Friday, December 26, 2014

Bringing Something To The Table PT.2

Oh!! I wasn't sleeping in the game!!  charges will get trumped up!! they even included other folk in the investigation!! but they were just agent / provocateurs like in Oakland  and at other police brutality protests wearing masks trying to get peeps open!! it's  just a smokescreen..

Told you I was peeping game! a brotha humped in this game like it was the middle of the week but  #Icantbreathe;   there's #notimeoff like out in Oakland!! a brotha was Observing The Scene!!!

As I process what is heard and seen!! collection activities pick up due to thoughts once scattered...

Now I'm Ready To Roll / I'm On My Way!!  I'm focused on what really mattered...

Working it another way; Movin Forward in the mothership!! no Pharos GPS on the vehicle per shady car lots!! they're easy to be tracked...

...Just like with cell phone calls per NSA, we can see how jokers are trying to play!! it's easy to be tracked...

Easy to be macked / pimped by the system!!  Hunger Game Peacekeepers tell you go get that money!!!

What you Bringing To The Table? who's exhibiting hunger and the game? per The Interview not a damn thing is funny!!

Not believing the fable!!  no no honey!!!..naw money!!!.  like the G20 vs Russia and the Ruble some act new with a bruh but This Is What We Got To Give!!!

Dropping this funk as we unleash the Sonic Assault;  this is how we're trying to live!!

Dropping this funk on them so it's on them per the lessons taught!! but I was told *everybody ain't able*

We're just ATLiens getting crunk on them; we're bringing something to the table!!


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