Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Critical Stages / In The Meantime Or Between Time PT. 2


On this so called Terrible  / Terrific Tuesday where things can go either way I'm chilling out, just enjoying the moment of solitude. 

Caught up in a moment of time per critical stages of development playing it like Simon and Garfunkel with the sounds of silence, now check the attitude!

Enjoying peace within, no justice or peace externally per dealing with these earthlings / heathens  so who's working with me?  feeling the soulful depths?

Please! in the meantime and between time I see how these jokers are trying to work things; the eloquence of sinners? I wasn't impressed. 

At the end of the day they want to see us stressed out, feeling the pressure during these critical stages!

In the meantime and between time? we're chilling out at the moment but soon we'll be ready to move forward, turning pages. 
In  the meantime and between time? my mind engages in this and that task, you can say we're working it all out!
Chilling out so rage is not a factor, or else it'll be like the frontlines in Bakhmut  Ukraine like the group called Wagner trying to wreak havoc, going all out! 

Enjoying  this Tuesday morning sunrise, after making Heatwave mind blowing decisions last night amongst moonlight reflections. 
Earlier? our demons were screaming / buking / scorning amongst debating circumstances, being built or torn down / disrespected?
Bright lights are beaming welcoming us to this last day of February 2023 but we're still in Pisces Season!! enjoying the pleasant vibes,  we appreciate them. 
Energized during these critical stages, soon turning pages /  soon reaching epic heights, in the meantime and between time working towards fulfillment / achievement!

Monday, February 27, 2023

Reinventing the Wheel - A Breakbeat Mix

 Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Music Monday; breakbeat scientific? excuse us but it's done this way..

....like trying to find the dark mystery of time and space! a lab technician's premonition?  meanwhile the pursuit of the prize is resumed around the way.

That Wuhan Lab by-product that leaked also known as Covid 19  is ignored as points are scored,  at the same time exercising an abundance of caution? 

Society still hates as my constituents bear the brunt of this; some claimed they had a hunch about this soon waiting in the dark / misled..;  didn't read the signs that said proceed with caution?

Society skates on thin ice due to global warming; we'll still gather / hunt per this digital crate digging as we proceed and continue launching this sonic assault; once again it's on!!   

At any rate we're  spanning the globe brainstorming / dropping knowledge plus these sounds!! once again it's on!!

We're listening to this   Reinventing the Wheel - A Breakbeat Mix courtesy of   a Confused Bi-Product of a Misinformed Culture check the playlist and the mix..

  My constituents know the real deal but thought and fashion police will find that these are violating their irrelevant rules saying this Louisville dude will misbehave; just still getting breakbeat scientific...

00:00 BSN Posse, Manul & Energy Man - Sevilla to Malaga 

02:50 - Darkhalf - Wage War  

06:20 - Dr. Cryptic - My World 

10:13 - Freefall Collective - Supafrequency  

12:30 - Mariner - Orca (Retroid Remix) 

17:40 - Ctrl - Z - Space Dementia (DM remix) 

20:47 - Vazteria X - Aleppo

 22:07 - DJ Genesis - Test Track  

25:26 - Kelle - Containment Breach 

28:33 - Tedy Leon - The Red Devil  

30:50 - Tedy Leon-Dark Blow  

34:56 - Andy Faze - Teleportation (Nick Sentience remix) 

38:39 - BSD - You Must Find Strength  

42:13 - Pitch Drop - Broken Knows 

46:10 - Dirty Terrain - Andromeda Chains  

49:46 - Paket - Open Science


Sunday, February 26, 2023

Louie Vega - Africa / Brasil (Isolee Dawn Mix)

 Sunday Jazz Continues check us out as we rock these venues from Atlanta to Louisville  / Newburg to London and Johannesburg and on out to Pluto and Mars! 

The saga  / struggle continues, local  / national  / international and intergalactic is the how we handle this business shining like stars!  

We're moving forward, some said being nosy, out here catching a scent of dreams. 

We're creating our own narrative! tales of reaching epic heights is what it seems! 

Some are hating said we’re joining other teams in the mystery of names never spoken. 

Not debating them, like my Terrible  / Terrific Tuesday concept it can go either way if it’s a hidden transformation. 

 Now check the situation; we're checking out some future jazz / house music / world music from Louie Vega  with a track called Africa / Brasil (Isolee Dawn Mix). 

I told you what the deal was earlier so who's gonna work with Brotha O? I'm just out here getting breakbeat scientific!! 


Friday, February 24, 2023

Dipping Through : Seeing Whats Up / What It Do (Part Ten)


Check us out we’re coming through  / dipping through on this Fabulous Friday, even though the science dropped is appropriate for any time frame! 

Flashback Friday energy is also exhibited when we run a play, staying grounded with boots on the ground running a ground game when we’re dipping through, not trying to play a mind game... 

