Friday, January 31, 2014

Five Deez – Latitude Tribute Mix

Digital Crate Digging Continues...checking out some true school hip hop from Five Deez with the Latitude Tribute Mix. This is from the Modal Soul Classics II Dedicated To Nujabes released in 2010...check it out!!

Egyptian Lover Boiler Room LA x RBMA LIVE Set

Digital Crate Digging Continues...checking out the legend Egyptian Lover up in the Boiler Room LA x RBMA LIVE playlist ...but I'm sure true schoolers will recognize the tracks...

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Masta Ace Feat. Greg Nice – Don't Understand

Digital Crate Digging Continues...checking out this true school hip hop from Masta Ace Feat. Greg Nice with Don't Understand.

Soul Deeper Vol. 11 (Deep & Soulful House Mix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues...checking out this Soul Deeper Vol. 11 (Deep & Soulful House Mix) by

This is a little something nice and smooth for those stranded due to the bad weather...something to vibe on...check out the playlist and the mix..

 Husky, Natalie Conway - Flashing Lights (Deluxe Soul Mix)
The Sunburst Band, Joey Negro - I'll Be There 4 U (Garden Of Love) (Spiritchaser Remix)
Ayala - The Sun Has Come (Eric Kupper Deep Club Mix)
Miguel Migs Feat. Lisa Shaw - Heartbeat (DJ Le Roi Vocal Mix)
Trumpet & Badman - Love Keeps Changing
Namy, Kathy Brown - Not This Time (Director's Cut Classic Mix)
DeepCitySoul, Timmy Vegas, Jennifer Wallace - Forever (Main Mix)
Soulful Session & Lynn Lockamy - Hostile Takeover (Frankie Knuckles & Eric Kuppers' Director's Cut Mix)
Paolo Faz - Play Loud (Original Mix)
Travmatic & Marosy - Body Move (Original Mix)


Caught Off Guard / It Wasn't Natural..

Chilling out at the compound due to the Atlanta Ice wasn't the wasn't natural..check the polar national media tries to go in on Mayor Reed..

Putting this real out...jokers say it's not the wasn't natural..but this is how we do...our response to the sport being complex...true indeed...

Planting ther seed in fertile soil...spring will soon be the Isley Brothers it'll be a Harvest The World..

True indeed...ammunition to fight the toil and strife...along with God providing the armor and shield after the drama unfurled...


Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Black Jazz Chronicles / Alien Waters

Digital Crate Digging Continues...checking out some jazz / funk / ...swimming through these Alien Waters per the   Black Jazz Chronicles

Minding and Tending PT.3 (I'm Just Chilling /But It Got Lonely Out There )

Check us out...we're just minding and tending...stranded in Atlanta due to the ice storm...

Scientific studies are conducted ..beat blending and good word writing..who will understand a bruh? this science is not the norm....

Back with it..chilling out in my dorm / compound...bringing the drum...check the sound..intergalactic with it based on cruising the universe...others were sick with it like they were on a Royal Carribean cruise ship..

Back with it...maintaining not flipping out like Rep. Michael Grimm of New York..threatening Michael Scotto ...complex is how the sport will go...the apparatus is not worried about your ego!!  they'll bruise it..

Chilling out...not trying to lose it..the grim outlook is replaced by a fresh view /  fresh vision...damn!! this is what it's come down to...

Minding and tending...that strategy? I'll choose it...trying to maintain..not trying to bulk up per Tiger Woods; that'll will effect my game...that's what it'll do..

Minding and tending...jokers "holla at me" ..damn!! then their behavior will make me lose it...ok!! that's where they lost me...they should have missed me with all that I moved on...

Message sending with the music and this good word...that's what it's come down to...O-Dizzle grooved on...

Middle passage impacts are analyzed...what's the prognosis? God will bless now I'm coming through like Marshawn Lynch...

Middles expand..the masses supersized...but the middle class is disappearing...citizens soon loathing and fearing...numbers for the budgets?  they crunch..

Others had a hunch..they're waiting in the dark...but we realized life is a we kept on running...even though it got lonely out there...

Especially when I was minding and tending...taking old girl's we go on...out there...



Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Mad Lion – Take It Easy

Digital Crate Digging Continues...excuse me while I have another old school hip hop moment...checking out this classic cut from Mad Lion Take It Easy..featuring cameos from KRS-1 and Fat Joe...

Captain Rock – Return Of Captain Rock

Digital Crate Digging Continues...checking out this old school hip hop / electro from Captain Rock with the Return Of Captain Rock..check it out y'all!! you don't don't stop..rock on!!

