Saturday, January 18, 2014

They Weren't Checking For Me...Cool!!! I'll Be Chilling...

They weren't checking for me!! but that could be a good thing...I'll be chilling! 

It showed me who was really down after finding out this was a hood thing!

 Its all good!! check out this lab by-product as we bring this breakbeat science....anyway! 

Its all good!!  per the old school cliche!!  but the drama can jump off anywhere and and any day! 

Armchair quarterbacks will run any kind of play!! but something "just ain't right"  per Keith Sweat!

I go there with no intentions of going back!! but I I didn't burn the bridge.. work is put in blue collar style!!  check out the  James Brown Cold Sweat!

Jokers want you to quit or forfeit!! they'll even block lanes on the bridge like Chris Chistie's crew..

Please!! I checked the clock...history will repeat...hustles?  haters will I govern myself accordingly..acting like I knew...

The only time fools are checking for you is when they see you trying to move to higher ground ...thats whats up with a brotha..

Fools come out of the woodwork shooting at you like in public schools in America..suicide bombers roll up in the spot like it was Kabul..over in Afghanistan..whats up man? even in the hood they'll try to take you under.. 

Word from Compton's Most Wanted..but I'll be chilling...when I come through I didn't front or flaunt it...I didn't turn my swag on..

Even though I'm up on it..but they weren't checking for me...that's cool!! .. but the drama / saga / struggle the drought in California it'll drag on...

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