Friday, December 12, 2014

The Combo Meal: Way Way Out There / Moving Targets Are Hard To Hit

They got us way way out there!! we're in survival mode!! they have us coming and going!! But I'm going for what I'm knowing!! Movin Targets Are Hard To Hit..

*Veteran In The Game* check out the arrival!! as we take it to the next level  it's all about a victory; I don't plan to lose or forfeit..

Don't start it!!  What? the hating!! folks take it to a "whole notha level" 

That's per the ebonics used by the brotha from NYC rocking the Syracuse coat in South Dekalb Mall over in Decatur; meanwhile a hater will make you scream  Damn!! Damn!! Damn!! like Florida from Good Times!! as you deal with "anotha devil"

These sonic assaults rebuke those with the pitchfork and shovel; or business suit / corporate look like shady Sony executives; or in a Ferguson or NYPD  po-po uniform..

Places and Spaces like Donald Byrd? haters come in many shapes and forms...

Trying to manipulate Perfect Storms like the Project For The New American Century;  but it'll backfire like an old Century / Regal /  Buick..

.....That needs a tune up; that's what's up!! don't front!! act like you knew it...

Yeah /Yeah Do That!! a track at; as we continue to bring  the Sonic Assault..

As we continue to go through that!! CIA torture reports told half the story as the British / UK connection was left out; meanwhile I'm trying not to get caught..

Based on what I was taught back in the hood;  deliberate falsehoods / shady episodes like UK basketball recruiting? pirates were pillaging and looting the village!! I act like I knew it!! Movin Targets Are Hard To Hit!!!

Veteran In The Game!! it's all about a victory, I don't plan to lose or forfeit

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