Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Carolina Cruising (The Random Thoughts Edition)

Guess who's back?  once again it's on!! from the low country to the Queen City we were Carolina Cruising!!

Guess who's back? O-Zone has this good word and the sound will be dropped by O-Dog; the assignment? we're choosing!!
Guess who's back?  once again it's on!! it's like police shootings in St Louis County. 

We're back on the set after Carolina Cruising / after winning / losing;  usually low key with it!! please!! apparently these authorities have a bounty. 

Check out the Mutiny On The Bounty as some play it like Santana. 

They're *tired of those evil ways* /  these armchair quarterbacks call plays from Oakland to Atlanta. 

Check how this bruh plays; this is similar to First Night protests in Boston plus #blacklivesmatter on Time Square..

Check how this brotha plays; insights gained while chilling out  down by the Atlantic Ocean in Charleston; we raise the bars son!! we aren't L7 Square!!  

Check how this brotha plays; I wasn't tripping like Billy Ocean worried about the colour of love!! understand a bruh as this breakbeat science is dropped.

Check how this brotha plays; I was dipping down I-20 through Columbia, soon on I-26 with visions of Seaboarding!! but all were not on one accord with this thing!! but we're realizing *everybody ain't able*  as the madness never stopped. 

Carolina Cruising!! the assignment? we're choosing!! O-Dizzle cosmic slopped while O-Zone had this good word. 

Winning / Losing out here even in the new year;  in 2015? once again it's on!!  as we give you the word on the curb.

Friday, December 26, 2014

Deep House Mix #58 | XYPO Guest Mix

Digital Crate Digging Continues; checking out this  Deep House Mix #58 | XYPO Guest Mix....check out the playlist and the mix...

 △ Tracklist

Matvey Emerson - Best Friends
Framewerk - Music In Me
Carlo Runia - Comin Back Around
Kryspin Kucharczyk - Funk Love
Going Deeper ft Patrick Baker - Love ID
Sixth Avenue Express - Little Woman
Thomas Langner - Street Lights
Manuel Kane - That Door
Soulfellaz & Kled Mone - You Say


"Beneath The Clouds" ~ Liquid Drum & Bass Mix by Oskar Koch

Digital Crate Digging Continues; switching over to some liquid drum and bass with this  "Beneath The Clouds" ~ Liquid Drum & Bass Mix by Oskar Koch.    Check out the playlist and the mix!!
↪ Tracklist:
00:00 ~ Wretch 32 - 6 Words
02:23 ~ Keeno - Nocturne
03:50 ~ Fred V & Grafix - Major Happy
05:03 ~ Fred V & Grafix - Shine ft. Tudor
07:29 ~ Changing Faces & Subformat, Charli Brix - I Can't Change It
09:48 ~ Deadmau5 - I Remember (J Majik & Wickaman Remix)
11:36 ~ Maduk - Don't Be Afraid
13:06 ~ Emeli Sande - Heaven (Nu-Tone Remix)
15:38 ~ Koan Sound & Asa - Starlite
17:54 ~ Champion - Phoenix
19:02 ~ Secondcity - I Wanna Feel (Brookes Brothers Remix)
20:14 ~ Netsky - Eyes Closed
23:10 ~ Drumsound & Bassline Smith - Through The Night
25:36 ~ Flite & Medium Minus - Find What You Love
27:24 ~ Rootkit - Do It
28:32 ~ Seba - Under The Sun
29:39 ~ Porter Robinson - Sad Machine
30:35 ~ Light of Night - La Musique Est Ma Vie
32:33 ~ Fred V & Grafix - Minor Happy
34:43 ~ Fred V & Grafix - Games People Play
37:23 ~ Raise Spirit - When You're Ready
39:11 ~ BCee & Bladerunner feat. Phillippa Hanna - In The Shadows
40:48 ~ Bungle - The Siren
43:58 ~ Smooth - The Sky's Gonna Break VIP
45:32 ~ Nu Logic - Memories
46:55 ~ Carbon Based Lifeforms - Intro


The Glenn Turner Project - Power (USG Dub)

Digital Crate Digging Continues; checking out  The Glenn Turner Project - Power (USG Dub)..USG is Anthony Nicholson and Ron Trent, so you know it rocks..Let's Go!!


Bringing Something To The Table PT.2

Oh!! I wasn't sleeping in the game!!  charges will get trumped up!! they even included other folk in the investigation!! but they were just agent / provocateurs like in Oakland  and at other police brutality protests wearing masks trying to get peeps open!! it's  just a smokescreen..

Told you I was peeping game! a brotha humped in this game like it was the middle of the week but  #Icantbreathe;   there's #notimeoff like out in Oakland!! a brotha was Observing The Scene!!!

As I process what is heard and seen!! collection activities pick up due to thoughts once scattered...

Now I'm Ready To Roll / I'm On My Way!!  I'm focused on what really mattered...

Working it another way; Movin Forward in the mothership!! no Pharos GPS on the vehicle per shady car lots!! they're easy to be tracked...

...Just like with cell phone calls per NSA, we can see how jokers are trying to play!! it's easy to be tracked...

Easy to be macked / pimped by the system!!  Hunger Game Peacekeepers tell you go get that money!!!

What you Bringing To The Table? who's exhibiting hunger and the game? per The Interview not a damn thing is funny!!

