Friday, August 31, 2012

Cafe Soul All Stars featuring Kenny Garrett & Roy Ayers URBAN JUNGLE

Digital Crate Digging Continues....rolling down I-20 here in Atlanta listening to WCLK....they put this jam on by the Cafe Soul All Stars...featuring Kenny Garrett and Roy Ayers...its fire!! had to check it out let you "see what I'm sayin" ...check it out!!

I Was Telling Them...Of Course It'll Be A Bit Messy...

Checking out the Total Chaos... this world is in a state of despair and turmoil! 

Jokers were plotting and scheming like Mitt Romney and The GOP..or like the Koch Brothers..plans were exposed for us to take a loss; crops were planted in fertile soil! 

But plots were foiled ....brothers worked it out like Willie Hutch; we came through in the clutch...we dodged bullets by staying a step ahead! 

Like an old episode of Cops others were told to get on the ground!!! visions of polyester uniforms, Afros, Mullets and stone washed jeans danced in my head!

....Still trying to get ahead.... of course it'll be a bit is like that! 

Were down in a tunnel rocking a hardhat with the lantern on top; trying to light that! 

But those that have tunnel vision were waiting in the dark to fight that; some blame it on the was void of course! 

Those that have tunnel vision were hating..they spark the madness ....those I avoid...of course!

Of course it'll be a bit messy!! life is like that!! old girl down here in Georgia was asking; "you ain't knowing" ?

Par for the course; stress will be the by product of toil and strife... what "you ain't knowing"? 

The stress should be a motivator ...or is it a myth? "you ain't growing" ???  the Architect said trust the system! 

Back in the day....what was up with it?  Porsche Foxx rocked the box...said let your haters be your the old school baptist preacher said have faith in in him! 

In God we trust was on the dollar; a contradiction? was the Lord's name taken in vain?

Its odd!! of course this thing will be's real!! but  I see some are still faking the pain!


Thursday, August 30, 2012

Nas - God's Son ( Complete Album )

Digital Crate Digging Continues...listening to some classic hip hop....Nas...God's Son...its like this and like that and a!! Check out the playlist.....

00:00 - Get Down 04:05 - The Cross 07:54 - Made You Look 11:18 - Last Real Nigga Alive 16:24 - Zone Out (Feat. Jungle & Wiz) 20:14 - Hey Nas (Feat. Claudette Ortiz & Kelis) 24:20 - I Can 28:35 - Book of Rhymes 32:30 - Thugz Mansion (Feat. 2Pac & J. Phoenix) 36:39 - Mastermind 40:48 - Warrior Song (Feat. Alicia Keys) 45:31 - Revolutionary Warfare (Feat. Lake) 49:02 - Dance 52:37 - Heaven (Feat. Jully Black) 57:19 - Pussy Killz 1:00:02 - The G.O.D. 1:04:40 - Thugz Mirror (Freestyle) 

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Oh!! So Its Like That Huh? Still Asking That Question..

Its going down like this and like that!! like Hurricane Isaac blowing its got me asking; so its like that huh? in a couple of situations I played my damn self!!  its like Isaac Hayes and Dionne Warwick...I just don't know what to do with myself...its got me saying; duh! 

Whats up with a bruh? seeing how another plays..they were like Paul Ryan....lying..I wanted no part of it...others kept asking questions as I keep things low key!

...then others front on a bruh Chris Christie tried to on Obama... they're acting like they know me! 

Whats the deally? chilled up in the St Louis heatwave for a minute; up in the show me state!

Dealing with the madness; like it was Syria...check the Total Chaos; some say its all love..but whose real with it? they show me hate!

...but I know its not too late; plus history repeats itself.. things change;  even though like jokers at the Jackson Hole concerning average citizens like me...they show me the cold shoulder!

....but its not too late; even though things are ugly; its got me asking...Oh! So Its Like That Huh? how will this black man roll?  soon a beauty beholder! 