...especially after being caught up in the system  / matrix out in a storm on these Throwback Thursdays and Flashback Fridays.  

Raining yesterdaysthat’s what it seems, like its even when a naysayers plots and schemes were like Trump Insurrections when they’re dipping through even though they’re supposed to be new and improved; I peeped game looking at previFabulousous episodes / plays! 

My brain? scattered thoughts ran amok out there in a cusp of solitude; thoughts were lewd like I was weeded or on some schrooms asking myself is there a bridge across forever? 

The reign began with a drizzle so I had to be shrewd / use discernment and  get out of the inclement weather but it seems the strange remains, damn! will it be forever?  

That bridge? I didn’t burn it I’m trying to take it to the bridge like on a James Brown record! 

Knowledge is dropped by O-Zone when he’s dipping through accompanied by the alter ego O-Dizzle with the digital crate digging coming through like Bobby Byrd on a James Brown record! 

Its all game, let the records reflect it that’s why I stay on the move! dipping through, intergalactic, out in the universe where stars die?  

That’s what it seems like in the hood or even here in Atlanta supposedly the new Hollywood so what’s good? some are out here looking for the bridge across forever, was it all a lie?  

We kept on running even though it got lonely out there, being taunted by players about unanswered prayers!  

We’re still dipping through on local,  national, international and intergalactic frontiers! now we’re back down to earth; jetlag led to a tipsy skyline in Atlanta with plenty of levels  / layers.  

Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Dipping Through : Seeing Whats Up / What It Do (Part Nine)


It’s business as usual, we’re still trying to get over the hump per this HumpDay Extravaganza! 

It’s business as usual, catch us broadcasting live and direct from our remote outpost out off of I-20 in Atlanta! 

Somebody will understand the Brotha O when I tell them its rough out here, the fantasy of escape clashed with reality. 

Previous episodes? we dipped through the universe in the mothership, I-20 in Atlanta was our launching pad as we get rad as security cameras taped us even in the misty moonlight.  

The moon was connected to Jupiter and Venus in Aries check the stellium it's a sight to behold but jokers aren’t playing fair with those or these! foul is how they’ll be! 

Stamina along with supreme courage and maximum strength is a premium, no solace shown if we're a casualty, they ain’t right” 

Silent tears kept quiet; we'll get it right! in the meantime and between time we’re dipping through exercising power that the Lord blessed us with! 

Irrational fears in the midst of the ongoing chaos and mayhem are dealt with rebuking methods to the madness the apparatus used to  stressed us with! 

The apparatus stressed others, I see them dipping through; prescriptions were even written for that  legal drug addict. 

Description fitting, chemical dependent when out here doing the most? That’s their lament.  

Acting different, dipping through said everything is hitting but asked me for a lighter! 

Lit, in more ways than one; once again it's on!! some are not built for all of this so they’re out there flying like a jet fighter!!

Monday, February 20, 2023

A Soul Thing ♫ Funky & Disco House House Mix ♫ 2023

 Digital Crate Digging Continues as we proceed and continue with this Music Monday edition; O-Dog Day Partying will also be involved!

The saga / struggle continues, true indeed even on this Presidents Day holiday the world keeps on turning and the fire keeps on burning and per fireman's lingo it's fully involved!!

I was already staying on point / on guard per lights blinking on the instrument panel; soon the mothership crashed on earth, but I'm stepping out unscathed from the wreckage...

...or splatter; now reflecting / thinking what really matters? knowing I need to purge myself of some things but I'm asking where's my baggage?

Somehow I'll manage, soothed by this music plus you can hear my earthly shouting in this poetry! 

 Some said stories on his skin are told, they say they can see what I'm saying as they act  like they know me.

 Truth be told? some of them can see what I'm saying especially with this O-Dog Day Partying as we come through with A Soul Thing ♫ Funky & Disco House House Mix ♫ 2023 courtesy of DJ Groove!

Check out a playlist and the mix, as we proceed / continue to stay on the move!!

01. Happy Gutenberg - Let Me Blow Your Mind 

02. HP Vince, Joey Chicago - Give Me Your Love 

03. Dirty Channels - Make You Cry 

04. Tim Deluxe - It Just Won't Do 

05. Harry Bolton - All About House (Tom Brownlow Disco) 

06. Simon Kennedy - Be Once Crazy Love 

07. Ghostbusterz - Fakin A Holiday 

08. Supafly - Moving Too Fast (Northwest) 

09. Block & Crown, Mickey Telussa - Feels Good

10. Mike Newman, Antoine Cortez - Miss Your Love 

11. Boris Dlugosch - Keep Pushin (Purple Disco Machine Vox) 

12. Amanda Wilson, Waterstone - It's Over Now (Micky More & Andy Tee) 

13. Sandy B - Make The World Go Round (Solsonik Re-Styling) 

14. Bobby & Steve feat. Johnnie Fiori - You Will Survive (Dr Packer) 

15. Yam Who, Thurteen - Date Night (Qwestlife Boogie)


Sunday, February 19, 2023

Mark DeClive Lowe Featuring Ovasoul7 – Feels Like Home (The Layabouts Future Retro Vocal Mix)

 Sunday Jazz Continues, check us out as we come through, we’re chilling out on this Sunday afternoon! 

