Monday, December 15, 2014

The Mysterious Box PT.2

Without a doubt!!  so whatcha knowin? Bill Cosby can tell you the machine will crush embellishments....

Without a doubt!!  who's paying the price? knowing what the cost will be!! This Adventure Will Succeed as these brothas Master It..

Without a doubt!!  the status can get rough!! see what Johnny Manziel went through?

Without a doubt!! who's caught up? the apparatus has a matrix for us to go through!!

So whatcha been through?  what's the status? "holla at us"  if you know about hustles getting knocked..

Sonic Assaults are unleashed after O-Zone was beseeched;  he was asked  to Do The Knowledge;  now tracks get rocked..

O-Dog Turned His Attention To The Mysterious Box aka the Roland Drum Machine; Which He Knew He Must Master..

The fireshower approaches like a California Rim Fire but heavier; brink of disaster?

Sonic firepower provided by O-Dog? of course!! similar to police rushing the cafe in Sydney Australia!

Final hour approaches;  winds of change blow due to the Uranus Pluto Square; feel it in the air? I even heard it from the Ghost Whisperer!!

But like the Whispers we'll Rock Steady!!  it's a by product of the Mysterious Box..

Do The Knowledge!!  at the end of the day? some are jumping and recognizing;  O-Dog rocks...

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