Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Game? It's Still Shady Like Grady!!

Shadetree mechanics tighten screws...damn!! it seems like we can't do nothing!

...Wasn't Mr Goodwrench!! more like Toyota mechanics? wanna be starting something?

Word from Michael Jackson!! damn!! another distraction!! preventing me from moving forward..setbacks and obstacles!!

All up in the spot!! in the midst of the action!! some quit their stall and delay at the end of the day? we'll be rocking those!

Haters handle their business!!..knocking those and these hustles!! may say its gang related.

....Or drug related..thug related..meanwhile...other issues? under the rug they swept it!! strange..immigrants laws in effect..another issue? legislatures didn't debate it.

....Not everyone can relate to it..what's that?..what it do?...the dark mystery of time and space calculated.

Not everyone is happy!! history never repeated!! purposes defeated? my liberation is progressive!! so my style is hated.

I pressed a button..turned a dial on Yamaha, Roland and HP keyboards.

I pressed a punishment glutton!! what it do? what it does? what's the prognosis?..the information? overload ...but sometimes few rewards.

..Unless spiritual significance is measured..instead of materials treasured..then I might be a rich man!!

...Belligerence is heard..word on the curb? snitches end up in a ditch man!

Making a difference?..which man? please!! the rich get richer and poor get poorer.

Noticed the difference...even Europe feels the pinch.. NBC CNN and not just ESPN give you the score.

Cleveland Cavs..LA Lakers...Goldman Sachs..our backs are against the more is on the way!! random thoughts will manifest.

The cliche? "no justice no peace" a black man cant get any rest.

Monday, April 26, 2010

They Know They're Wrong!!!

Now those jokers know they're wrong!!! but they act like its nothing.

Injuries inflicted upon the masses..causing destruction.

Weapons of mass destruction and distraction were deployed.

Thought they had answers..others waiting on them...the devil won't quit and he won't stop!! until the earth is destroyed.

Others enjoyed seeing us fail!! because we joined them!! misery loves company.

Board of directors were punishment gluttons!! in the the right..and in front of me.

UN weapons inspectors try to front on me!! like I'm Chemical Ali.

Microphone checkers and big beat droppers!! knock them or stick and move like Muhammed Ali.

Up in the hooptie!! rolling down Muhammed Ali Boulevard up in Louisville.

Truth we be told? using a sword!! funk dropped!! the motherlode!! real deal like Holyfield.

Trying to build in Atlanta!! branched out to Oakland and to Las Vegas.

Then back to Venus, Mars and Pluto..where will the Mothership take us?

Haters on earth raising bars..was the truth told ?...Information Overload?..supplying false information..divide and conquer...fronting on us!! but needed to break us off properly!

Told them you owe me homie!! like Kirk Franklin said, were God's Property.

Meanwhile down here in Georgia..homie was in the Stankin Lankin..posted up at Candler & McAfee in Decatur.

Meanwhile on Wall Street dude was making a killing!! big banking with JP Morgan Chase!! ultimate paper chase!! making deals with Goldman Sachs!! he's a big hater!

Rich get richer!! poor get poorer!! it's the haves vs have nots.

What it do? you know these new type gangsters will have schemes and plots.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Bruh Is Rocking This!!

As we proceed and continue!! like the jeans..O-Dog will rock this republic.

Actually? the universe!!! low key!! low profile!! check the style!! Las Vegas tourist T-shirt..South Pole jeans..didn't have True Religions or Rock and Republic.

This is how we rock!! but Republicans knock a brothas hustle!! like they do Obama!! Michael Steele knows.

What's up with him..this Brotha O? what's the situation? it's about Progressive Liberation!!! it's down the stream of consciousness he flows.

Sources of Illumination?..the secret garden grows!! who knows about it? Random Thoughts, The Funk Seminar, and the Sonic Assault.

What's Really Going On? Brotha O-Zone is bossing like Gibbs on NCIS.

Caught out here!! out there!! some were waiting for answers..others like Goldman Sachs..fronting and flossing!! wasn't part of the natural process.

As we come back with this!! avoided Arizona..others were caught out here..out the storm..but the answer was in front of us!! had the knack for this!! now it's on and popping.

As we come back with this!! it's the brand new funk were dropping.

O-Dog is hip-hopping!! plus rocking out!! weapons used in the ongoing struggle.

The saga/ struggle continues!! some will get torpedoed like South Korea ships!! a lot of roles a bro will juggle.

