Sunday, January 19, 2014

Letting Them Do What They Do PT.10 (The Saga / Struggle Continues )

So whats really going on? please!!  I wasn't on the red carpet at the SAG Awards!! I let them folk do what they do...I let them go on about their business! 

I was letting the hustlers hustle and the players play!! they acted like they knew....they turned their swag on per Soulja Boy!! but  I already knew what the deal was! 

Mental muscle is exercised as I get breakbeat scientific!! its a rough job but somebody has to do it!

Its going down blue collar style!!  I'm the last of a dying breed!! out here going through it! 

As we go to it; where? the promised land!! ignoring Pharoah... I'm like Jason Kidd!!  a veteran in the game now coaching! 

Hopefully with better results..down here on earth dealing with
these cults!!  now Armageddon is approaching!

I'm letting jokers know that the sport is complex!!  you know they're wishing it was simple!

This world is cold per the polar vortex!!  but I'm cooler than a polar bear!! out here..acting like a pimp would do! 

...or does!! even though the Dennis Rodman type /  bipolar one was acting a fool in Babylon! 

I'm letting the hustlers hustle and the players they do what they do!!  I was once down but now I'm a soldier out here in this spiritual warfare...once again its on!

 Down here in the danger zone!! please!! I'll Be Chilling...minding and tending!! I know what the deal is!

 Once again its on!! I'm letting jokers do what they do!!  I'm letting these jokers go on about their business!



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