Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Script Played Out In Front Of Me....PT.2..

Damn!! everything is off!! timing is bad!! somebody hit the reset button.

Tried to jam!! dropping breakbeat science!! some mad because I wasn't like Goldman Sachs..big pimping!!

I bounced through...might have saw me limping!! did I follow the script? might even call me player player!!

But simple things turned we come with the next...some are waiting on answers...they were in front of me..these days I say a prayer.

Adding another layer to my aura!! fortified with the armor and shield.

Moving forward like conveyors at UPS up in Louisville....following the script? please!! this bruh is trying to build.

Not trying to yield...but it's rough out here a player!!

Exuberance is gone..morale is low..whatcha know? better say a prayer!

What can I say to ya? can't put it down like Usain Bolt!! knowing the adrenalin is gone..some just take it a day at a time.

Prozac or Ritalin wears off!! this might be the day they'll do a crime.

Doing the time!!the military industrial corporate prison complex is a growing business!!

Minding and tending..didn't abort my mission!! on to the next!! but haters are not knowing my business.

A bruh is taking care of business!! handle it before it handles me.

A bruh is not faking the funk!! from the spot where hustlers, players and vandals will be.

All up in the spot!!! where love abandoned me!! any Love or Happiness like Al Green said?

All up in the spot!! pushing and shoving like Dwight Howard under an NBA basket!! everybody's chasing the bread.

Man does not live by bread alone is the cliche or bible verse.

Whose waiting for answers? it's easy to be misled in this zone!!peeping game in the galaxy like the Hubble Telescope...I roam the universe.

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