The saga  / struggle continues as we broadcast live and direct from our remote outpost out off of I-20 in Atlanta, now we’re ready to drop a tune.. 

…or two or more; just got off of I-20 in Atlanta keeping the score from the Eastside to the Westside and back! now check out this science dropped by this journeyman, aka a veteran! An OG? a card carrying member.  

Underworld escapee, the enemy was swinging swords and machetes but they couldn’t dismember.  

The world is mine per Nas but earlier I was buried deep, the climb out of the hole was rough! 

The world is mine! so now I creep but the color of pain is worn! I guess it's the uniform for being tough. 

King of pain status mentioned by the Police enforced by the thought and fashion police rolling like the disbanded Scorpion Unit in Memphis for acting reckless concerning Tyre Nichols but we hang tough, carrying on dipping through with this breakbeat science!!

Check the status as we come through listening to Mark DeClive Lowe Featuring Ovasoul7 with a track that describes this moment; it Feels Like Home (The Layabouts Future Retro Vocal Mix)


Friday, February 17, 2023

Dipping Through : Seeing Whats Up / What It Do (Part Eight)

It’s business as usual on this Fabulous Friday, you can spot us out here dipping through! 

Plus it’s not unusual to exhibit a Flashback Friday type of vibe based on what’s up / what it do! 

Acting like we knew on this rainy morning in Atlanta, parades get rained on and during the charade some get preyed upon! the cold-hearted were trying to enslave us! 

The reign began with a drizzle now facets of the plan fizzle! some are hoping Superman will walk in the door / love will walk in this hellhole to save us! 

While dipping through I see some of the pain was self inflicted now we’re out here in troubled / freezing waters almost drowning! 

Damn! it seems we’re dipping through like we’re in East Palestine Ohio will we have to breathe the wretched / polluted cold air to keep living? 

Per Flashback Friday? like Michael McDonald we keep forgetting we’re not in love anymore like West Bank in Palestine type of drama! 

As we “holla back” we respond to it all in a breakbeat scientific manner, it’s all love as we respond to all the drama! 

This a rebuttal to the treason in any season as we move from Aquarius to Pisces season! but check the Flashback Friday vibe as spring is soon here but we’re inspired by those melodies of summers past.  

Visions play out of dipping through Broadway and Muhammad Ali Boulevard up in Louisville up in the hooptie! the music was medicine, we’re in a zone when sounds blast.  

We’re retro futuristic with it, we soon left the past, but now the floodgate to the present and maybe even the future opens.  

We’re dipping through playing it like our fellow Louisville legend Muhammad Ali, bobbing and weaving the wild waters motions / emotions.  

Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Dipping Through : Seeing Whats Up / What It Do (Part Seven)

 Catch us out here coming through  / dipping through setting off this HumpDay Extravaganza!  

We’re broadcasting live and direct from our remote outpost out off of I-20 in Atlanta! 

Getting over the hump is the business somebody will understand a brotha, from way way out there!  I have returned!  coming through  / dipping through with the brand new funk plus I’ve got more of this rhetoric.  

Oh yeah, its more of this good word from a breakbeat scientific perspective, or per yesterday being Valentines Day is it just a love song from a borderline romantic?  

Or maybe a frantic fanatic dropping mathematics or maybe just a chef in souls kitchen cooking a meal?  

Coming through  / dipping through with aromas like that soul food joint in the hood; taste the poetry or maybe read it so you’ll know the deal 

Coming through  / dipping through with something you can feel from Atlanta to Louisville / Newburg to London to Johannesburg and from Pluto to Mars! 

Coming through / dipping through acting like we knew but somebody will understand a brotha shouting let the healing process begin so he can heal all the scars! 

They tell me love is in the air but from the West Bank in Palestine to East Palestine Ohio the air is polluted.  

Dipping Through but its hard to feel or see the love even though yesterday was Valentines Day, vision is blurry through distant eyes plus smoke and mirrors.  

Dipping Through, I play it with a different vision maybe even rolling like a Distant Lover per Marvin Gaye as some say love will find a way but it seems the terms are disputed! 

Dipping Through with an abundance of caution in more ways than one plus still social distancing Covid 19 hasn’t left the building like Superman as sins of love have karmic repercussions; bear witness to the horrors and  terrors!