The Catch Phrase / Cliche PT.7

Damn!! its like I'm at a Rev Al Sharpton you should know the catch phrase! 

No justice no peace is heard!! you heard? it's still relevant for these days! 

Just like back in those days when Jesse Jackson and MLK were marching! 

Just had the MLK holiday...but I guess you can still say a black man can't have no peace!! please!! so whatcha starting? 

Damn!!  were in the heart of this thing !!the drama kept coming back like on all revisited like Paul and Ringo at the Grammys! 

Damn!! were in the heart of this thing!!  whats up y'all?  I knew from the get go whether I did or didn't they'll damn this! 

Damn!!  who'll understand this?  old girl told me "everybody ain't able"

 Damn!! where did the mothership land me?  I'm down here on earth where jokers are unstable! 

...even the so called ATL player with has stable was facing turbulence! ATL wannabe divas consult with Dr Phil or Steve Harvey
about their issues..they're facing turbulence! 

Who will work with this?  I felt the pressure!!  dealing with these nefarious ones!!  no justice no peace is the catch phrase! 

I'm letting go and let God!! now spot me chilling out!! soaking up Aquarius sun rays!


Sunday, January 26, 2014

United Future Organization – Moondance (Moon Chant)

Sunday Jazz Continues..still checking out the United Future Organization with a track called Moondance (Moon Chant)..check it out!!

United Future Organization ‎–No Problem

Sunday Jazz Continues..checking out this smooth track from the United Future Organization ‎–with a song called No Problem featuring vocals by  Mark Murphy


Ronny Jordan – Get To Grips

Sunday Jazz Continues...checking out some hip hop jazz from Ronny Jordan with Get To Grips Featuring – IG Culture

All Up In The Spot / Regular Scheduled Programming

We're all up in the spot!!  once again it's on !! like Grammy Awards with the usual suspects...we're dealing with the regular scheduled programming! 

Check the polar vortex..please!! its cold out here!!  not hot due to global warming? there's no slow doesn't live here anymore per Rose Royce! 

O-Dizzle is jamming!!  funk is dropped after consulting with aliens
out there on Pluto and Mars...but like the shootings at the mall in Columbia Maryland...its evident the devil will oppose...of course! 

That's par for the course!! Tiger Woods once played under or below until he started pimping! 

Check the economy..haters raise the bar by cutting food stamps!!  so of course its tight in these hoods!! so what's good? you should know the sport is complex!! its not a simple thing! 

Check out the sport..what's next? a bruh can talk junk and get called a thug like Richard Sherman..but Justin Bieber can go on a drug induced drag race and get called a misguided's not a simple thing..

Check out this mission..I didn't abort it...dropping funk and this good word...we kept working kid!! but it's not a simple thing..

Its cold out here!!  as I pimp through this thing in an Ecko Unlimited hoodie with jeans to match! 

No Timberlands!!  the boots are from Maxway..non-descript!!  but O-Dizzle follows the scrip;  he's coming out fresh with a brand new batch!

O-Zone said it's on him...who understands? what's the dizzle? some are blind to the fact...affected by the regular scheduled programming...

Once again it's on as the mothership lands on earth after intergalactic journeys...letting you know what aliens meant by slow jamming!! 


Saturday, January 25, 2014

They Weren't Checking For Me..But I Kept Going / Life Is A Marathon

Going on about my business!! usually?  jokers aren't checking for me! 

But this world is cold per the Alberta Clipper or polar vortex... bipolar ones were soon disrespecting me! 

But I kept is a marathon...I stay cool like a polar bear!!  I'm just chilling! 

....avoiding thought and fashion police like Chilling Effects sweating  how were dealing! 

Society?  not concerned about how were feeling!! check out how they play us! 

My priority?  based on what I learned?  it's  dropping these clearance rack epiphanies!!  mentally binging and purging..unlike Hollywood models and actresses ...that's how I play this!

 How did I play this?  jokers asked me.. inquiring minds wanted to know..sideways glances were similar to question marks! 

...I prayed about this..these jokers usually aren't usually checking for me!!  but like that shooting at the Mall in Columbia Maryland  they try to bring it like were a bunch of marks!

Laid in the cut..I'm about this breakbeat scientific business...but the apparatus will issue marks and demerits on the scan sheet...

That's when they're looking for a scapegoat..mad because we'll take a beat and a quote and use it as a weapon after being on the road again like Canned Heat.. 

What's up man? alt shift delete is the mission of the system's webmasters..they'll hack the system like Target's or at Neiman Marcus..

