Saturday, January 25, 2014

They Weren't Checking For Me..But I Kept Going / Life Is A Marathon

Going on about my business!! usually?  jokers aren't checking for me! 

But this world is cold per the Alberta Clipper or polar vortex... bipolar ones were soon disrespecting me! 

But I kept is a marathon...I stay cool like a polar bear!!  I'm just chilling! 

....avoiding thought and fashion police like Chilling Effects sweating  how were dealing! 

Society?  not concerned about how were feeling!! check out how they play us! 

My priority?  based on what I learned?  it's  dropping these clearance rack epiphanies!!  mentally binging and purging..unlike Hollywood models and actresses ...that's how I play this!

 How did I play this?  jokers asked me.. inquiring minds wanted to know..sideways glances were similar to question marks! 

...I prayed about this..these jokers usually aren't usually checking for me!!  but like that shooting at the Mall in Columbia Maryland  they try to bring it like were a bunch of marks!

Laid in the cut..I'm about this breakbeat scientific business...but the apparatus will issue marks and demerits on the scan sheet...

That's when they're looking for a scapegoat..mad because we'll take a beat and a quote and use it as a weapon after being on the road again like Canned Heat.. 

What's up man? alt shift delete is the mission of the system's webmasters..they'll hack the system like Target's or at Neiman Marcus..

What's up man? that's what they ask me...but they're usually not checking for me..why are they trying to start this?  

We Kept Going / Life Is A Marathon / Check Out The Marathon PT.2 mix by O-Dog


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