Saturday, April 3, 2021

Down To The Bone - On The Corner Of Darcy Street

Digital Crate Digging Continues!! this is what we call Saturday Night Fever!!

Digital? analog? we do the damn thing, the saga / struggle continues!! Mr. T? I pity the fool  / non-believer!!

Not in the school with an under achiever!! we're trying to get things done before the matrix architect hits alt shift delete...

Not a tool of the master deceiver aka the devil or his advocates, as I holla at my constituents they confirm that's it's rough out here in these streets..

Cooling out in the lab, still listening to  Down To The Bone with a track called On The Corner Of Darcy Street, something funky for this Saturday evening or whenever..

Ruling out sonic rehab? naw dude,  O-Zone knows better than that!! listening to this jazz funk ignoring the madness out in the street!! I told a hater whatever!!


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