Monday, December 8, 2014

Once Again!! Once Again!! Still Fighting

It don't quit and it don't stop;  the saga / struggle continues!! we still battle the arch nemesis...

Who's the hero?? Tina Turner said we didn't need one!! Like Jordan  has Superman left the premises?

Cam Newton got jacked because of the Superman gesture!! others felt the pressure!!  for a  so called zero in society's eyes?  hope diminishes and dreams are shattered!! 

Please!!!  I'm not acting brand new son but God is blessing us!! we stay focus on what really mattered!!

Once Again it's on!! doing this!! as the bogus scattered we were able to solve the riddle..

Thoughts scattered?  now collected like bad debt! in the mainstream of mathematics?  we're caught in the middle...

Once Again? we get with you; some will get what's coming to them due to the Sonic Assault!!

Once Again? It's our response to the hell that's caught!! caught!!

Check out the retribution; lessons are taught when the Sonic Blackjack is swinging..

Check out the retribution; from chokehold protests to Ferguson protests?  the noise is what the people are bringing!! 

Taking Public Enemy's advice as they fight the so called powers that be...

Rebuking the enemy; once again it's on!! no one knows when the last hours will be!!

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