Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The Outback Chronicles / Reflections or Inspections While Raking Leaves

Chilling out outback on my deck;  the weather is like "spring in December"  here in Atlanta. 

Going all out for that!  what?  freedom!! when did I ever have it?  there's no Remember The Time per Michael Jackson!!  understand a bruh? 

 Haters were going all out for that!!  check the scheme or plot similar to  Iran airstrikes against ISIS as a hater deceives. 

....Had my doubts about this and that per Ferguson grand jury decisions or even  Dred Scott type decisions; I'm  reflecting on past episodes while outback raking leaves. 

A victim of the faking believes the fable per Charles Barkley trying to drop knowledge.

...or maybe even Chris Rock!! meanwhile O-Dizzle will rock!! but society tricked some into getting in a bag!!  meanwhile my mothership got good mileage. 

As I do the knowledge the process is natural like all the leaves that fell out of these trees!!

 I'm outback looking at them;  reminded me that a crook had them and those!!  but I knew the devil would oppose!!  I knew his steez! 

Man please!! per Tamir Rice and Micheal Brown brothers old and young  are under attack from Cleveland to Ferguson and all points in between. 

We're trying to work it out like Cleveland Cavaliers!! I thought brothers were going to work it out per Willie Hutch?  it remains to be seen. 

Where was Bill Cosby seen?  maybe even Ray Rice or Adrian Peterson.

 I knew what the cost would be;  jokers don't play fair or nice!  I was reflecting on this while outback raking leaves son!

A Lot Of Things Going Down Don't Reflect The Natural Order; It Wasn't Natural Per This O-Dog Mix; Check It Out!!

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