Thursday, April 22, 2010


Floating down the stream of consciousness...clean and pristine...some stagnant like Gulf Coast waters after oil spills..a bruh still deals...portals open and close.

Going for what I know!! check this veteran now coaching ...making moves like it's the NFL Draft!! ..spotted the rough draft..knowing the devil will oppose.

That's how the sport goes!! some accept status quos!! but I'm not having it.

Didn't quid pro told to abort those..abort these.. like Specter vs Wall Street Bankers!! ...who'll try to pull rank on us?...plans are exposed for unraveling it.

O-Zone..low key..I'm traveling with revolutionaries and counter revolutionaries.

Intergalactic...blasting off like the Atlantis...planets are are in alignment in Taurus..parallel or contra parallel? natural? evolutionary?

Back with it!! the solution will be breakbeat science!! intelligent design.

Whose with it? it's like Delfonics!! "it'll blow your mind this time."

Whose with it? in a minute it'll be Right On Time!! like Brothers Johnson but sometimes it doesn't work.

Whose with it? pain inflicted!! haters say it doesn't hurt.

Whose with it? a snitch doesn't blurt out the answer? I had to laugh!

This world is wicked!! some are waiting for answers!! so I had to get scientific!! I had the math.

Individuals are sick with it!! like H1N1 ...or maybe like the killer fungus in The Northwest..but I'm on another path.

Residuals for the HNIC? please!! I wasn't on another staff!!

Whose saying they're righteous? but I spotted them cutting up with the demons.

Even big homie was a player player!! with the daughter of chaos? he shared his semen.

Little home was rolling with Al-Qaeda in Yemen ..then moved on to Somalia..handling business.

Meanwhile I slide through other the stream of consciousness

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