Tuesday, April 20, 2010

All Up In The Spot...PT.12

All up in the spot!! things have gotten hot!! surrounded by crooks!! but not wearing crooks and castles..it's supposed to be a safe haven.

Crooks from Wall Street to "y'all's street" ..drug dealers and stick up artist to Lehman Brothers plus Goldman and Sachs...sideways glances and looks tell the true story!! whose playing it like Ray Lewis? you get hit up by a B'More Raven!!

This Rider is making advances!! but more folk are misbehaving!! introducing setbacks and obstacles.

Whose taking chances? then opposition is met!! everybody is a suspect when I'm rocking those....and these!! not faking jacks!! faking the funk!! knowing the devil will oppose!! it's been that way.

Slipping through the cracks with intelligence!! things were dumbed down!! were on another level!! weve been running that play!

Haters doobie doo run running away!! like the joint by Roy Ayers.

Taking it to the streets like Doobie Brothers!! or walking in rhythm like the Blackbyrds ..true playas.

Moving straight ahead!! "ain't no stopping us now" like McFadden and Whitehead.

Society keeps proving it!! hasn't stopped hating!! we bring the Natural Light instead.

The dread wasn't part of the revolution!! a hater said it's business not personal.

The ultimate question..who will work with a bro?

Morale is low all up in the spot!! some are down to plan Z.

Alter Egos collaborate!! O-Zone & O-Dog bear witness to what the plan will be.

All up in the spot!! some might understand me!! some wont.

All up in the spot!! surrounded by crooks!! drama goes down ..who said it wont?

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