Not believing the fable!!  no no honey!!!..naw money!!!.  like the G20 vs Russia and the Ruble some act new with a bruh but This Is What We Got To Give!!!

Dropping this funk as we unleash the Sonic Assault;  this is how we're trying to live!!

Dropping this funk on them so it's on them per the lessons taught!! but I was told *everybody ain't able*

We're just ATLiens getting crunk on them; we're bringing something to the table!!


Thursday, December 25, 2014

James (D-Train) Williams - The Shadow Of Your Smile

Digital Crate Digging Continues; Check out this specal Holiday Edition; we're checking out  James (D-Train) Williams - with his version of the classic The Shadow Of Your Smile. He funked it up!! Check out the players and the track!! 
Arranged By [Rhythm Arrangement], Keyboards [Programmed, Arranged And Performed By] – Hubert Eaves III /  Vocals – James WilliamsDrums – Buddy Williams   / Percussion – Billy King  / Percussion [Additional] – Tony Eaves

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Daedelus / Fairweather Friends (3 in 1 Mix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues; checking out some broken beat / future jazz / rock from Daedelus  with a track called Fairweather Friends  (3 in 1 Mix). (It has three different mixes) ....check it out!!

(Original Mix) (0:00-3:01)
(The Deathset Reset) (3:01-6:21)
(The Deathset Remix) (6:21-8:22)


Bringing Something To The Table (This Is What We've Got To Give)

Bringing Something To The Table? oh yeah!! *This Is What We've  Got To Give*

Didn't believe the fable!! no need for an Interview with the sophomoric and lackluster comedy!!  now some were mad at me!! they ask me;  how am I trying to live?

*Everybody's not able*  old girl said!! drugged by Bill Cosby?  I looked around; bearing witness to that!!

Visualized The Sequence; found out what the cost will be!! now bringing Breakbeat Science; that "otha math"

Out There in the Mainstream Of Mathematics? I had the last laugh as  I bump heads with fanatics..

Worldwide!! from Jordanian planes shot down in Syria  to Pakistan what's up man?..that's where the static is...

From Ferguson to NYC; from Berkley in St. Louis County to Berkley California it's on ya when we're coming back with this!!  what? the funk!! Intergalactic like the previous episode..

...Hit you up with the old school from Herbie Hancock to Grover Washington in a previous episode..

DaVinci Code interpreted now a brotha will work with it!!!..This Is What We've Got To Give!!

Peeping game; how will a brotha work it? the system will cut you like Josh Smith, so how are you trying to live?

....As some act like they live large and in charge;  but some won't get in the hall of fame like The Smiths and N.W.A but isn't that the American way?

Truth be told? we won't just charge it to the game, it's over!! check out what we bring to the table!! even though  it looks like they're trying to sweat how a brotha play!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Dan The Automator / Steeplechase (Sittin' On 22's)

Digital Crate Digging Continues; checking out sone jazzdance, future jazz, hip hop jazz from  Dan The Automator  with Steeplechase (Sittin' On 22's). This is his well done interpretation / version / rendition of Charlie Parker's Steeplechase.

This is from Bird Up - The Charlie Parker Remix Project released in 2003. Enjoy!!


Arts The Beatdoctor / Laughs, Drinks, Jokes, Tricks

Afternoon Jazz Continues; checking out Arts The Beatdoctor  with a track called Laughs, Drinks, Jokes, Tricks. Sounds like he has the whole spectrum covered!! Anyway, check out the track!!


Clark Terry and Chico O'Farrill / Spanish Rice (DJ Dolores Remix)

Afternoon Jazz Continues; check out this new series we'll put up from time to time. Let's check out Clark Terry and Chico O'Farrill  / Spanish Rice (DJ Dolores Remix). DJ Dolores has help with on the Guitar – Gabriel Melo and on Trumpet – Maestro Forro

Monday, December 22, 2014

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Harold Faltermeyer - The Running Man Soundtrack Music Suite

Sunday Jazz Continues; checking out the Running Man movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Maria Conchita Alonso, Yaphet Kotto and  Jim Brown. 

Checked out the 80's style soundtrack provided by Harold Faltermeyer, thought it was cool. I liked 80's music anyway so I fell right into that trap. Check out the Running Man Soundtrack Music Suite!

Brother Jack McDuff / Butter For Your Popcorn

Sunday Jazz Continues; checking out some soul jazz / jazz funk from Brother Jack McDuff  who said he has Butter For Your Popcorn. Let's Go!!


Saturday, December 20, 2014

Collection Activities Have Escalated PT.8

Rolling down I-20 in Atlanta!! now Scattered Thoughts are reloaded after collection activities in a different "hood"

Sonic Assaults are unleashed; a brotha moves like that!! check the transformation!! the cliche? it's all good!!!

Faults were accented by the demented like Sony vs North Korea concerning the Interview; what it do? This Good Word is dropped on ya!! but there are no information overloads!!

Not playing all my cards!! while hackers hack the mainframe I maintain passwords and entry codes...

Street codes respected due to Louisville / Newburg default settings!! I'm not part of the snitching pandemic...

Do The Knowledge!!  like Holmes told Watson it's all elementary /  academic...

...Out Here In The Mainstream Of Mathematics?  take shelter from the storm!!!

So called perfect one?  scams? somebody's working one!! it's not the norm..

Over in Somalia?  ships fall for them!!  what? the fake distress signals..

