Monday, January 6, 2014

All Up In The Spot / Doing What I Do

Once again its on!! I'm all up in the spot!! but damn!!  I'm just doing what I do! 

Once again its on!! due to the polar vortex its cold out here!! earlier global warming  was supposedly making it I'm acting like I knew! 

The drama was blamed on bipolar gets old out here!  I'm ready to pull the plug!! so now I span the globe..brainstorming! 

The drama was local, national, international and even intergalactic!! even the honey in Decatur was a fanatic!!  she pulled a thug!! so now what's up?  the reign began with a drizzle!! now its storming! 

Locals were predictable! acting irrational!! taking pulls off the drug laced "dutchie" after it was passed to the left hand side!

Vocals and instrumentals?  I kick to you!! breakbeat scientific!! whats left?  there's no where to run or hide! 

....As we slide through Babylon!! what are we on?  its like were at a rally with Rev. Al Sharpton! 

No justice no peace is the catch phrase!!  were in deep waters
where the piranhas and sharks are swimming! mafioso types were skimming profits off the top!! check the hostile takeover like Mens Wearhouse vs Joseph A Banks!! thats how it is all up in the spot! 

Check the scenario;  thoughts were swimming through our minds ...soon epiphanies are on the clearance these prophets hip you to the scheme and plot!

 Check the scenario;  were all up in the spot!!  Sonic Assaults are unleashed as a defense mechanism! 

Were just doing what we do;  acting like we knew!! now check the karma..some will get whats coming to them!

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