Monday, January 20, 2014

Letting The Game Come To Me / Doing What I Do

Word from this veteran in the game!! now I'm coaching like Jason Kidd! 

Hell were catching per Natalie Cole!!  how did some roll? is Armageddon approaching?  so whats up kid? 

...Sometimes encroaching on enemy territory...they'll get mad like Richard Sherman...please!! we were trying to make something happen! 

..but sometimes letting the game come to me!! then I manipulate things!!  that's whats up Captain! 

Sometimes love will keep us together!! like the Captain and Tennile! 

Sometimes love doesnt live here anymore per Rose Royce!!  you  should know the deal!

Per Volograd suicide bombers vs Vladimir Putin some crimes of passion were committed... minds were blown per the Delfonics!

Mind blowing decisions per Heatwave are made!! but O-Dizzle was a beat slave!!  check out the sonics! 

That's the response to the ongoing madness!!  thought and fashion police were trying to patrol! 

I found a portal to slide through!! please!! life is a check the Sonic Assault..this is how I roll! 

Knowing how the sport will's complex...but you might see me ride through the ATL,  Louisville / Newburg, or out in  Oakland / San Francisco West Coasting or wherever! 

Intergalactic with it!!  from Pluto to Mars!!  back down on earth to Tripoli and Johannesburg!!  but a hater says whatever!

A fanatic had it!! but its all game!!  sometimes I let it come to me! 

Check the mathematics!! sometimes I bring it!!  plus I brought the drum with me!

I Brought The Drum With Me For This Doing What I Do Mix..Check It Out Y'all !!!

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