Pirates jack ships full of Benzine similar to hood scenery when pushers get gaffled for their product!! told to give it up / let it go!!!

Visiting Dr. Zhivago in  Russia or Chicago?  some are baffled; what was in the syringe??

In some cities?  from the ATL to Chicago public schools are dropout factories!! students on a smoke binge?

No pity parties? damn!! failure is imminent!! whatcha know? a brotha gets scientific when he schools them!! collection activities have escalated!!

Street committees want no part of these!! some act dimwitted on blue ribbon panels!! any corrections for activities or actions? police brutality continues!! per Mall of America protests there's no rest!! we've been hated!!

Friday, December 19, 2014

DRUM AND BASS - REGGAE MiX {VOL.18} (by faXcooL) [2014]

Digital Crate Digging Continues; checking out this  DRUM AND BASS - REGGAE MiX {VOL.18} (by faXcooL) [2014]...check out the playlist and the mix...

▪ Tracklist :

01. (00:00) General Murvin - Make It Bun Dem
02. (03:02) Mooncat & Fak Scratch - Ready or Not
03. (04:40) Ed Solo - When I Was a Youth (feat. Dinda)
04. (06:50) MK BTR & Mista Brzee - Lonely Fight
05. (09:47) Papa Gee - Say Rewind (Soulculture RMX)
06. (11:57) Narcs & Blahz - Send Dem Home
07. (13:59) Jamie Bostron - Lady (RMX)
08. (16:43) Rewind Culture - Junglin
09. (18:08) JINX - Knock Out Ruffneck Ting
10. (20:12) Alborosie - Kingdom of Zion (DJ Doll RMX)
11. (22:17) Ganjah Burn Fyah - Light of Jah [Break Koast]
12. (24:08) Amhibean - Irie Man
13. (25:30) GreenVisionz - Redeye
14. (27:41) Isaac Maya feat. Biga Ranx - King Of Jungle
15. (29:43) Benny Page - Champion Sound (Serial Killaz RMX)
16. (31:52) Benny page - Champion Sound (Boombassbrothers RMX)
17. (33:42) Dirty Skank Beats feat. Suku - Step In Ya Face (Aries RMX)
18. (36:11) Braindread - General [Break Koast]
19. (38:10) Dazee & Jinx - Hustle
20. (39:58) Kursiva & Mooncat - Wissen
21. (41:46) Erb N Dub - Stand Off
22. (44:16) Micky Finn & Erb N Dub - Attention


Chilling Out / The Interlude

Chilling out for a minute or two!! what it do?  this is the interlude. 

Dealing with the madness out here!! like North Korean hackers it's  introduced by the so called cunning and clever;  the shrewd. 

Back with this!!  funky drumming is the business along with dropping this I-20 Chronicle type wisdom!!  you won't track us in a Tesla or DeLorean we're rolling in the hooptie trying to find where the truth will be!!

Back with is!! check the attittude!! even though it got lonely out there I kept on running!! The Sonic Assault and these Random Thoughts? that's where the proof will be!!

 Slack with this like the New York Knicks?  naw man!!  I'm not trying to get caught up in the system / matrix;  I sever ties with the rude and aloof / arrogant. 

They said I was like that!!  karma has us getting what's coming to us!! oh yeah!!  the universe will share it.

 Nobody's fair with it;  what?  love or war!! check the bylaws per the fine print of the contracts. 

Truth or dare it?  please O-Dog is intergalactic with extraterrestrial contacts.

 Bifocals!!  no contacts!!  but like the Kepler spacecraft spotting new super-earths the view and vision is still fresh.

 Local national international intergalactic? oh yeah!!  coming out with batches that are still fresh

Funky fresh in the flesh!! we're not getting traded like Rajon Rondo though!!  catch us on this interlude just chilling out. 

Funky fresh in the flesh!! not traded like Jason Heyward or Justin Upton as the Braves get rid of all the brothers before they move to Cobb County?  where have you found me? check the attitude as we put the real thing out. 


Thursday, December 18, 2014

M People - Angel Street (Joey Negro's Funky People Dub)

Digital Crate Digging Continues; checking out some house music from the  M People - with Angel Street (Joey Negro's Funky People Dub)..Let's Go!!

The Crash Landing (Entering Attack Zones)

We were flying high for a moment;  but now we're entering attack zones; the mothership has landed. 

Once trying a little tenderness per Otis Redding!! I wasn't trying to mack!!  but Ice Age residents didn't understand it. I wasn't trying to frack like money hungry corporations!! like New York putting a stop to that we ran into the wall!!  these new school vehicles are made of plastic. 

What's up y'all?  it's rough out here!!  old new and next school contestants take measures that are drastic. 

What's up y'all?  the money is messed up like Russia's ruble!!  Vladimir Putin said some are acting brand new with a brotha!! 

What's up y'all?  some are stressed up in this peace!! it's  like Sony hacked by North Korea due to The Interview!! now we're all on some other other!

What's up y'all? of course there's no justice or peace per NYC chokeholds and Ferguson shenanigans!!

#askacop? no!! I'm asking when will the madness stop? that's the question for Commissioner Flanagan!!

We didn't quit or didn't stop!! that's whats up man? the crash landing is just a temporary situation...

..even though we're in attack zones; hiphop, jazz, funk and house music will rectify the situation... 

...some will defy the situation like Boko Haram; so what's really going on per my satellite station... 

