Saturday, April 3, 2010

It's Rough Out Here For A Playa!!

"a playa finds out that it's like this and like that and a"

It's rough out here and out there!! it's like this and like that!

What it do? what it does? cops in NJ worse than criminals?it's like..where ever your at!

What it is or isnt? ecological ignorance will alter the fate.

Messages are dropped like baptist preachers!! TD Jakes..Eddie Long? especially tomorrow on Easter!! ushers pass the offering plate!!

Please!! these middle passage descendants aren't getting off on the hate!!

Please be advised!! Good Friday? April Fools Day before that!!...those that skate on thin ice? with sharp skates on?.. soon fall through the ice!!

Plots and schemes were devised to take away your freedom!! after you paid the price...but in South Africa some pay the price

Wasn't nice when streams of consciousness became polluted.

Thinking twice!! packing a sword!! but some strap on bombs like black widows in Russia..needing heavy artillery when the truth is disputed?

What's computed? what's the answer to the equation? it's rough out here and out there.

Deeply rooted philosophies influence my strategy in spiritual warfare.

As we go there!! was trying to chill..peace be still!! but I was pulled back into the game.

As we go there!! now coaching!! based on being a veteran in the game.

Based on catching the blame!! trying to play me like Obama..because I'm a black man.. but the blame is not accepted.

Batching up something fresh!! blasting on those who are mad deceptive.

Some are mad!! because I wasn't receptive to the status quo.

Its rough out here and out there...even Erykah Badu can tell ya.. so we have to go for what we know!!

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