Tuesday, April 6, 2010

As I Rise To The Occasion

Wise to the set up..facing hatred and scorn..word is born!! hardhat with the lantern on top is worn..still going under like West Virginia coal miners..R.I.P.authorities were emphasizing certain points.

As I rise to the occasion..so what were we facing? I can't let up!! whose sympathizing? not the one the system anoints.

The negative situation disappoints!!! cheerleaders tell us to shake it off!

Waving pom poms!! doing cartwheels!! a so called leader begs, borrows, and steals.hitting up the treasury...trying to break it off!

The art of shady deals is practiced!! officials try to take their's off the top.

Shady Like Grady..who feels me? back draft from the fire is up at the top!!

What can you say to me? the roof is on fire!! this is math from the disco inferno.

Burn baby burn!! but before the shot clock expires, like Butler did...you learn to go for what you know!!

Learn baby learn!! or be caught up in a spin cycle..where's the switch?

Turn baby turn!! on to the next page!! game is peeped... whatcha know? where's the snitch?

Where's the ditch? that's where big homie was found after running off at the mouth!!

His other homie switched modes...left NYC..escaping..running down south.

Identity switched in the A-Town!! said they're all this and all that.

Identify those that hitched onto the bandwagon!! the next trend that's considered all that.

Player player said it's all this and that!! and a bag of chips!! with a soda on the side.

Like chicken soup..souped up like a hooptie!! so how will they ride?

As I slide through the universe...below the radar..but sometimes it doesn't work like on the Discovery..

Cases of scenarios that were the worst? not found where this brotha will be..

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