Little homie was slapped upside the head with tbe muzzle of the gun!! due to Sensory or Information Overload!!

Game sold or told? either was violating the street code.

Dude said it's not tricking if you got it!! but that mode made it hard for other brothas!!

My mode is kicking knowledge!! the Mothership gets good mileage!! mysteries a brotha unravels..peeping game like the Hubble Telescope...what it do? breakbeat scientific principles he discovers.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Script Played Out In Front Of Me....PT.2..

Damn!! everything is off!! timing is bad!! somebody hit the reset button.

Tried to jam!! dropping breakbeat science!! some mad because I wasn't like Goldman Sachs..big pimping!!

I bounced through...might have saw me limping!! did I follow the script? might even call me player player!!

But simple things turned we come with the next...some are waiting on answers...they were in front of me..these days I say a prayer.

Adding another layer to my aura!! fortified with the armor and shield.

Moving forward like conveyors at UPS up in Louisville....following the script? please!! this bruh is trying to build.

Not trying to yield...but it's rough out here a player!!

Exuberance is gone..morale is low..whatcha know? better say a prayer!

What can I say to ya? can't put it down like Usain Bolt!! knowing the adrenalin is gone..some just take it a day at a time.

Prozac or Ritalin wears off!! this might be the day they'll do a crime.

Doing the time!!the military industrial corporate prison complex is a growing business!!

Minding and tending..didn't abort my mission!! on to the next!! but haters are not knowing my business.

A bruh is taking care of business!! handle it before it handles me.

A bruh is not faking the funk!! from the spot where hustlers, players and vandals will be.

All up in the spot!!! where love abandoned me!! any Love or Happiness like Al Green said?

All up in the spot!! pushing and shoving like Dwight Howard under an NBA basket!! everybody's chasing the bread.

Man does not live by bread alone is the cliche or bible verse.

Whose waiting for answers? it's easy to be misled in this zone!!peeping game in the galaxy like the Hubble Telescope...I roam the universe.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Scripts Played Out In Front Of Me...

role players even tried to front on me!!!

Scripts played out like Hollywood or even Bollywood!! drug dealers slum dog millionaires? unwanted information shared..a lot of forced conversation.

Scripts flipped!!! homie was the hottest in the hood!! like Red Cafe..but under observation.

Undercovers slipped into the spot!! did the knowledge!! knew the plays about to be ran.

Cover up like Big Ben? or maybe a suspension? Brothas told some to shut their blood clot mouths!! but some didnt understand.

Brothas had drama upstate!! had to raise up..shot down here to the A-Town!! transformers.

But some still have hate!! the data base blows up like electrical transformers!!

Shorting out the grid!! bubbles were burst by lasers shot from warships.

Shorty pimp in Atlanta flipped his lid!! dome implanted with microchips.

Other galaxy residents!! Motherships dipped prematurely!! Air Force tried to clock them!! now caught out there.

Actually...caught out here and there!! in love or war? nothing was fair.

Especially spiritual warfare!! ill tactics used by all.

Whose part of the conspiracy? wanting to see a bruh take a fall!!

Ships are sinking!! even oil rigs..all hands on deck to stop the leaking!!! wasn't the announcement made?

O-Zone had the Good Word!! he kept thinking!! O-Dog was on the decks!! the breakbeat sound is played.

Third eye blinked!! pictures taken!! found out how scripts played out.

In Hollywood or even Bollywood or even Atlanta at Tyler Perry studios.

Kept it hood!! kept it moving..even the style is intergalactic!! didn't go with the flow.

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Floating down the stream of consciousness...clean and pristine...some stagnant like Gulf Coast waters after oil spills..a bruh still deals...portals open and close.

Going for what I know!! check this veteran now coaching ...making moves like it's the NFL Draft!! ..spotted the rough draft..knowing the devil will oppose.

That's how the sport goes!! some accept status quos!! but I'm not having it.

Didn't quid pro told to abort those..abort these.. like Specter vs Wall Street Bankers!! ...who'll try to pull rank on us?...plans are exposed for unraveling it.

O-Zone..low key..I'm traveling with revolutionaries and counter revolutionaries.

Intergalactic...blasting off like the Atlantis...planets are are in alignment in Taurus..parallel or contra parallel? natural? evolutionary?

Back with it!! the solution will be breakbeat science!! intelligent design.

Whose with it? it's like Delfonics!! "it'll blow your mind this time."

Whose with it? in a minute it'll be Right On Time!! like Brothers Johnson but sometimes it doesn't work.

