Sunday, March 6, 2011

It's Like This and Like That And A.......

Once again it's's game time...I swung at the first pitch; a brotha missed it!

The umpire called  strike on the next one; said it was over the plate..I guessed I missed it!

What will transpire? whose pimping like Charlie Sheen? please!! there will not be a strike three!! feel me on this one!

What will transpire? as I strike back against the empire!!  the hand they deal me is a bad one.

Then they try to blame the rise of gasoline prices on Gaddafi...what's up with me? had to admit; they had this one for a minute;  gamblers were out for a fast buck!

The corporate military industrial complex pulled a fast one!! believe me it won't be the last some are stuck.

Whose caught up in an unpleasant situation? they're waiting in the dark!

Out in the Babylon wilderness trying to get a camp fire going; rubbing sticks together waiting for it to spark!

What's the deal with this? old dude was 72 years old still selling coke and heroin..drinking Makers called himself smoking a Philly Blunt.

A rude one cursing at the game..but still loving's all he knows..he's looking for a home run...but the Philadelphia Phillie will just bunt!

Chilling in Atlanta...Wannabe Hollywood actors and actresses were out here still trying to stunt.

They try to holla at Tyler Perry..meanwhile I played my position;  this hunter gatherer was still trying to hunt!

The runt or short dog was trying to play hard in the paint with the seven footers.

Waka Flocka Flame told them about what's up? Lil Wayne told them about six footers seven footers...

Who runs it?  the smoke, fog and mirrors are used to confuse; now the CEO is chilling...eating wings at Hooters.

Who runs it? horror and terro on the rise in the Libya they're shooting at looters....

Its no joke homie!! check the scenario..whose waiting to electrocute us or give us the lethal injection?

Its no joke  homie!! whose ticketed? no dispute...the red light camera caught them going through the intersection!

But we rock your section or spot!!  its like this and like that!

Who lacks perfection? please evil forces will fight that!

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