What's up man? that's what they ask me...but they're usually not checking for me..why are they trying to start this?  

We Kept Going / Life Is A Marathon / Check Out The Marathon PT.2 mix by O-Dog


Friday, January 24, 2014

Flexible / Multi-Dimensional

Like a plea bargain deal for Edward Snowden dude said you have to stay flexible!  so you won't get bent out of shape! 

Old dude at the Checker Cab stand? he got open!! a shrewd and clever one!! he said you had to take the bitter with the sweet!!  there was no escape!

 Attitude affected the altitude? true dat!! I thought you knew dat!! but some are anointed that are unworthy..drag racing in Miami like Justin Bieber..I can see what it do...even when dealing with technical difficulties! 

I was called rude arrogant and Bashar al-Assad but I kept it moving!! showing my flexibility! 

Good things happen!! the mothership?  I was strapped in!! please!!  I expected turbulence!

 Hood thing when I do this!! but some aren't checking for  this..they're unable to work with this! 

...from Glenwood Rd in Decatur type drama to up in Louisville Newburg!!  to the Winter Olympics in the Russia..I can see what it do! 

From Pluto / Mars to Charlotte  / Mecklenburg I blend in..staying flexible! 

Acting like I knew..a multi-dimensional intergalactic freedom fighter per Mandela in Johannesburg with no rabbit in my ear!!  to  MLK holidays..chilling in the ATL! 

...knowing how these cults will do like the GOP vs Obama..they'll take it there..jokers were hoping that I fail!

But I prevail..staying flexible...seeing how others roll...they were talking one way ..but then contradict themselves..

But I prevail...I maintain..not going off like in the Ukraine.. is a marathon...I move on to the next...


Thursday, January 23, 2014

Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings--Long Time, Wrong Time

Digital Crate Digging Continues..checking out some of my favorites...Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings--with Long Time, Wrong Time. They are some of my favorites..they have that old school soul sound!! But it's relevant for today..maybe somewhat futuristic. Check it out!!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

2 /21 /14 Hospitality Leeds - Divisadero Exclusive Mix

Digital Crate Digging Continues...checking out this  Divisadero Exclusive Mix..promoting  artists scheduled to appear at an event by Hospital Records called  Hospitality in Leeds on 2/21/2014. Its smoking y'all !! Check out the playlist and the phat mix..

00:00 - Codec - "What You Need"
00:45 - Mr Oizo - "Flat Beat"
02:30 - My Nu Leng & Majora - "Hips N Thighs (Kry Wolf Remix)"
03:59 - Woz - "Feel"
05:44 - Foamo - "Without You"
08:13 - Goldffinch - "For The F*"
10:12 - Paleman - "Slither"
12:11 - Paleman - "All Good"
13:56 - My Nu Leng - "Scatter"
14:55 - Akkord - "3dOS"
15:55 - New York Transit Authority - "A Long Time Coming"
17:38 - Distro - "City Lights (DevelopMENT Remix)"
19:06 - My Nu Leng + Taiki & Nulight - "No.2"
20:35 - Taiki & Nulight - "Leave Me"
22:29 - New York Transit Authority - "95"
24:46 - Gorgon City - "Thor"

Monday, January 20, 2014

Letting The Game Come To Me / Doing What I Do

Word from this veteran in the game!! now I'm coaching like Jason Kidd! 

Hell were catching per Natalie Cole!!  how did some roll? is Armageddon approaching?  so whats up kid? 

...Sometimes encroaching on enemy territory...they'll get mad like Richard Sherman...please!! we were trying to make something happen! 

..but sometimes letting the game come to me!! then I manipulate things!!  that's whats up Captain! 

Sometimes love will keep us together!! like the Captain and Tennile! 

Sometimes love doesnt live here anymore per Rose Royce!!  you  should know the deal!

Per Volograd suicide bombers vs Vladimir Putin some crimes of passion were committed... minds were blown per the Delfonics!

Mind blowing decisions per Heatwave are made!! but O-Dizzle was a beat slave!!  check out the sonics! 

That's the response to the ongoing madness!!  thought and fashion police were trying to patrol! 

I found a portal to slide through!! please!! life is a check the Sonic Assault..this is how I roll! 

Knowing how the sport will's complex...but you might see me ride through the ATL,  Louisville / Newburg, or out in  Oakland / San Francisco West Coasting or wherever! 

Intergalactic with it!!  from Pluto to Mars!!  back down on earth to Tripoli and Johannesburg!!  but a hater says whatever!

A fanatic had it!! but its all game!!  sometimes I let it come to me! 

