Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Game? It's Still Shady Like Grady!!

Shadetree mechanics tighten screws...damn!! it seems like we can't do nothing!

...Wasn't Mr Goodwrench!! more like Toyota mechanics? wanna be starting something?

Word from Michael Jackson!! damn!! another distraction!! preventing me from moving forward..setbacks and obstacles!!

All up in the spot!! in the midst of the action!! some quit their stall and delay at the end of the day? we'll be rocking those!

Haters handle their business!!..knocking those and these hustles!! may say its gang related.

....Or drug related..thug related..meanwhile...other issues? under the rug they swept it!! strange..immigrants laws in effect..another issue? legislatures didn't debate it.

....Not everyone can relate to it..what's that?..what it do?...the dark mystery of time and space calculated.

Not everyone is happy!! history never repeated!! purposes defeated? my liberation is progressive!! so my style is hated.

I pressed a button..turned a dial on Yamaha, Roland and HP keyboards.

I pressed a punishment glutton!! what it do? what it does? what's the prognosis?..the information? overload ...but sometimes few rewards.

..Unless spiritual significance is measured..instead of materials treasured..then I might be a rich man!!

...Belligerence is heard..word on the curb? snitches end up in a ditch man!

Making a difference?..which man? please!! the rich get richer and poor get poorer.

Noticed the difference...even Europe feels the pinch.. NBC CNN and not just ESPN give you the score.

Cleveland Cavs..LA Lakers...Goldman Sachs..our backs are against the more is on the way!! random thoughts will manifest.

The cliche? "no justice no peace" a black man cant get any rest.

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