Whose with it? pain inflicted!! haters say it doesn't hurt.

Whose with it? a snitch doesn't blurt out the answer? I had to laugh!

This world is wicked!! some are waiting for answers!! so I had to get scientific!! I had the math.

Individuals are sick with it!! like H1N1 ...or maybe like the killer fungus in The Northwest..but I'm on another path.

Residuals for the HNIC? please!! I wasn't on another staff!!

Whose saying they're righteous? but I spotted them cutting up with the demons.

Even big homie was a player player!! with the daughter of chaos? he shared his semen.

Little home was rolling with Al-Qaeda in Yemen ..then moved on to Somalia..handling business.

Meanwhile I slide through other the stream of consciousness

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

All Up In The Spot...PT.12

All up in the spot!! things have gotten hot!! surrounded by crooks!! but not wearing crooks and's supposed to be a safe haven.

Crooks from Wall Street to "y'all's street" ..drug dealers and stick up artist to Lehman Brothers plus Goldman and Sachs...sideways glances and looks tell the true story!! whose playing it like Ray Lewis? you get hit up by a B'More Raven!!

This Rider is making advances!! but more folk are misbehaving!! introducing setbacks and obstacles.

Whose taking chances? then opposition is met!! everybody is a suspect when I'm rocking those....and these!! not faking jacks!! faking the funk!! knowing the devil will oppose!! it's been that way.

Slipping through the cracks with intelligence!! things were dumbed down!! were on another level!! weve been running that play!

Haters doobie doo run running away!! like the joint by Roy Ayers.

Taking it to the streets like Doobie Brothers!! or walking in rhythm like the Blackbyrds ..true playas.

Moving straight ahead!! "ain't no stopping us now" like McFadden and Whitehead.

Society keeps proving it!! hasn't stopped hating!! we bring the Natural Light instead.

The dread wasn't part of the revolution!! a hater said it's business not personal.

The ultimate question..who will work with a bro?

Morale is low all up in the spot!! some are down to plan Z.

Alter Egos collaborate!! O-Zone & O-Dog bear witness to what the plan will be.

All up in the spot!! some might understand me!! some wont.

All up in the spot!! surrounded by crooks!! drama goes down ..who said it wont?

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Shady Like Grady...Updated Concepts

the game is shady like grady

Shadetree mechanics and armchair quarterbacks had solutions and opinions.

Shady fanatics implement policies and procedures with ramifications through different realms and dimensions.

Demon Deacons administer communions!! but didn't play for Wake Forest.

Ministers of defense track enemies with GPS!! microchips implanted!! navigating through the Babylon Forest.

Taking Forrest Gump's advice about a box of chocolates!! now too many pounds are picked up.

The sound bumps up in the Caddie Escalade!! dude said he stays paid!! rocking it out on I-95!! pounds of weed are picked up.

Word from Emeril!! to another level things are kicked up!! no need for cayenne peppers.

High noon at the the High Chapparel? out in Cheyenne, Wyoming...TV Westerns? please!! you'll be racked up like your hit up by Julius Peppers.

Watching old episodes of Dave Chappele!! listening to the Red Hot Chili Peppers's a simulcast.

Sometimes replay previous episodes...why did it go down like that? I even heard guns blast.

Hit the fast forward button...karmic repercussions? now bombs blast in Pakistan and Afghanistan..the saga /struggle continues.

Punishment glutton? writing letters to myself like Chi-Lites ....a chef in soul's kitchen!! what's the mission? Sources Of Illumination..check the menus.

At different venues!! a dark mysterious traveller!! sliding through realms dimensions and portals.

Veteran in the game!! now coaching like Phil Jackson!! knowing how the sport goes.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Rough Out Here For A Player PT.4

it's like this and like that and a

It's like Judge Greg is rough!! just trying to make do!!!

Dealing with the madness!! as these fanatics try to fake you.

Where did the agenda take you? all of us are out here! out there!! struggling.

Where the did the pretender take you? said it was a Fantastic Voyage like Lakeside.

Wise to the set up!! the system will discourage!! now we see how the fake ride.

As we rise to the occasion...we Can't Let Up!! time is not on my side like The Rolling Stones and Mick Jagger sang.

As we rise to the occasion..reading the Rolling Stone...casing the joint!! who has the dagger? what did they bring?

Who turned their swagger on? like Soulja Boy..said it's nothing!! they would make it happen.

Now chaos and mayhem is the by product!! what's the conduct? it's like Jeffrey Osborne and LTD..back in love again?

