Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Catch Phrase / Cliche PT.7

Damn!! its like I'm at a Rev Al Sharpton rally..so you should know the catch phrase! 

No justice no peace is heard!! you heard? it's still relevant for these days! 

Just like back in those days when Jesse Jackson and MLK were marching! 

Just had the MLK holiday...but I guess you can still say a black man can't have no peace!! please!! so whatcha starting? 

Damn!!  were in the heart of this thing !!the drama kept coming back like on all fronts..it revisited like Paul and Ringo at the Grammys! 

Damn!! were in the heart of this thing!!  whats up y'all?  I knew from the get go whether I did or didn't they'll damn this! 

Damn!!  who'll understand this?  old girl told me "everybody ain't able"

 Damn!! where did the mothership land me?  I'm down here on earth where jokers are unstable! 

...even the so called ATL player with has stable was facing turbulence!

...plus ATL wannabe divas consult with Dr Phil or Steve Harvey
about their issues..they're facing turbulence! 

Who will work with this?  I felt the pressure!!  dealing with these nefarious ones!!  no justice no peace is the catch phrase! 

I'm letting go and let God!! now spot me chilling out!! soaking up Aquarius sun rays!


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