Crash landing down on earth entering attack zones; once again it's on!! we're not playing!! 


Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Just Kicking It

Like immigrants in Clarkston Georgia with the soccer ball we're just kicking it. 

What's the deal with it? they're at ease due to Obama immigration reform, plus re-established relations with Cuba;  we're not acting brand new with ya!!  breakbeat science?  were kicking it.

Breakbeat scientific? oh yeah!!  word from these Mystics on a voyage through the Galaxy!! 

Kicking it like cologne from Abercrombie and Fitch at Lenox Mall in Atlanta? naw!!  understand a bruh? I know why society gets foul with me.

...and my kind;  done with me and mine?  Dred Scott decisions revealed the wisdom. 

Some will get what's coming to them as they scheme and plot!! I see them by using a fresh view / fresh vision

No need for high definition as I bear witness to the definition of a hot mess!!

 Ghetto / barrio / trailer park-hillbilly madness!! but religions,  corporations and governments don't impress!!

I let go!! that's how I'm dealing with the madness!! that's how I'm kicking it!! 

I let go!! no need for The Interview per North Korea!! Sony was wasting money with that mess anyway, I saw the trailer!! authorities need to be ticketing!!

...knew it from the *get go* some need to act like they knew!!  they'll be caught up in hysteria like Bill Cosby at the Playboy Mansion!!

What did they know? I'm just chilling out / kicking it / knowing what the cost will be!! others are on a Death Wish per Charles Bronson!!

Bingo Players Feat. Far East Movement Get Up (Rattle)

Digital Crate Digging Continues; still on this house music / electro kick. We're checking out Bingo Players Feat. Far East Movement  with Get Up (Rattle)...Let's Go!!


Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Deep House Mix #55 2014 HD Mixed by Luca dot DJ

Digital Crate Digging Continues; still checking out this house music  courtesy of  the  DeepMixNation  with the  Deep House Mix #55 2014 HD Mixed by Luca dot DJ !!!   Check out the playlist and the mix!!

        △ Tracklist by Luca dot DJ

1. Deepjack, Mr.Nu - Let Me Say (Haze-M Remix)
2. Corey Gibbons - Tell Me (In.Deed Remix)
3. Rene, Matvey Emerson, Rockaforte - Dreams (Mark Lower Remix)
4. Kellerkind - Absinth Fairy (Original Mix)
5. Lessovsky - Moving Shadows (Original Mix)
6. Phonique, Acumen - The Moment (Mihai Popviciu Remix)
7. Mark Jackus & Marcus Sur Feat. Golden Parazyth - In The Night (Original Mix)
8. Sabbuka - Forget The Mistakes (Original Mix)
9. Yves Murasca, Silvia, Rockaforte - Heartless Beatings (Tosel & Hale Remix)
10. Mahmut Orhan & Meliksah Beken - Hold You (Aytac Kart Remix)
11. Chris Karpas, Mass Digital - Don't Stop (Cassimm Remix)
12. Adam Stacks, Luis Baltes - Waterfall (Original Mix)
13. Redford, Kyrill, Ted Dade - Green & Colors Like It (Original Mix)
14. Prosis - No More (5Prite Remix)
15. Dance Bridge - True Or Lie (Sean Garnier Remix)
16. Husky, Yogi - Into The Future (Original Mix)
17. Raw Underground - Get Your Mind Out (Original Mix)
18. Everything But The Girl - Missing (Pete Bellis Remix)
19. Tinjonic Ft Leelu - Rapture (Havanah Remix)
20. Marco Lys - What I Like (Original Mix)
21. Sebb Aston - Time To Let Go (Original Mix)
22. Vanilla Ace, Saccao - Vibe (Original Mix)
23. Yolanda Be Cool, Dcup - Sugar Man (Vanilla Ace Remix)
24. Freedomb - Seduction (Original Mix)
25. Lessovsky - Moving Shadows (Mart Remix)
26. Lilly Wood & The Pick - Player In C (Dj Stuff, Dj Matuya Remix)
27. Andrey Exx, Diva Vocal, Troitski - Get Up Stand Up (Eyup Celik & Ivan Deyanov Remix)
28. Piemont - Spindrift (Original Mix)
29. Steve Hope & Herr Vogel - Take (Original Mix)
30. Syke 'n' Sugarstarr - Ticket 2 Ride (Deepjack & Mr          


The Outback Chronicles (The Chain Of Command / Chain Of Events)

It's going down!!  I was outback sitting on my deck reflecting for a minute. 

Soon running through the leaves playing kickball with my grandson!!  I forgot about an issue and how minuscule it can get. 

The system is running game!! it deceives the masses! Thoughts running through my mind?  I'm beyond SafeAuto minimum coverage I've got diplomatic immunity.

 Thoughts that were scattered are collected!!  but I'm no longer up in the spot I dipped back to the community.

 Some call it the hood;  oh!! I hear ear shattering gunshots exploding plus the police sirens. 

..Plus I spot chemtrails from Hartsfield Jackson Airport; who's fair in the sport?  Deliberate Falsehoods led to some of these  conditions!!  players were macking the daughter of chaos and other sirens. 

The sport isn't fair, it's complex!! so Swords of Truth in the midst of so many falsehoods swing at those that are conspiring. 

The sport isn't fair, it's complex!! truth be told? some of my peeps have college degrees and crazy student loans but nobody is hiring!! 

