Thursday, March 3, 2011

I Had A Minute Or Two...So I Started Another One..

.....what it do? I had a minute or need for a 24 hour extension like the NFL.. now I'm trying to start another one.

In it to win it; acting like I need for adjustments from the bureau..but they want to see a brotha come undone!

But this brotha is not the one; a descendant of royalty...I have to remember that.

Even when the structure is under attack like in loyalty was shown....haters want to see it come apart...they're  trying to dismember that!

I blend in with that the woodwork putting in good collar style!

Spotted others value meals were supersized like Charlie Sheen liked them..but some will get foul!

Jackers snatched value meals like rebels in Libya jacked oil ports..grounds were we have a problem.

Habituals continue their rites and rituals hoping for a recovery..but the system continues to rock them!

Perpetual motion...mechanical engineering..loathing and fearing..hustles? it's like the Wisconsin Senate..haters continue to knock them!

Whatcha know? social engineering influenced the social media; who set up a social network? now whose trying to get work? exits..entrances? authorities will block them.

These residents of hostile territories will rock them? listened to Dr Martin Luther King's I Have A Dream we were wise to the set up!

Who had a hot style? The Kings Speech? tires screech..the bus rolls up..whose thrown under?  knocked down..but due to the occasion they rise up!!

As we peep game....we sized up the landscape..studied the Dark Mystery of Time and Space..reached for the sky...beyond the barren wilderness.

Its all game!!  in love or war?  nothing is fair!! that's what the deal is!

The realness is dropped..when O-Zone started another one.

Feel this!! the brotha O-Zone will not come undone!!

O-Dizzle rolls up with the drum; its used as a weapon during the ongoing madness.

Knowledge is also kicked; check the breakbeat science... when we drop this!

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