Sunday, January 26, 2014

All Up In The Spot / Regular Scheduled Programming

We're all up in the spot!!  once again it's on !! like Grammy Awards with the usual suspects...we're dealing with the regular scheduled programming! 

Check the polar vortex..please!! its cold out here!!  not hot due to global warming? there's no slow doesn't live here anymore per Rose Royce! 

O-Dizzle is jamming!!  funk is dropped after consulting with aliens
out there on Pluto and Mars...but like the shootings at the mall in Columbia Maryland...its evident the devil will oppose...of course! 

That's par for the course!! Tiger Woods once played under or below until he started pimping! 

Check the economy..haters raise the bar by cutting food stamps!!  so of course its tight in these hoods!! so what's good? you should know the sport is complex!! its not a simple thing! 

Check out the sport..what's next? a bruh can talk junk and get called a thug like Richard Sherman..but Justin Bieber can go on a drug induced drag race and get called a misguided's not a simple thing..

Check out this mission..I didn't abort it...dropping funk and this good word...we kept working kid!! but it's not a simple thing..

Its cold out here!!  as I pimp through this thing in an Ecko Unlimited hoodie with jeans to match! 

No Timberlands!!  the boots are from Maxway..non-descript!!  but O-Dizzle follows the scrip;  he's coming out fresh with a brand new batch!

O-Zone said it's on him...who understands? what's the dizzle? some are blind to the fact...affected by the regular scheduled programming...

Once again it's on as the mothership lands on earth after intergalactic journeys...letting you know what aliens meant by slow jamming!! 


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