Didn't have to wait on Maury again!! for the results!! they were the father.

Rolling with different cults of calling on the heavenly father.

A devil will say why bother? heard them say it "is what it is."

But I break out of L-7 square like Rick James!! also like Teena Marie? I'm handling square biz.

Taking care of business!! going in!! getting it in!! just trying to make do.

Keeping it real compared to what!! like Les McCann!! I cant fake you.

Hating? I shake you off like Iverson did with the crossover!!

Going off on them!! I make do!! take the win and loss! I know it's not over.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Rough Out Here For A Player PT.3

Caught out here!! out there!! down here in Atlanta..told to keep it pimping player!!

But it's rough out here..out there!! armor and shield on!! with the sword of truth!! linked with God..said a prayer.

...But it never fails!! even if I have a nuclear summit! on earth? I just can't get in sync.

...What's it worth? needing to stay on point!! disaster? were on the brink.

.. Might need to think faster!! but can't rush things!! the process is natural.

Rolling around the skating rink faster!! wasn't Golden Glide in Decatur!! karma will holla atcha!

Not following the masters plan? repercussions come right back atcha!

....As we batch up a fresh version of the disco inferno.

Advancing? one step ahead of the devil!! avoiding Dantes Inferno.

Others dancing with the devil!! I even see strobe lights flashing.

But I'm advancing to another level!! avoiding another devil..out here..out there..probing the universe .spacewalking...out there where Titans are clashing.

Fell back for a minute!! in the lab? beats and rhymes!! I'm stashing as weapons.

Fell back for a minute!! whose in it to win it? noticed nothing had changed when I stepped back in.

Out here!! out there!! mud is tracked in the house on my Timberlands messy!! who understands?'s like life is.

A bruh is back in the house!! once again it's on!! it's all about Progressive Liberation!! bearing witness to what toil and strife is.

What it do? some waiting on answers to the toil and strife!! but on earth it's promised!! struggle is guaranteed.

Fertile soul down here in the promised land? Atlanta..home of the Freaknik!! please!! it's full of drama like the Middle East.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

They Told Me Not To Take It Personal..

Homie told me not to take it personal...hard not to do..Scorpios are like that!

What's really going on? check the emotion and commotion like Jeff Beck!! who fakes it? the war is on!! we'll have to fight that!

What it do in this zone? it's similar to the War On Terror's ongoing.

Whatcha working with big homie asked?? told him please!! I'm going for what I'm knowing.

Flowing down the stream of Information Overload.

Plus there's no overkill!! wasn't dealing with the drug overlord.

What's the deal? problems handed over to the Lord!! stayed on one accord with the Higher Power.

Fresh view fresh vision!! clear headed...not smoked or coked out..didn't loc out.. not caught high in the last hour.

What it do? the old cliche that knowledge is power is tested.

What it do? I have to start the day with a prayer..knowing the Lord blessed it!

All I could do is salute a player and a hustler!! the position? the system stressed it.

The agenda that they're on? based on when a snitch confessed to it!!

A pretender said it's on and popping!! I was told to act like I knew it.

But I blew it!! the opportunity!! in fact, I did it on purpose.

Had diplomatic immunity..on some other other!! like Third World...with a sense of purpose.

A fanatic got personal with it!! but told me that it's all business.

But mathematics are dropped by a bruh!! as I Take Care of Business.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Any Love Shown?

Was any love shown? please!! for a dollar? they'll throw you under the bus.

What's known? the old cliche is heard; no peace and no justice.

Please!! spotted using the 60's slogan that's still relevant.

Please!! what it do? were bumping heads with the apparatus aka the system..we see no one's benevolent.

Bumping our heads against the wall!! the devil was in the details!! had to figure the cipher out.

Sometimes bombarded..information overload as we go all out?

Steady bombardment of the enemy position was our response.

Rocked steady like Whispers!! all up in the heart of it!! detonating explosive devices..funk bombs.

Unlike Joe Biden F-Bombs!! unlike improvised explosive devices in Iraq.

Doing what I like!! word from Humpty and Digital Underground as we get down O-Dog rock.

Doing what I like!! but some are knocking the hustle!! haven't stopped hating.

Doing what I like!! heard all the belligerence!! some haven't stopped debating.

Doing what I like!! some have stopped relating..but they're still family.

Is any love shown? some were acting like they don't understand me.

So where did this land me? all up in the spot!! trying to blend in.

Too much of a difference!! these days? minding and tending.

But still message sending!! the hot messenger is putting messages in the songs.