A brotha's so called arrogant and aloof persona conflicts with those acting false in the hood; channeled  per Iceberg Slim?

Who's fair with it?  please!!  it's rough out here!!  the meal "ain't nothin nice" it's a Coke and a Slim Jim! 

Who's fair with it?  what's the deal? please!!  it wasn't natural like these squirrels scurrying around outback!! they're out here trying to duck and dive. 

Giant birds swoop down for a meal while I was out here trying to chill;  the food chain is all the way live. 

My grandson is part of the chain of command,  and the upcoming chain of events will school him. 

Meanwhile I'm outback chilling staying in my lane man!! one who circumvents?  I didn't fool with them.

Monday, December 15, 2014

The Tom Middleton Remix Session: Vol.1

Digital Crate Digging Continues; *in search of one thing and found another* checking out The Tom Middleton Remix Session: Vol.1. It's perfect for a Monday Evening or whenever..*nice and smooth* Check out the playlist and the mix...

0:00:00 Claude VonStroke - Aundy
0:04:21 Bent - Beautiful Otherness (Tom Middleton Remix)
0:09:59 Offdate - Always Want
0:14:05 Agora Rhythm - Circles (Tom Middleton Edit)
0:18:56 Amp Fiddler - Right Where You Are (Tom Middleton Eep Remix)
0:22:16 Tom Middleton - Cicadas (TM Liquatech Mix)
0:27:08 Kruse & Nürnberg - The Brush (Tom Middleton Liquatech Mix)
0:32:00 The Orange Lights - A Few Good Days (Tom Middleton Deep Dub)
0:36:36 Beardyman - Where Does Your Mind Go (Tom Middleton Liquatech Remix)
0:43:00 Azymuth - Jazz Carnival (Global Communication Space Jazz Remix)
0:48:42 Tube & Berger - Surfin (NiCe7 Remix)
0:53:34 Kerri Chandler - Bar A Thym (Tom Middleton Cosmos Mix)
0:57:09 Hefner vs. Cosmos - Dive Into You (Tom Middleton Vox)
1:04:04 Audiomontage - Vision 2 Vision
1:07:25 Repair - Forgive & Forget (Richard Davis Remix)
1:12:32 François DuBois - Blood (Tom Middleton Deep Mix)
1:16:53 Glenn Morrison - Triangle & Strings (Tom Middleton Mix)

The Mysterious Box PT.2

Without a doubt!!  so whatcha knowin? Bill Cosby can tell you the machine will crush embellishments....

Without a doubt!!  who's paying the price? knowing what the cost will be!! This Adventure Will Succeed as these brothas Master It..

Without a doubt!!  the status can get rough!! see what Johnny Manziel went through?

Without a doubt!! who's caught up? the apparatus has a matrix for us to go through!!

So whatcha been through?  what's the status? "holla at us"  if you know about hustles getting knocked..

Sonic Assaults are unleashed after O-Zone was beseeched;  he was asked  to Do The Knowledge;  now tracks get rocked..

O-Dog Turned His Attention To The Mysterious Box aka the Roland Drum Machine; Which He Knew He Must Master..

The fireshower approaches like a California Rim Fire but heavier; brink of disaster?

Sonic firepower provided by O-Dog? of course!! similar to police rushing the cafe in Sydney Australia!

Final hour approaches;  winds of change blow due to the Uranus Pluto Square; feel it in the air? I even heard it from the Ghost Whisperer!!

But like the Whispers we'll Rock Steady!!  it's a by product of the Mysterious Box..

Do The Knowledge!!  at the end of the day? some are jumping and recognizing;  O-Dog rocks...

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Pharez Whitted ‎– Mysterious Cargo

Sunday Jazz Continues; checking out  Pharez Whitted ‎–with a cut called  Mysterious Cargo. Check out the players and the track...
Drums – Kenny Phelps  / Bass Guitar – Jonathan Wood  / Keyboards, Piano – Kenny Banks / Written-by, Trumpet, Arranged By, Programmed By [Programming], Flugelhorn – Pharez Whitted,


The Mysterious Box PT.1

                 turned his attention to the mysterious box

Check the Steady Bombardment Of The Enemy Position!!! the sound is used as a weapon...

...It'll also fuel the vehicle / mothership, so what's up with it? we're trying to leave the the Unpleasant Situation We're Caught In..

....Brought up in a spiritual environment!!  so fate is not altered!!  there is no Ecological Ignorance...

Spiritual Significance In This Operation? that's the deal with it!!  check out this good word!! unlike Dick Cheney concerning the CIA Torture Reports there's no belligerence!!

The debatable circumstance per being built or torn down? some will get what's comg to them per an episode at O-Dog's Podcast in my links section..

Traveling with this as Mystic Voyages are taken;  no need for Sony Entertainment due to hacks !! please even James Bond took a loss!! so we're using Google Syndication...

Not a fool!! I'll get my vindication!!  Slapping jokers with the Sonic Blackjack!! Once Again!! rocking the box!!

Next school lessons are about to go down!!  this brotha put work in he didn't clown!! attention was turned to the Mysterious Box...

Actually there was two of them; the iPhone5 typing this good word plus the Roland drum machine!

We're not acting brand new with them!! O-Zone drops science based on what's experienced or heard, plus from observing the scene!!

What does it all mean? the machine gets hit up by the machine when O-Dog adjusted the bass, treble and tone..