Check the mathematics!! sometimes I bring it!!  plus I brought the drum with me!

I Brought The Drum With Me For This Doing What I Do Mix..Check It Out Y'all !!!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Roy Ayers Ubiquity – The Third Eye

Sunday Jazz Continues..checking out this classic from the Roy Ayers Ubiquity with The Third Eye. Check out the players and the track... 

Blackalicious - Make You Feel That Way

Sunday Jazz Continues...checking out some hip hop / jazz from Blackalicious - with Make You Feel That Way.....

Moodymann – Sloppy Cosmic

Sunday Jazz Continues...dropping some electrojazz / soul from Detroit's Moodymann with  Sloppy Cosmic..his interpretation of the Funkadelics Cosmic Slop...Check it y''s pretty deep!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Dennis Chambers / Groovus Interruptus

Digital Crate Digging Continues..checking out drummer Dennis Chambers  with a funky track called Groovus Interruptus. This is from his Outbreak album. Check out the players and the track..

Alto Saxophone – Aaron Heick Bass – Will Lee Bass Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone – Bob Malach Congas – Danny Sadownick  Drums – Dennis Chambers Guitar – Nick Moroch Music By – Jim Beard Tenor Saxophone – Michael Brecker Trombone – Michael Davis Trumpet – Jim Hynes, Randy Brecker

Osibisa ‎–Survival

Digital Crate Digging Continues...worldwide with it!! checking out some of this Afrobeat from Osibisa ‎– with a track called  Survival....from the album "Woyaya"...released in 1971. Check it out!!

They Weren't Checking For Me...Cool!!! I'll Be Chilling...

They weren't checking for me!! but that could be a good thing...I'll be chilling! 

It showed me who was really down after finding out this was a hood thing!

 Its all good!! check out this lab by-product as we bring this breakbeat science....anyway! 

Its all good!!  per the old school cliche!!  but the drama can jump off anywhere and and any day! 

Armchair quarterbacks will run any kind of play!! but something "just ain't right"  per Keith Sweat!

I go there with no intentions of going back!! but I I didn't burn the bridge.. work is put in blue collar style!!  check out the  James Brown Cold Sweat!

Jokers want you to quit or forfeit!! they'll even block lanes on the bridge like Chris Chistie's crew..

Please!! I checked the clock...history will repeat...hustles?  haters will I govern myself accordingly..acting like I knew...

The only time fools are checking for you is when they see you trying to move to higher ground ...thats whats up with a brotha..

Fools come out of the woodwork shooting at you like in public schools in America..suicide bombers roll up in the spot like it was Kabul..over in Afghanistan..whats up man? even in the hood they'll try to take you under.. 

Word from Compton's Most Wanted..but I'll be chilling...when I come through I didn't front or flaunt it...I didn't turn my swag on..

Even though I'm up on it..but they weren't checking for me...that's cool!! .. but the drama / saga / struggle the drought in California it'll drag on...

Friday, January 17, 2014

We're About To Put It Down Like This

The saga / struggle continues...were up in soul's kitchen...what's on these menus? were about to put it down like this! 

This is what a brotha will do;  business gets handled on all fronts!! foreign and domestic!

...even intergalactic...O-Dog is not domesticated!! per Malcolm X  I'm out in the field not in the house! 

Plus there are no domestic partners! don't even start with a bruh...I don't roll like that!!  O-Dizzle is rocking jazz, funk,  hip hop and house! peeps can use it!!  along with this good word! 

Were about to put it down like this!!  you heard? 

Word up from this funky type of soul brother!!  as we put it down like this! 

The saga / struggle continues!! spiritual warfare is going down as we fight this!


Thursday, January 16, 2014

Still Dealing With Smoke and Mirrors PT.4 / Making Adjustments

So whats up? were dealing with the full moon madness;  plus the atmosphere was foggy! 

Alberta Clippers and polar vortexes enhanced the smoke and mirrors; as we clean our weapons for this spiritual we
go there!! but I noticed some were groggy!

 Glanced at the clock;  its time to rock!! it's time to get down!! but to a bipolar joker it gets complex...the mission?  that's what updating this Captain's log will be!  jamming?  that's what O-Dog will be doing!! ..check the Sonic Assault... a brotha is trying to get it in! 

We advanced..unlike JC Penneys closing stores..were rocking around the clock!!..around the world!!..around the galaxy!!...moving fast like the China Hypersonic Missile..a brotha is trying to get it in...

As we proceed and continue!! pennies for our thoughts? I'm adding my two cents...were putting it down!!  but we have to make adjustments!