They still said I was a hot mess!! any love shown ?

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

As I Rise To The Occasion

Wise to the set up..facing hatred and scorn..word is born!! hardhat with the lantern on top is worn..still going under like West Virginia coal miners..R.I.P.authorities were emphasizing certain points.

As I rise to the what were we facing? I can't let up!! whose sympathizing? not the one the system anoints.

The negative situation disappoints!!! cheerleaders tell us to shake it off!

Waving pom poms!! doing cartwheels!! a so called leader begs, borrows, and steals.hitting up the treasury...trying to break it off!

The art of shady deals is practiced!! officials try to take their's off the top.

Shady Like Grady..who feels me? back draft from the fire is up at the top!!

What can you say to me? the roof is on fire!! this is math from the disco inferno.

Burn baby burn!! but before the shot clock expires, like Butler learn to go for what you know!!

Learn baby learn!! or be caught up in a spin cycle..where's the switch?

Turn baby turn!! on to the next page!! game is peeped... whatcha know? where's the snitch?

Where's the ditch? that's where big homie was found after running off at the mouth!!

His other homie switched modes...left NYC..escaping..running down south.

Identity switched in the A-Town!! said they're all this and all that.

Identify those that hitched onto the bandwagon!! the next trend that's considered all that.

Player player said it's all this and that!! and a bag of chips!! with a soda on the side.

Like chicken soup..souped up like a hooptie!! so how will they ride?

As I slide through the universe...below the radar..but sometimes it doesn't work like on the Discovery..

Cases of scenarios that were the worst? not found where this brotha will be..

Sunday, April 4, 2010

It's Rough Out Here For A Player PT.2

Damn! we were caught out there!! now things will never be the same.

Damn! as we go there!! Waiting For Answers...what it do? soon realizing that it's all game.

It's a damn shame!! please!! we were just trying to make it.

Did our plans match the master's plans? or did we just fake it?

Answers were right in front of jacket like the Masters Championship!! word from Tiger Woods!

Green light given by the master? even though things are tight in these hoods?

Green light given by the drug overlord..guns plast like Baghdad..any diplomatic immunity? ..embassies under attack!! so whats good? is it corrupting the youth? we'll have to pay for that!

Checking out the karmic repercussions..process interruptions? what's up with them?...Information Overload?.discussions on how to play that!

Checking out discussions on how to say that!! told to talk to them slick!

Checking out discussions..crime scene tape and white chalk for those who thought they were slick!

So called righteous ones contradict themselves!! but they're ony human.

Part of the Human League!! caught up in the intrigue!! fast car needed Gary Numan.

Or Tracy Chapman!! what it do man? as we proceed and continue.

Avoiding chefs in Hells Kitchen!! what did they put on the menu?

Like Natalie Cole..Hell were catching..processes send us to an early grave.

How did we roll? please you should know we wouldn't behave.

Just like some didnt know O-Dog would be a beat slave..holding it down.

Coping strategy after being caught out there!! but still holding it down.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

It's Rough Out Here For A Playa!!

"a playa finds out that it's like this and like that and a"

It's rough out here and out there!! it's like this and like that!

What it do? what it does? cops in NJ worse than criminals?it's like..where ever your at!

What it is or isnt? ecological ignorance will alter the fate.

Messages are dropped like baptist preachers!! TD Jakes..Eddie Long? especially tomorrow on Easter!! ushers pass the offering plate!!

Please!! these middle passage descendants aren't getting off on the hate!!

Please be advised!! Good Friday? April Fools Day before that!!...those that skate on thin ice? with sharp skates on?.. soon fall through the ice!!

Plots and schemes were devised to take away your freedom!! after you paid the price...but in South Africa some pay the price

Wasn't nice when streams of consciousness became polluted.

Thinking twice!! packing a sword!! but some strap on bombs like black widows in Russia..needing heavy artillery when the truth is disputed?

What's computed? what's the answer to the equation? it's rough out here and out there.

Deeply rooted philosophies influence my strategy in spiritual warfare.

As we go there!! was trying to chill..peace be still!! but I was pulled back into the game.

As we go there!! now coaching!! based on being a veteran in the game.

Based on catching the blame!! trying to play me like Obama..because I'm a black man.. but the blame is not accepted.

Batching up something fresh!! blasting on those who are mad deceptive.

Some are mad!! because I wasn't receptive to the status quo.

Its rough out here and out there...even Erykah Badu can tell ya.. so we have to go for what we know!!