Sunday, January 12, 2014

2014; Getting Ourselves Together

Please!! were caught up / caught out here!! as we go we have to make adjustments! 

Were trying to get ourselves together!! but in Babylon?  PE told us we can't truss it! 

Money, power, and respect?  some lust for it! they'll do whatever!! following the by any means necessary strategy! 

Whats up money? please!! what did they expect?  the saga / struggle Ariel Sharon vs Yasser Arafat...what's up with that? holla at me!!

As the G8 and G20 act funny with the money!! the last hours are rough for a brotha and sista! 

Lord have mercy is the battle cry!! tell the truth and shame the devil was the word from the old sista! the old sista pulled out the Lysol because of O-Dizzle's funk;  plus she had moth balls! 

The drama will revisit ya like a family reunion!! peeps stick together like glue!! but O-Zone's cut of cloth is different from y'alls! 

A brotha is trying to get his self together as the empire falls!!  I'm claiming a chair when the music stops playing! I stay on one accord with the higher power! who said a bruh stops praying?

Who said these brothas stop playing?  like the Saints- Seahawks game ..we play it down to the last second...

Getting ourselves together...unlike Chris Christie and his camp..they let the technology catch up with them.. 

Getting Ourselves Together; I Suddenly Feel Like A Giant!! Standing Alone Against The World!! Check This Out As Sunday Jazz Continues!!!!

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