The Mysterious Box stays busy!! we enlighten like a Geminid meteor shower when were on the scene!! once again it's on!! 

Pieces Of A Dream / New Jazz Swing (Quiet Storm Mix )

Sunday Jazz Continues; checking out this smooth track from Pieces Of A Dream called New Jazz Swing. 

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Monstercat Podcast Ep. 038

Digital Crate Digging Continues; checking out the  Monstercat Podcast Ep. 038 for the best of electro, dubstep, drum and bass and other elements. Check out the playlist and the podcast.

00:31 Vicetone - What I’ve Waited For (feat D. Brown) [Monstercat Spotlight]
04:25 Pegboard Nerds - Emergency
08:24 PIXL - Rat Twist
12:05 Mr FijiWiji - Believe Her (feat. Meron Ryan) [Monstercat Exclusive]
13:45 OVERWERK - House (feat. Nick Nikon)
17:23 Rich Edwards - Sweetest Addiction (feat. We Ghosts)
21:15 Fractal - Elements
26:41 Rogue - Daybreak [Monstercat Throwback]
29:39 Tristam - Truth (Candyland Remix)
33:32 Sushi Killer & Kevin Villecco - Anime Bae
36:31 Rezonate - The Phoenix
41:43 Au5 - Snowblind (feat. Tasha Baxter)
47:17 Pegboard Nerds - Close Encounter
50:49 Droptek - Vice
55:12 Rundfunk - A Dream
59:55 Puppet - Scribble (feat. The Eden Project) [Monstercat Exclusive]


Friday, December 12, 2014

The Combo Meal: Way Way Out There / Moving Targets Are Hard To Hit

They got us way way out there!! we're in survival mode!! they have us coming and going!! But I'm going for what I'm knowing!! Movin Targets Are Hard To Hit..

*Veteran In The Game* check out the arrival!! as we take it to the next level  it's all about a victory; I don't plan to lose or forfeit..

Don't start it!!  What? the hating!! folks take it to a "whole notha level" 

That's per the ebonics used by the brotha from NYC rocking the Syracuse coat in South Dekalb Mall over in Decatur; meanwhile a hater will make you scream  Damn!! Damn!! Damn!! like Florida from Good Times!! as you deal with "anotha devil"

These sonic assaults rebuke those with the pitchfork and shovel; or business suit / corporate look like shady Sony executives; or in a Ferguson or NYPD  po-po uniform..

Places and Spaces like Donald Byrd? haters come in many shapes and forms...

Trying to manipulate Perfect Storms like the Project For The New American Century;  but it'll backfire like an old Century / Regal /  Buick..

.....That needs a tune up; that's what's up!! don't front!! act like you knew it...

Yeah /Yeah Do That!! a track at; as we continue to bring  the Sonic Assault..

As we continue to go through that!! CIA torture reports told half the story as the British / UK connection was left out; meanwhile I'm trying not to get caught..

Based on what I was taught back in the hood;  deliberate falsehoods / shady episodes like UK basketball recruiting? pirates were pillaging and looting the village!! I act like I knew it!! Movin Targets Are Hard To Hit!!!

Veteran In The Game!! it's all about a victory, I don't plan to lose or forfeit

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Working It All Out (Blue Collar Style)

    .......let the healing process begin....

Working It All Out!! I took the crash course!! like Vladimir Putin handling business in India I picked up the tricks of the trade...

Drop the Good Word?  oh yeah I'm dedicated to the truth son!! there's plenty in my stash!! what a brotha kicks is not a charade...

Ready To Roll!! no more games played!! Let The Healing Process Begin....

How did we roll? we're bringing soul, funk, hip-hop, jazz; using the sound as medicine!! 

*Quite Distinct Sounds*  O-Dog's Mysterious Box is put to work!! Mixmasters Switched On The Tape!!

Confusion, mayhem and Total Chaos ongoing?  Mystic Voyages were taken!! a brotha had to escape..

I land back on earth like SpaceX Falcon 9 rockets after intergalactic journeys;  the Mothership has landed!!   Now We Get The Machine Set based on interactions with extraterrestrials!!  The Tape Is  Rewound By Mixmasters...

Ready To Roll!!  These blue collar workers Work It All Out!!  we tear up recipes for disasters!!

.....developed by chefs in Hell's Kitchen; similar to CIA torture reports; they were on a mission....

Capers were pulled!! weapons with scratched off serial numbers and vehicles they're ditching!!

Some were pitching with spit on / scuffed up and scratched baseballs!!  throwing knuckleballs, sliders and curves...

Up at the Chevron station over in Decatur? the corner store lot was filled with scratched off lottery tickets, half smoked Swishers and Black and Milds; among other things / childs play this brotha observes....

A brotha is always Observing The Scene / Doing The Knowledge; Out here In The Mainstream Of Mathematics....

Let The Healing Process Begin!!  spirits tortured by CIA type operatives? injuries suffered from bumping heads with fanatics?

Work It All Out!!  we span the globe brainstorming but no Golden Globes are received!! but we  "holla back atcha"  with this sound!!  I keep telling you we're Ready To Roll!!

Mixmasters Switched On The Tape;  now we hit you up with funk, jazz, hip-hop and soul...

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Trying To Get Over The Hump on Humpday Without Flipping Out

                        reason gave way to madness / folks are flippin out

Coming through the portal!!  rolling incognito!!  I'll use a cloak of invisibility..

