Monday, December 1, 2014

Dont Even Try It PT.2 (Word From A Veteran In The Game)

Veteran In the Game!! coaching like Jason Kidd leaving the Brooklyn Nets as history repeats!! but I didn't chase things!!  I let them come to me...

Catching the blame? oh yes!! as Armageddon is approaching  haters try to erase things!!  some said they're done with me..

Whose on the one with me? it's hard to find someone per the sideways glances and sideways episodes;  I stay praying to the Lord!!!

God's will be done on earth and in heaven;  I stay on one accord!!!

Dipping down I-20 in Atlanta in the Honda Accord on this so called Cyber Monday or out in galaxy rolling in the Mothership on a Mystic Voyage!!

....trying to stay out of the Dekalb Police Crown Victoria!! also avoiding the cyber thought and fashion police with their  mass hysteria !! I'm bringing more funk for ya!!  I'm trying to move forward with this!!!

Of course a black life matters as I discuss this and other matters at my other blogs...

What's Really Going On?  The Sonic Assault? These Random Thoughts? this brotha knew where the smoke and fog was..

Waiting on the Smoke To Clear!!  showing character and passion!! having no fear as the Mothership is steered to another galaxy!!

Nothing is feared!!  word from a Veteran In The Game!!  like Lebron going to the hoop I spotted those trying to foul me!! 

Some are trying to recover like Tracy Morgan!!  meanwhile Wal Mart and others are worried about holiday profits!! I won't accept the blame knowing that it's all game!! as they try to box my vehicle in!! trying to use me...

Showing no shame!! celebrating like Kool and The Gang!! or like I was at Fat Tuesday...

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