Sunday, April 25, 2021

I Guess It’s The Times We’re Living In (Part Nine)

 Some are in need of a breakthrough on this Sunday morning; I guess it’s the times we’re living in! 

From here in the United States to India and all points in between Covid 19 is wreaking havoc as reality is unforgiving!

Some said we even forgot about Myanmar as the devil will raise the bar as we try to attain peace.

I guess it’s the times we’re living in; plus from Chicago to Minneapolis we still hear chants of no justice no peace!

What else can I tell ya; per Matthew 24.6 there were wars and rumors of wars, I guess Geneva Conventions weren't well attended!

They all moved to LA or Las Vegas; besides politicians / so called pundits and experts who'll fake us? probably these gamblers out for a fast buck,  up in the crowds they blended!

Down here in Atlanta;  homie said he was ahead in the game, said it was good;   but I saw he was kicked to the curb!

.....his honey left him, plus jackers robbed him for his product; and Dekalb County authorities were closing in; he got played like a buster or herb..

I guess it's the times we're living in, the scene? I observed, it was gruesome like spotting the sunken Indonesian submarine..

I guess it's the times we're living in, reality is unforgiving as I mentioned earlier; reflected in the DMX aka Earl Simmons home going service; what a scene!

I guess it's the times we're living in, but we'll make lemonade out of lemons surprising jokers like Julius Randle and the New York Knicks..

This is how it's going down, breakbeat scientific business is what we'll handle!! this is what a brotha kicks!!

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