hawks with 26 points - NBA - Yahoo! Sports

Democrat Tackled By Police During Attempt To Enter Wi. Capitol

Democrat Tackled By Police During Attempt To Enter Wi. Capitol | News One

Rose, Deng lead Bulls' rally as Heat lose fourth game in a row

...miami heat are cooling off a little bit...plus I heard they got a little "emo" after the game

Rose, Deng lead Bulls' rally as Heat lose fourth game in a row - USATODAY.com

It's Like This and Like That And A.......

Once again it's on...it's game time...I swung at the first pitch; a brotha missed it!

The umpire called  strike on the next one; said it was over the plate..I guessed I missed it!

What will transpire? whose pimping like Charlie Sheen? please!! there will not be a strike three!! feel me on this one!

What will transpire? as I strike back against the empire!!  the hand they deal me is a bad one.

Then they try to blame the rise of gasoline prices on Gaddafi...what's up with me? had to admit; they had this one for a minute;  gamblers were out for a fast buck!

The corporate military industrial complex pulled a fast one!! believe me it won't be the last one..now some are stuck.

Whose caught up in an unpleasant situation? they're waiting in the dark!

Out in the Babylon wilderness trying to get a camp fire going; rubbing sticks together waiting for it to spark!

What's the deal with this? old dude was 72 years old still selling coke and heroin..drinking Makers Mark..plus called himself smoking a Philly Blunt.

A rude one cursing at the game..but still loving it..it's all he knows..he's looking for a home run...but the Philadelphia Phillie will just bunt!

Chilling in Atlanta...Wannabe Hollywood actors and actresses were out here still trying to stunt.

They try to holla at Tyler Perry..meanwhile I played my position;  this hunter gatherer was still trying to hunt!

The runt or short dog was trying to play hard in the paint with the seven footers.

Waka Flocka Flame told them about that...so what's up? Lil Wayne told them about six footers seven footers...

Who runs it?  the smoke, fog and mirrors are used to confuse; now the CEO is chilling...eating wings at Hooters.

Who runs it? horror and terro on the rise in the Mideast...in Libya they're shooting at looters....

Its no joke homie!! check the scenario..whose waiting to electrocute us or give us the lethal injection?

Its no joke  homie!! whose ticketed? no dispute...the red light camera caught them going through the intersection!

But we rock your section or spot!!  its like this and like that!

Who lacks perfection? please evil forces will fight that!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Bobbi Kristina's Cocaine Pics A "Set Up," She Says

Bobbi Kristina's Cocaine Pics A "Set Up," She Says | MyColumbusPower - Power 107.5 Columbus' Home for the Hip-Hop Community

Cashing Reality Checks...Making Sound Effects..PT.3

In a state of emergency like Libya?  red and yellow lights were flashing....we were told to proceed with caution!

What's said?  Wiz dropped the black and yellow; but Steeler fans are no longer flashing...once geeked up; mellow vibes were clashing ...whose chilling? whose lashing out?  its still the same space were lost in!

Some Wikileaked so they can keep stashing paper; to make mortgage payments and car notes!

We streaked across the galaxy like the Discovery Space Shuttle;  studied the Dark Mystery Of Time and Space..will we make it with these beats and quotes?Actually we already have!! but unlike Gaddafi.....the bankroll is not phat!

Cashing reality checks and making sound effects!! its phat and all that!

Clashing with titans; casualties collected from the front line; "one call that's all" for that; will litigation help?

Smashing opponents when we enlighten the masses!! the situation is critical; now who will call for help?

Whose rationing components or parts needed to make the machine run?

Irrational when I bring this? please!! the train of thought is rolling!!  were up on it!! on the scene; these brothas are not done! 

International with this!! though right now I'm making a run down I-20 in Atlanta...listening to Stanley Turrentine's Sugar; please!! WCLK was jamming!

Actually? I'm on that intergalactic tip...out beyond Pluto...but on earth the Mothership is landing!

The hoopties stranding me here; so like the Judge Mathis intro a bruh is trying to make do!

All up in the spot..get down get down like Kool and the Gangs Jungle Boogie!! act like knew as we make it do what it do!

They asked me what I'm going through? told them don't worry about it..but  please!! society disrespects!!

But we proceed and continue...cashing these reality checks and making sound effects...

To a higher power a bruh connects....how else could I make it?

During the last hour or last chapter some will get called out for trying to fake it..

Where Are All The Black Actors?

...interesting article...check out the comments..

Where Are All The Black Actors? | News One

Thursday, March 3, 2011

I Had A Minute Or Two...So I Started Another One..

.....what it do? I had a minute or two...no need for a 24 hour extension like the NFL.. now I'm trying to start another one.

In it to win it; acting like I knew...no need for adjustments from the bureau..but they want to see a brotha come undone!

But this brotha is not the one; a descendant of royalty...I have to remember that.

Even when the structure is under attack like in Libya...no loyalty was shown....haters want to see it come apart...they're  trying to dismember that!

I blend in with that the woodwork putting in good work..blue collar style!

Spotted others value meals were supersized like Charlie Sheen liked them..but some will get foul!

Jackers snatched value meals like rebels in Libya jacked oil ports..grounds were unsupervised..now we have a problem.

Habituals continue their rites and rituals hoping for a recovery..but the system continues to rock them!

Perpetual motion...mechanical engineering..loathing and fearing..hustles? it's like the Wisconsin Senate..haters continue to knock them!

Whatcha know? social engineering influenced the social media; who set up a social network? now whose trying to get work? exits..entrances? authorities will block them.

These residents of hostile territories will rock them? listened to Dr Martin Luther King's I Have A Dream speech..now we were wise to the set up!

Who had a hot style? The Kings Speech? tires screech..the bus rolls up..whose thrown under?  knocked down..but due to the occasion they rise up!!

As we peep game....we sized up the landscape..studied the Dark Mystery of Time and Space..reached for the sky...beyond the barren wilderness.

Its all game!!  in love or war?  nothing is fair!! that's what the deal is!

The realness is dropped..when O-Zone started another one.

Feel this!! the brotha O-Zone will not come undone!!

O-Dizzle rolls up with the drum; its used as a weapon during the ongoing madness.

Knowledge is also kicked; check the breakbeat science... when we drop this!