Saturday, April 10, 2021

Oh Yes! We’re Back With This! (Part Ten)

Oh yes we're back  with this as a Saturday morning transitions into a Saturday Afternoon..

Don't get me wrong, Digital Crate Digging Continues we'll rock these venues but also dropping this good word with the tunes..

 Oh yes!! we're back with this but naysayers we're suspicious; asking, who’s out here lurking in the darkness?

Was it one who’s waiting in the dark / whose heart’s broken? suffering / showing how broken tears fall, bearing witness! Guilt by association? down with those that hover in the shadows out here Shadow Boxing with their lament. Posing like last week’s Easter wearing the playboy suit; taking it off? the “tailor” aka the Matrix Architect will circumvent!

Oh yes! we’re back with this, relating to you feeling like trying to get back / taking it back to how things were? ..but unlike MAGA insurgents we’ve got a different way to work this! the lament for some? stuck in quicksand and it’s not a misnomer!
Aberrant? we see how some will work it it’s apparent! but not letting it ensnare us! Escaped due to being intergalactic, but like a year later from dealing with Covid 19 it’s a new normal; it’s not how it was.

Oh yes!! we're back with this, dropping these mathematics the saga / struggle continues!!

Oh yes!! we're back with this, but dealing with fanatics / devil's advocates straight out of hell's kitchen with meals that lack nutrition on their menus!

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