Sunday, April 11, 2010

They Told Me Not To Take It Personal..

Homie told me not to take it personal...hard not to do..Scorpios are like that!

What's really going on? check the emotion and commotion like Jeff Beck!! who fakes it? the war is on!! we'll have to fight that!

What it do in this zone? it's similar to the War On Terror's ongoing.

Whatcha working with big homie asked?? told him please!! I'm going for what I'm knowing.

Flowing down the stream of Information Overload.

Plus there's no overkill!! wasn't dealing with the drug overlord.

What's the deal? problems handed over to the Lord!! stayed on one accord with the Higher Power.

Fresh view fresh vision!! clear headed...not smoked or coked out..didn't loc out.. not caught high in the last hour.

What it do? the old cliche that knowledge is power is tested.

What it do? I have to start the day with a prayer..knowing the Lord blessed it!

All I could do is salute a player and a hustler!! the position? the system stressed it.

The agenda that they're on? based on when a snitch confessed to it!!

A pretender said it's on and popping!! I was told to act like I knew it.

But I blew it!! the opportunity!! in fact, I did it on purpose.

Had diplomatic immunity..on some other other!! like Third World...with a sense of purpose.

A fanatic got personal with it!! but told me that it's all business.

But mathematics are dropped by a bruh!! as I Take Care of Business.

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