True indeed!! it's not Colorado with the weed..but it's hard to see in the smoke and mirrors..that's what the deal with is!!   I told you PE said you can't trust it! 

Now my peeps are out here busted and disgusted!! please!! nobody will think about them in a NFL mock me they couldn't find anybody to work with them! 

Evil creeps up on them and those!! authorities dusted for fingerprints..meanwhile we had this good word for them! 

Whats up with my people? one sleeps up in this piece!! ...mesmerized by the smoke and mirrors while the apparatus works on them!!  I told them they can't trust it! 

Whats up with my people? everybody processed things differently we all make adjustments!

Jokers lust for power and respect..smoke and mirrors are used to confuse the masses...

Broken beats and English are adjusted in the we go there...conducting funk seminars and classes...



Tuesday, January 14, 2014

DJ Pain 1 - Painkillerz 3

Digital Crate Digging Continues...still on some hip hop..checking out DJ Pain 1 - with his Painkillerz 3 mixtape...featuring Vado, The Game, Jadakiss, Styles P, Young Buck and others..this is from the DJ Booth..

Monday, January 13, 2014

Ronny Jordan ‎– On The Record

Digital Crate Digging Continues....chilling out!! listening to  On The Record... by Ronny Jordan ‎– from his album Off The Record. This particular cut was  Produced  by  DJ Spinna 


Hazardous Material? What We Have Is Spiritual PT.3

Check the Sonic Assault!! hell was caught!! but jokers dressed in haz-mat suits say this is hazardous material! 

Check how they respond to it; similar to chemicals leaked into the Elks River in Charleston West Virginia?

...Once chilling up in Louisville / Newburg at the Elks club on
Poplar Level Rd!! honeys rock the Virgin Remy stolen in Atlanta!!  now in the club drinking Remy Martin! 

Now chilling out is the strategy for 2014; please! I'm  ignoring what a hater is starting!

It gets way too real!! I didn't merge with them and those...please!! it seems like I'm standing alone against he some wonder what I'm on
It gets way too real!!  like the shooting at the movie theatre in Wesley Chapel Florida.. anywhere can be a danger zone...

It gets way too real!! I'm in Decatur Georgia..what are jokers on? its like a theatre over on Wesley Chapel  Road..I spotted the purple Dodge Charger and the pink Chevy Impala..

Targets for the Dekalb County police? ...please!!! thought and fashion police will get foul with ya!!

Check out how the sound will be...check the Sonic Assault after breaking and mashing beats up..

Where have you found me? defending myself like Obama vs Gates; knowing an inspector hates...clashing with so called Titans..the struggle heats up..

Will the ground be contaminated after chemical weapons were removed from Syria... 

Check the sound...contaminated? hazardous material? contributing to the mass hysteria?


Sunday, January 12, 2014

I'll Be Chilling Mix by O-Dog

 Sunday Jazz Continues...We spent last week dealing with the polar vortex.   

There are reports that the polar vortex will make a return engagement...

This veteran in the sport will tell you things are complex...those are the rules of engagement in the ongoing madness!! 

Whose wishing it was simple? check the picture above the scripture...I'm trying to get my mind right!! chilling at  the beach on Cozumel ..check this mix out...I'll Be Chilling!!

2014; Getting Ourselves Together

Please!! were caught up / caught out here!! as we go we have to make adjustments! 

Were trying to get ourselves together!! but in Babylon?  PE told us we can't truss it! 

Money, power, and respect?  some lust for it! they'll do whatever!! following the by any means necessary strategy! 

Whats up money? please!! what did they expect?  the saga / struggle Ariel Sharon vs Yasser Arafat...what's up with that? holla at me!!

As the G8 and G20 act funny with the money!! the last hours are rough for a brotha and sista! 

Lord have mercy is the battle cry!! tell the truth and shame the devil was the word from the old sista! the old sista pulled out the Lysol because of O-Dizzle's funk;  plus she had moth balls! 

The drama will revisit ya like a family reunion!! peeps stick together like glue!! but O-Zone's cut of cloth is different from y'alls! 

A brotha is trying to get his self together as the empire falls!!  I'm claiming a chair when the music stops playing! I stay on one accord with the higher power! who said a bruh stops praying?

Who said these brothas stop playing?  like the Saints- Seahawks game ..we play it down to the last second...

Getting ourselves together...unlike Chris Christie and his camp..they let the technology catch up with them.. 

