Thursday, April 29, 2021

It’s All Game : Plus They Keep Changing The Rules (Part One)

 Throwback Thursday type of science? back in the day the Old Schooler Abdullah up in Louisville / Newburg told me and the crew that it was all game!

Of course the old schooler Mr Cole dropped that word, he mentioned it was a rat race / dog eat dog world; he was from Louisville / Newburg, that’s where I learned the game!

Already hip to that Louisville Metro Police game, the Justice Department will let you know what’s going on after their investigation!

Shady Like Grady that’s the deal, not talking about Fred Sanford’s buddy even though it’s another Throwback Thursday situation!

Shady Like Grady? that’s the deal soon the apparatus will have us caught up in an unpleasant situation!

It’s all game, plus like GOP voter suppression jokers will keep changing the rules check the situation! 

It’s all game, Trump with his bamboozling / hoodwinking is changing a lot of fools in this nation!

It’s all game! per Throwback Thursday Aretha Franklin even mentioned a Chain Of Fools check the situation!

It’s all game but recognized that it’s a blessing to be here making this a Thankful Thursday!  we’re all up in the fluidity of living; floating!

Not the one to blame, O-Zone? an abundance of good is spread; not selfish, hoarding / bloating! It's all game when we drop this breakbeat science but outlanders in wet leather were voting against me? they saw I was hot like velvet fire! Plus jokers keep changing the rules, they awaken sleeping scars so my joy will expire!

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