"Knew how the sport would go"  per Ferguson / NYC chokeholds; word from this Veteran In The Game coming through the clouds of uncertainty..

CIA torture reports reveal how some are working; Who'll work with me on this one? they try to say this brotha is out of it!!!

"Hip to what occurs"  out here Dealing With The Madness!! I Usually try to stay out of it!!!

....As the line blurs in the gray area / check the scenario;  I Did The Knowledge; noticed others are out of it!

*Barbarism and Chaos*  *Total Chaos*  Reason Gave Way To Madness!! they're out of it!!!

Folks are Flippin Out!!  Trippin Out!! out of it!!! they're on shrooms.!! 

Intergalactic battles? I'm  slippin out of galaxies in escape pods!!  meanwhile the sound booms!!

Boom! Boom! is what it do!!! from the Sonic Assault? check the Steady Bombardment...

The O-Dog Podcast is The Mothership; check the connection!! funk is what we come with!!

O-Dog runs with O-Zone; alter-egos!! these Negroes are not playing with it!!!

We Can't Let Up!!!  we're trying to get over the hump on this Hump Day!! mentioned in previous episodes;  these brothas are staying with it!!

Check the thumping sound and what we're saying with it!! I told you we're Dealing With The Madness!

Some contribute to the confusion;  they're Flippin Out...Reason Gave Way To Madness....


Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Ghostface Killah - The Battlefield (feat. Kool G Rap, AZ and Tre Williams)

Digital Crate Digging Continues; checking out this true school hip hop from  Ghostface Killah - with The Battlefield (feat. Kool G Rap, AZ and Tre Williams)..Let's Go y'all !! 


Synchronization PT.8 (Interpreting Signs and Signals)

It's going down!!  things happen in front of me, apparently giving me signs and signals. 

It's going down!!  oh a devil will still front on me!! like Republicans vs the release of the CIA torture report; but I'm a veteran in the sport! I know what it do and what it does

Now I let the masses know what it do and what it does; that's due to the latest indications. 

There's a lot of helter / skelter due to police brutality from Ferguson to NYC;  but I look beyond it due to synchronization. 

Leaving the shelter; dipped from the safe haven / safe harbor; I've got work to do like the Isley Brothers!!  I've been out of sync for so long I don't know how to act. 

Things can blow up like Pearl Harbor per the anniversary that just passed!!  I don't know how to act. 

Somebody said my kind are an endangered species;  but Chris Rock cleared that up. 

He mentioned we would be protected by the law instead of being gaffled by the law;  that's what's up.  

Scattered thoughts are collected like debt after this holiday season;  that's what's up with this brotha. 

....Plus the Lord revealed things / instilled things;  I pass them on to another. 

Staying on one accord due to synchonization!! interpreting signs and signals!  a Brotha is trying to get it together. 

But I'm staying on point due to the season;  you can expect inclement weather.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Once Again!! Once Again!! Still Fighting

It don't quit and it don't stop;  the saga / struggle continues!! we still battle the arch nemesis...

Who's the hero?? Tina Turner said we didn't need one!! Like Jordan  has Superman left the premises?

Cam Newton got jacked because of the Superman gesture!! others felt the pressure!!  for a  so called zero in society's eyes?  hope diminishes and dreams are shattered!! 

Please!!!  I'm not acting brand new son but God is blessing us!! we stay focus on what really mattered!!

Once Again it's on!! doing this!! as the bogus scattered we were able to solve the riddle..

Thoughts scattered?  now collected like bad debt! in the mainstream of mathematics?  we're caught in the middle...

Once Again? we get with you; some will get what's coming to them due to the Sonic Assault!!

Once Again? It's our response to the hell that's caught!! caught!!

Check out the retribution; lessons are taught when the Sonic Blackjack is swinging..

Check out the retribution; from chokehold protests to Ferguson protests?  the noise is what the people are bringing!! 

Taking Public Enemy's advice as they fight the so called powers that be...

Rebuking the enemy; once again it's on!! no one knows when the last hours will be!!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

What It Do? What It Does? (Dropping This Good Word)

They ask me what it do? / what it does? so what's the Good Word?

They tried to play it like a Hood Thing; like I was over on Glenwood Road in Decatur!! they're asking me who has the Good Herb?

Please!! in the hood?  you can't pull that Cam Newton Superman stunt!! you'll get played like a Herb / Gus or Buster..

Where you at? what it is? who are you with? you can't act brand new son!! please! you'll be left out like the Big 12 out of college playoffs; like Bill Cosby around playboy bunnies who'll trust ya?

So what's the Good Word? the brotha O-Zone stays busy you heard?  we're about to put it down like this!!

He's got a whole sack full of the Good Word; dropping mathematics aka four / five / sixing it; these are weapons used in spiritual warfare! somebody has to fight this!!

The Brotha O-Zone will light this fuse;  similar to Ferguson / NYC Chokeholds being the straw that broke the camels back!! Boom Boom goes the explosion!!

Similar to ear shattering gunshots exploding during the firefight in Yemen during failed hostage rescues The Brotha O-Dog has that funk!! Boom Boom goes the 808!! as we fight the spiritual erosion..

Corrosion / residue on the battery was why the hooptie couldn't start!! damn!! a hater can't roll out!!

Due to miscues an emotional one tried to holla at me!! who me? please!! I can't fool with them!! like Charles Barkley they sold out!