Getting Ourselves Together; I Suddenly Feel Like A Giant!! Standing Alone Against The World!! Check This Out As Sunday Jazz Continues!!!!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

STWO & DJRUM trap, jungle & hip hop sets in Mixmag's Lab

Digital Crate Digging Continues..checkiing out  some trap, jungle & hip hop sets from  STWO & DJRUM in Mixmag's Lab...they're going off!! ..check out the playlist and the mix..


Stwo - Quiet Life
Mr. Carmack - Humbled
TLC - Creep (Kaytranada Edition)
Waldo - Purple Heart
Jarreau Vandal - Hold On We're Going Home (ft. ImanEurope)
The Celectics - Charles Barkley
Djemba Djemba - I Just Go (Falcons Remix)
DCUP - Don't Be Shy (Wave Racer Remix)
Kaytranada - At All
Basenji - Dawn
Jenovah - Lovers
Feadz & Kitto - Wettex (Cashmere Cat Remix)
Rabit - So Clean (Drippin Remix)
Drake - All Me (Stwo Remix)
Chiefs - Float
Gladys Knight - Grapevine (Mr. Carmack Remix)
Noïthingness - TissueTy Dolla Sign - Paranoid (Dj Hoodboi & Falcons Remix)
Trippy Turtle - Furthest Thing
Ta-ku - Electr(on)ic Relaxation
813 - Glitter Sand
Stwo - Try to resist
Jaw Jam - Long Night
Sango - BB Dont Cry (Its Gon Be Ok)
Ta-ku - Shimmy Shimmy
Cashmere Cat - With Me (Stwo Edit)
Fantasia - Without Me (feat. Kelly Rowland & Missy Elliott)
Nas - You Owe Me (Ft. Ginuwine) (Sango Edit)
Boeboe - Negative ROI (Original Mix)
Mr. Carmack - NASA
Stwo - Syrup

Freestyle Fellowship - Hot Potato

Digital Crate Digging Continues...West Coast up in here!! putting it down like this!! checking out this classic track from the Freestyle Fellowship - called Hot Potato's on!!

Please!! They Don't Know Anything About It

I can see whats going on!! but some can't..soon they're suspended for the whole season like Alex Rodriguez..but they claim they didn't know anything about it! 

Like Virgin Galactic SpaceShip Two?  these danger zone breakbeat scientific studies were conducted!! doing the knowledge!! but I see some did without it!

O-Zone wasn't corrupted by these fanatics!! act like you knew!!  please!! this brotha is intergalactic..the mothership got good mileage!! good things happen when I kept it moving!

Oh yeah!! danger zone moves affected me but I'm the old school hip hop cliche and Wiz Khalifa's debut.. I'm show and proving! 

Others were proving to me..that they didn't know anything about it! 

...Telling others about Louisville and what goes my Chuck D voice... but they had their doubts about it!

... Dude from the NYC got robbed over in Parkhill!! plus the Fort Knox soldier got robbed by the honeys he met at the Greyhound Bus Station! 

...They took him over in Village West...he thought he had the gist of it!! but he was at the wrong station! 

What it do? no relations to the village idiot could be established!! plus I'm not related to the court jester! 

Local?  national?  international? or  intergalactic? that's where the drama goes down!! the mission should be aborted by types similar to  Uncle Fester!

..or even Uncle Vester!!  reality will get the best of ya!! some know about that! 

Uncles at the family reunion will cut a rug!! telling you "you don't know nothing about that"

 Superbad by James Brown plays in the background!!  whatcha know about that?  do the knowledge! 

We kept it moving!!  good things happen that way!! plus the mothership gets good mileage!

Friday, January 10, 2014

Ultimate Old School Funk Mix 3

Digital Crate Digging Continues...checking out this Ultimate Old School Funk Mix 3 from  Frenz Hessing

...Right on time for this Friday Night!! check out the playlist and the mix...its funky funky funky!!


