Sunday, April 18, 2010

Shady Like Grady...Updated Concepts

the game is shady like grady

Shadetree mechanics and armchair quarterbacks had solutions and opinions.

Shady fanatics implement policies and procedures with ramifications through different realms and dimensions.

Demon Deacons administer communions!! but didn't play for Wake Forest.

Ministers of defense track enemies with GPS!! microchips implanted!! navigating through the Babylon Forest.

Taking Forrest Gump's advice about a box of chocolates!! now too many pounds are picked up.

The sound bumps up in the Caddie Escalade!! dude said he stays paid!! rocking it out on I-95!! pounds of weed are picked up.

Word from Emeril!! to another level things are kicked up!! no need for cayenne peppers.

High noon at the the High Chapparel? out in Cheyenne, Wyoming...TV Westerns? please!! you'll be racked up like your hit up by Julius Peppers.

Watching old episodes of Dave Chappele!! listening to the Red Hot Chili Peppers's a simulcast.

Sometimes replay previous episodes...why did it go down like that? I even heard guns blast.

Hit the fast forward button...karmic repercussions? now bombs blast in Pakistan and Afghanistan..the saga /struggle continues.

Punishment glutton? writing letters to myself like Chi-Lites ....a chef in soul's kitchen!! what's the mission? Sources Of Illumination..check the menus.

At different venues!! a dark mysterious traveller!! sliding through realms dimensions and portals.

Veteran in the game!! now coaching like Phil Jackson!! knowing how the sport goes.

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