Thursday, January 16, 2014

Still Dealing With Smoke and Mirrors PT.4 / Making Adjustments

So whats up? were dealing with the full moon madness;  plus the atmosphere was foggy! 

Alberta Clippers and polar vortexes enhanced the smoke and mirrors; as we clean our weapons for this spiritual we
go there!! but I noticed some were groggy!

 Glanced at the clock;  its time to rock!! it's time to get down!! but to a bipolar joker it gets complex...the mission?  that's what updating this Captain's log will be!  jamming?  that's what O-Dog will be doing!! ..check the Sonic Assault... a brotha is trying to get it in! 

We advanced..unlike JC Penneys closing stores..were rocking around the clock!!..around the world!!..around the galaxy!!...moving fast like the China Hypersonic Missile..a brotha is trying to get it in...

As we proceed and continue!! pennies for our thoughts? I'm adding my two cents...were putting it down!!  but we have to make adjustments!

True indeed!! it's not Colorado with the weed..but it's hard to see in the smoke and mirrors..that's what the deal with is!!   I told you PE said you can't trust it! 

Now my peeps are out here busted and disgusted!! please!! nobody will think about them in a NFL mock me they couldn't find anybody to work with them! 

Evil creeps up on them and those!! authorities dusted for fingerprints..meanwhile we had this good word for them! 

Whats up with my people? one sleeps up in this piece!! ...mesmerized by the smoke and mirrors while the apparatus works on them!!  I told them they can't trust it! 

Whats up with my people? everybody processed things differently we all make adjustments!

Jokers lust for power and respect..smoke and mirrors are used to confuse the masses...

Broken beats and English are adjusted in the we go there...conducting funk seminars and classes...



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