00.10 Larry Graham-Water
00.45 BT Express-Do It
01.11 Cameo- Funk Funk
01.46 Parliament - Up On The Down Stroke
02.13 Sly & The Family Stone - The Same Thing
02.55 Parliament-Chocolate City
03.12 Elder Jimmy Hicks - Mr Big Stuff
03.39 James Brown-Soul Power
04.17 Brian Culbertson-The Groove
05.00 George Duke-Dukey Stick
05.25 The Barkays-Do It
05.43 Midnight Star-Freakazoid
06.00 Double Trouble-Stoop Rap
06.10 Superior Movement-Wide Shot
07.18 One Way-Lets Talk
08.10 Paul Hardcastle-Eat Your Heart Out
09.19 Eddie Hazel-Frantic Moment
10.02 2Pac-Old School
10.20 Brian Culbertson feat. Bootsy-Funkin Like My Father
10.38 Shalamar-Second Time Around
11.32 Hi Gloss-You'll Never Know + (Del Tha Funkee Homosapien - Mistadobalina)
12.40 Johnny Guitar Watson- Aint Gonna Move
13.15 Fatback-Funky Aerobics
14.16 Rah Band-Messages From the Stars
14.33 Robert Sacchi-Jungle Queen
15.25 Bloodstone-Funkin Around
15.42 StarPoint-Do What You Wanna Do
16.00 Brass Construction-How Do You Do
16.35 General Caine-Girls
16.51 Leon Haywood-Dont Push It Dont Force It
17.08 Marz - Move It ,Groove It
17.26 Michael Lovesmith Just Say The Word
17.56 Ozone Walk On
18.14 The Malemen - Squeeze Playing
18.32 James Brown-Drive That Funky Soul
19.05 Patrice Rushen-Feels So Real
19.24 Bootsy Collins-Party Lick
19.40 Krystol - After The Dance Is Through
21.24 Krystol- You Ask Too Much
21.59 Dennis Coffey - Gimme That Funk
22.16 Ebonee Webb - Anybody Wanna Dance
22.34 Frank Hooker & Positive People - Ooh Suga Wooga
22.50 Frantique- Strut Your Funky Stuff
23.49 General Caine - Yellow Pages
24.06 Quazar - Funk With A Capitol G
24.42 Roy Ayers-In The Dark
25.25 Roy Ayers-You Make Me Feel Like (Rockin' With Ya)
25.50 Human Body-Shake It
26.16 Funk Hunters-Shake The Room
27.10 Trouble Funk Live - Straight Up Funk Go Go Style
27.18 James Brown-Lickin'Stick
27.45 Average White Band-Goin Home
28.20 Average White Band- Sweet and Sour
29.11 Average White Band- Your Love Is A Miracle
29.54 Chaka Khan-We Can Work It Out
30.39 Chaka Khan-Ain't Nobody
31.05 Chaka Khan- Heed The Warning
31.13 Chaka Khan-Best In The West
32.22 Johnny Guitar Watson- What The Hell Is This
32.56 Johnny Guitar Watson- The Real Deal
33.31 Johnny Guitar Watson- The Institute
34.05 Brothers Johnson-Caught Up
35.14 Brothers Johnson-Teaser
35.49 Central Line-Nature Boy
36.41 D-Train-Music
37.50 Mary Mary-Shackles
38.42 North End-Happy Days
39.16 Sugarhill Gang-Space Race
40.39 Sugarhill Gang-The Lover In You
40.56 Sugarhill Gang-The Word Is Out
41.44 Surface-When your X Wants You Back
42.10 Trouble Funk-Live from Washington DC
43.19 Bad News Travels Fast- Here In The Night
44.17 Al Jarreau-Boogie Down
44.36 Al Jarreau-Tell Me What I Gotta Do
45.02 Al Jarreau-Golden Girl
45.36 Al Jarreau-L Is For Lover
46.45 George Benson & Al Jarreau - Breezin'
47.45 Dennis Chambers - Plan B

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Quasimoto Mixtape

Digital Crate Digging Continues...checking out Madlib in the mix on BBC Radio One...this is called the Quasimoto Mixtape ....check out the playlist and the nice mix...

Sun Ra ‘Intro’ (White Label)
Budda Temple Meets Rock ‘People’ (Stones Throw)
Frenza ‘To Yo Affair’ (White Label)
Sun Ra ‘ Real Talk’ (Jazz Records)
Quasimoto ‘Seasons Change’ (White Label)
Kwanza ‘Karma’ (White Label)
Mark Murphy ‘Slide’ (White Label)
Madlib ‘Beat’ (White Label)
Madlib ‘Beat’ (White Label)
Madlib ‘Beat’ (White Label)
Madlib ‘Beat’ (White Label)
Madlib ‘Beat’ (White Label)
Young Jazz Rebels ‘Kamala’ (White Label)
Unknown ‘Miss Kitty’ (White Label)
Unknown ‘Deception’ (White Label)
Unknown ‘Percy P Remix’ (White Label)
Young Jazz Rebels ‘Miss K’ (White Label)
Dilla ‘Beat’ (White Label)
Madlib ‘Take It Back’ (White Label)
Unknown ‘Secret Jazz Jems’ (White Label)

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

We Kept It Moving / Please!! Life Is A Marathon..

As we proceed!! hmmm!!  we realized if we kept it moving good things would happen! 

