Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Not Trying To Waste Your Time Or Mine...

Not trying to waste your time or my time because you know time keeps ticking.

....And ticking and ticking; like Steve Miller's Fly Like An Eagle.. don't you here the clock? some might need to stop tricking.

..Said something about flying like a G-6...Might need to get their minds right!! get on the one with the universe.

Your homie is back up in the mix with this insight...old dude told me true indeed!! you might be the one to break the curse!

Who will break first?  flipping out like Jared Loughner having a lucid dream!

Who will break from first base? trying to steal second like Lou Brock; who you got on your team?

Defense was weak!! others score on your team!! you need to Tighten Up like Archie Bell and The Drells from Houston Texas.

But its bleak for Riders of The Storm!! word from The Doors and Jim Morrison!! whose spaced out? that's a problem; contact NASA in Houston Texas.

Pimps and whores were on the strip!! I saw the Lexus truck cut the corner; they said its all about staying paid.

ESPN or Fox Sports gave us the scores concerning March Madness..but it wasn't for all the games being played!

Whats happening?  your boy aborts his mission!! had to fall back...once in search of his heart like Phyllis Hyman and McCoy Tyner.

Regrouped; now ready to spring forward like March 13th;  rising to the occasion like a mountain climber.

Detectives scooped; they were trying to find her!! hired by the Chi-Lites who were asking have you seen her?

But she was down with ballers that hooped!!!  trying to roll like Lloyd Banks in a Benz Bentley or Beemer!

So what's the deally? in spiritual warfare we trooped..caught out there on the frontlines...

So what's the deally? this is serious business..I'm not trying to waste your time or mine!!

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