Me and O-Dog go all out!! we work It All Out!! we're trying to see our way through the smoke and mirrors / the fog!!

What's Really Going On? that's per my other spot / also another scheme or plot is rebuked per the funky Podcast by O-Dog!!

O-Zone? this blog is like the Captain's Log; as I hit you up with the Good Word..

The Good Word? oh I had a whole sack full; the funk? a whole track full; you heard?


Sunday Jazz / Visualize The Sequence PT.1

Sunday Jazz Continues; starting off things with one of my hiphop / jazz mixes called Visualize The Sequence. It's about peeping game; seeing what it do / what it does!!   

Checj it out,  Let's Get It Y'all !!! 

Saturday, December 6, 2014

The Juju Orchestra / Take Four

Digital Crate Digging Continues; checking out some jazz from the Juju Orchestra  with a track called Take Four. Let's Go!!

What It Do? What It Does? Somebody Might Feel Me!!

Somebody wanted to know;  what it do? they ask me what it does? 

What's up with The Sonic Assault?  what's up with these Random Thoughts? why do I do this? I told them I'm down for the cause!!

They want to know why; I told them because!! like SEALS trying to make rescues in Yemen  It's Steady Bombardment Of The Enemy Position!!

O-Zone is Droppin Knowledge after the Nathan Shady Deals; O-Dog is dropping the brand new funk!! that's these brothas mission!!

Feeding the malnutrition with soul food!! O-Dog is the chef up in soul's kitchen..

Suddenly and Deliberately Attack is our response!! due to the so called broken windows policy we're dealing with a foul situation.

What you facing? they've got us coming and going from Ferguson to NYC chokeholds;  but per Willie Hutch these Brothas Gonna Work It Out!!

O-Dog will get the machine set;  the mixmaster turned on the tape!! Now We Work It All Out!!

O-Zone? Putting the Good Word Out!! Droppin Knowledge!! per aliens in far off galaxies this is how the sound is supposed to be!!!

Check it out!!! knowing that it's only the devil whose opposed to me!!

Like the NBA vs Jason Kidd!! I'm not playing kid!! this thing is serious!!

As serious as your life is per Four Tet and JayDee; somebody might feel me!! knowing what the deal is!!

Monstercat Podcast Ep. 037

Digital Crate Digging Continues; checking out the latest / hottest electro, drum and bass and trap from the Monstercat Podcast Ep. 037. Check out the playlist and the mix...Let's Go!!


00:31 Going Quantum - Raw [Monstercat Spotlight]
04:13 Pegboard Nerds - BADBOI (Snavs Remix)
06:44 Fractal - Spection
11:04 Mystery Track - [Monstercat Exclusive]
13:12 Insan3Lik3 - Rescue Me (feat. Jonny Rose)
16:12 Muzzy - Dust Devil
21:10 Noisestorm - Surge (Drum & Bass Mix)
24:53 Vicetone - What I’ve Waited For (feat. D. Brown) [Unreleased]
26:50 Astronaut & Eyes - Pinball (Original Mix)
32:08 Noisestorm - Timewarp
36:49 Sound Remedy & Nitro Fun - Turbo Penguin
40:34 Au5 - Crossroad (feat. Danyka Nadeau)
46:40 Direct - Eternity
51:02 Tristam - Who We Are [Monstercat Throwback]
55:28 Tut Tut Child - Plain Sight (feat. Rachel Hirons) 


Friday, December 5, 2014

Paul Hardcastle / Unlimited Love - (The Strings Mix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues; checking out this smooth track from  Paul Hardcastle called Unlimited Love - (The Strings Mix)


This Is Not Going To Get It!!

Moving beyond all this!! this is not gonna get it!!  we're moving beyond the status quo!! 

Like Eric Garner in the chokehold the apparatus puts a hold on my status because I didn't quid pro quo...

Why did they start with a bro? I can't breathe!! they're mad because this good word is mentioned at Random Thoughts From A Brotha?  plus at the O-Dog Podcast a brotha is in search of beat perfection?

..per Afrika Bambaataa; Hell is caught by a brotha!!  from Oakland to Ferguson but check the upcoming karmic repercussions for ego trippers thinking they can run our section!!

OMANXL1?  an alter-ego flipper!! O-Zone with this Good Word while  O-Dog has the beats..

Trying to get hearts, minds, souls and spirits right!!  we let anotha have the streets..

..Even though per the funk that is dropped a brotha is from the streets; A Hood Thing!! but like Orion spacecraft blasting off I'm also universal!!

Movin Forward even though I had to sacrifice;  I'm breaking the cycle!! haters soon ask;  where did the curse go?

This brotha was the first to know!!  jumping and recognizing that  God is blessing us!! 
These days?  I get the last laugh!!  especially when when I spot an odd one stressing us!! 

Movin Forward, beyond this!! that's my response to the this!! what? the chaos and confusion..

Others were in the database due to the dollars they chase!! at the end of the day?  they found it's an illusion!! 

Please!! it's not Midnight At The Oasis!! it's amusing to some!! in the desert? it's a mirage..

....Not the casino in Vegas; haters fake us!!  check these ill teams (po po) rollin with an entourage...

Movin Forward!! I encourage others to so per these Mystic Voyages taken by these brothas...

This Is Not Gonna Get It!! I left the status quo; the universe?  a brotha discovers..