Life is a marathon!! we kept on running through Babylon!! but we stayed out of Fort Lee New Jersey per Gov. Christie...we refuse to be trapped in!

 Reality pimp slapped them and those!! soon others got hit by the blackjack!

 Reality checks are cashed by pimps, players, wannabe macks and divas here in Atlanta!! actually everybody has the knack! 

Actually?  this brotha disconnects from the mainframe!! now I'm trying to maintain!! but its rough out here! 

Another disrespects;  the reign began with a in Syria? jokers will call your bluff out here! 

Polar vortexes  show you its cold out here!! pain from the frostbite will sizzle the mind , body,  soul,  and spirit!

Bipolar jokers say the sport is complex!!  saying those that front and floss like Bernie Madoff ain't right!! they're out here struggling !! they're wishing it was know the apparatus will issue a demerit! 

...or two or maybe a few!! but I knew what it do!! I'm going off!!! life is a marathon!

 That's why I kept it moving!! showing and proving!! jokers wonder what were on!

Plus they wonder what others are on like William Gates vs Obama; ...dry snitching like Eric Snowden... 

Even Stevie Wonder can see when one check the drama...on local national international and even intergalactic fronts a fanatic will get open.. 


Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Deep High Energy House Music Mix by JaBig

Digital Crate Digging Continues...checking out this Deep High Energy House Music Mix by JaBig...he alway's "brings it" ....check out the playlist and the mix...

Playlist Tracklisting:
Santa Maria (Tom Middleton Remix) Gotan Project
Bushes (Derrick Carter Remix)Markus Nikolai
I & I AphroDisiax
K-Warp Kenny Dope
Let the Wind Blow (Oneness of Two Remix) Fertile Ground
Lovely (Johnny Fiasco Mix) Soulstice
Closer (Fred Everything & Olivier Desmet Remix) Mood II Swing
Fifth Moon (Kerri Chandler Remix) Marissa Guzman
Love Undercover (Demarkus Lewis Remix) Pete Dafeet
Giv Me Luv (H Foundation Remix) Alcatraz
Oslo Museum Ron Costa
My Fathers Farda Mr. G
No G Train Service Jon Cutler, Raffa Scoccia
Mystical Rhythm Vince Watson

Monday, January 6, 2014

All Up In The Spot / Doing What I Do

Once again its on!! I'm all up in the spot!! but damn!!  I'm just doing what I do! 

Once again its on!! due to the polar vortex its cold out here!! earlier global warming  was supposedly making it I'm acting like I knew! 

The drama was blamed on bipolar gets old out here!  I'm ready to pull the plug!! so now I span the globe..brainstorming! 

The drama was local, national, international and even intergalactic!! even the honey in Decatur was a fanatic!!  she pulled a thug!! so now what's up?  the reign began with a drizzle!! now its storming! 

Locals were predictable! acting irrational!! taking pulls off the drug laced "dutchie" after it was passed to the left hand side!

Vocals and instrumentals?  I kick to you!! breakbeat scientific!! whats left?  there's no where to run or hide! 

....As we slide through Babylon!! what are we on?  its like were at a rally with Rev. Al Sharpton! 

No justice no peace is the catch phrase!!  were in deep waters
where the piranhas and sharks are swimming! mafioso types were skimming profits off the top!! check the hostile takeover like Mens Wearhouse vs Joseph A Banks!! thats how it is all up in the spot! 

Check the scenario;  thoughts were swimming through our minds ...soon epiphanies are on the clearance these prophets hip you to the scheme and plot!

 Check the scenario;  were all up in the spot!!  Sonic Assaults are unleashed as a defense mechanism! 

Were just doing what we do;  acting like we knew!! now check the karma..some will get whats coming to them!

Check Out The Doing What I Do Mix by O-Dog

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Airto Moreira / Flora Purim – Partido Alto

Sunday Jazz Continues...still on these Latin Jazz flavors..checking out Airto Moreira / Flora Purim

They're hitting us up with  Partido Alto's funky funky funky!! check out the players and the track..

Lee Ritenour - Turn The Heat Up

Sunday Jazz Continues....on a cold day in Atlanta...actually its cold all over America...

We're ready to turn take the advice of   Lee Ritenour - Turn The Heat Up..check out the players and the track...

Bass – Nathan East Drums – Vinnie Colaiuta Guitar – Paul Jackson Jr. Keyboards – Greg Phillinganes Percussion – Paulinho Da Costa Synth Programming – Larry Williams Vocals – Phil Perry  Written-By – Kelly McNulty Written-by, Guitar [Electric] – Lee Ritenour Written-By, Vocals – Eric Tagg