Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Carolina Cruising (The Random Thoughts Edition)

Guess who's back?  once again it's on!! from the low country to the Queen City we were Carolina Cruising!!

Guess who's back? O-Zone has this good word and the sound will be dropped by O-Dog; the assignment? we're choosing!!
Guess who's back?  once again it's on!! it's like police shootings in St Louis County. 

We're back on the set after Carolina Cruising / after winning / losing;  usually low key with it!! please!! apparently these authorities have a bounty. 

Check out the Mutiny On The Bounty as some play it like Santana. 

They're *tired of those evil ways* /  these armchair quarterbacks call plays from Oakland to Atlanta. 

Check how this bruh plays; this is similar to First Night protests in Boston plus #blacklivesmatter on Time Square..

Check how this brotha plays; insights gained while chilling out  down by the Atlantic Ocean in Charleston; we raise the bars son!! we aren't L7 Square!!  

Check how this brotha plays; I wasn't tripping like Billy Ocean worried about the colour of love!! understand a bruh as this breakbeat science is dropped.

Check how this brotha plays; I was dipping down I-20 through Columbia, soon on I-26 with visions of Seaboarding!! but all were not on one accord with this thing!! but we're realizing *everybody ain't able*  as the madness never stopped. 

Carolina Cruising!! the assignment? we're choosing!! O-Dizzle cosmic slopped while O-Zone had this good word. 

Winning / Losing out here even in the new year;  in 2015? once again it's on!!  as we give you the word on the curb.

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