Thursday, March 24, 2011

Cashing Reality Checks...Making Sound Effects.. PT.4

                                    cashing reality checks...making sound effects..

What it do? I'm dipping through; cashing reality checks...making sound effects..out on I-85  in Atlanta.rolling in the old school Toyota Camry...not the Saturn Aura.

Slipping through the portal at a high velocity; its all game!! but some don't understand...check Pluto, Mars or  even Saturn to find out where I got my aura!

Studied the Dark Mystery of Time and Space..what's the case? who knows?  Maybe Tomorrow like the Jackson's!! there'll be truth in interactions!! no torpedoes of truth needed from Charlie Sheen.
....Back in the day type music when they sold cases of Afro Sheen.

....To Afro Americans; where? down in the hood...all up in the spot!!....I mean..can goods in the store in the hood are beyond the expiration date.

Funk in my genes from being a hood resident!!!  in Louisville / Newburg gunshots ring out after the debate.

The self hate should be eradicated!! what's up with it? please!! it's dangerous like Japanese Nuclear Plants..what's up?   check Atomic Dog..George Clinton said it must be the dog in me.

Rolling in the Mothership through Libya's no fly zone!! but saw homie in the hood walking the pit bull or Rottweiler with the chain on it..saying the dog doesn't bite; but pardon me!

Barks worse than bite? or maybe barking up the wrong tree? authorities wont pardon me or you!!  they had other plans!

Old dude down in Georgia said " it ain't right" ....cashing reality checks even though the economy is tight....Ben Bernanke didn'nt need to tell me!! in the dark is where some are waiting!!  from around the block to over in other lands.

Blues like Bobby Blue Bland's; new there's no love in the heart of the city!! due to societies hating!! it doesn't seem to be abating!

Cashing reality checks...making sound effects...paying dues!! but programs were getting cancelled; we didn't receive a good rating.

Reality was deflating egos!! reality checks were issued by the payroll department.

Reality exposed some!! no air traffic controller when we landed back on earth!!  earthlings were hating steelos!! during the ongoing madness? they saw us surviving in the heart of it.

Why start it? damn!!!  it looks like something we have to finish!

Why start it?  we stayed strong!! hope never diminished!

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