Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Train Of Thought is Rolling....As Usual

The train of thought is still rolling!! it's like Libyan rebels advancing on Brega..but I have to be discrete with it.

Pain is caught due to Wikileaking!!  life threatened?  all points bulletins issued...leaking info to the press on purpose like Jamie Hood!! especially if your street with it!

Somebody said your game was good...but who had plans for defeating it? what? your purpose!! that is a haters mission.

But we keep doing it!! playing it like old school Jerry Butler or Curtis Mayfield..we keep on pushing like an Impression.

Check this session; floating through the stream of consciousness!! flying high with an bird's eye view.

Check the session as we come with this!! hoping the brand new funk and the good words enlightens you.

Some said the truth will frighten you!! tripping like Jack Nicholson saying you couldn't handle it...the structure? some will vandalize it!! then hit you like a torpedo..that's word from Charlie Sheen!

Haters truth or dare!! said if you go along with the program you'll be like OutKast; so fresh and so clean.

But as I observe the scene I see its not even like that! some are asleep..they didn't even fight that..but O-Dizzle served in Uncle Jams Army; check out the Sonic Assault; hell was caught...but we fight that!

The reign started with a drizzle; now water slams the vessel back and forth across the troubled waters.

Crossover dribbles like Iverson or Chris Paul get the best of some; the stress doubled ...the mess gets hotter!

Whats up y'all?  where did you spot a brother? usually in Atlanta...I was dipping down I-20 in the hooptie.

Whats up y'all?  looking for a safe haven or safe harbor where the truth will be!

A ruthless one will be laughing at me!! told me for a brotha there's no justice or peace.

The train of thought is rolling...but homie told me not to hold my breath waiting on the madness to cease!

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