...but holograms and surrogates can be projected; check the colder weather from the climate change! 

Oh!! so its like that huh?  all around me..a brotha sees change!

Oh!! so its like that huh? it seems strange...oil companies were price gouging....just gamblers out for a fast buck...

We continue to go for what we know...rolling through Atlanta in the hooptie...jokers go broke trying to fill up the fast truck..

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Its Going Down; BreakBeat Scientific Business

Jokers needed to get some business about themselves...they were sounding like Republicans at the convention... they were slipping into darkness!

The Marcus Miller or War version ....both of them are I continue to deal with these earthlings; usually Way Way Out There; out on Mars...spotted by the Curiosity Rover..but the game's not over..I'm rolling on the Mothership; on earth I had to park this!

Whats the deal with them? spotted some waiting in the darkness;  they didn't proceed towards the light! 

They didn't do what old girl in Close Encounters Of The Third Kind told them to do...or maybe it was Poltergeist!

Whatever.....whichever;  cunning and clever when I pull this spiritual heist...similar to the Nas and Rick Ross Tower Heist?  please!!  jokers usually aren't checking for me! 

.....unless litigation is involved; when they try to trump up charges .....then they're disrespecting me! 

What were they expecting from them? fired by Donald Trump up in this piece?

They said its not unusual to be loved by anyone like Tom Jones; now the heart thumps..even Carlton Banks is dancing... but there's still no justice or peace!

Its the usual business in these danger zones... please!! due to the deliberate falsehood  jokers will recycle the drama. 

Its the usual business; wishing it was simple...but nothing green or natural when jokers recycle the drama! 

....Needing to let go...break the cycle..or things will be perpetual; the usual business! 

As we go for what we know!!  its the usual and unusual; check out this breakbeat scientific business!

V.I.P - Away

Digital Crate Digging Continues....checking out some Hip Life music from Ghana...with Vision In Progress aka V.I.P....with a cut called Away...

Monday, August 27, 2012

All Up In The Spot; Whose Here With Me?

We're all up in the spot...whose here with me? damn!! I was surprised to see some of the residents! 

The plan was hot!!  big homie said we can all get paid per the scheme or plot; a GOP convention delegate? now like dude in North Carolina that shot the deputies...I had to tell him there's no benevolence! 

The devil is busy in this place!! running wild...I could see victims at the players ball! 

The staff meeting was like peace talks in Columbia with FARC; but I was late..the hooptie broke down...catching MARTA or TARC..I'm still greeting folk...but letting the hustlers hustle and players play ball! 

Check this math we bring.....more reliable than a Chevy Volt; please!! whose waiting in the dark? check this breakbeat scientific business that's going down....the system will play y'all....that's the main point I try to get across! 

Check this math we bring;  no Quran sins were forgiven per Jesus on the cross! 

Whose still burning the cross?  like Ku Klux Klan back in the day ...on top of Stone Mountain!

 Religious services, Confederate memorials, and even soul festivals are now held there; what predicament were you found in? 

Yellow caution tape surrounded the structure....all up in the spot; being built or torn down? 

Debatable or destroy mentioned by Evidence... Where You From?

All up in the dances to the drum...but due to circumstantial evidence others morale was low! 

Distracted by the ongoing Total Chaos; who will take a loss?  like Hurricane Isaac the winds get heavy... all up in the spot...that's how it go!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Bennie Maupin - It Remains To Be Seen

Sunday Jazz Continues....checking out former Herbie Hancock / Headhunters sideman Bennie Maupin with a cut called It Remains To Be his Slow Traffic To The Right LP

...Paul Jackson, Patrice Rushen, Eddie Henderson, Blackbird McKnight and others helped him out....this is nice and smooth....but it has a funky vibe to it...check it out...

Ernest Gonzales - The Prudence of Evolution

Sunday Jazz the moment on some hip jazz /electrojazz type of shhh!! checking out Ernest Gonzales with The Prudence Of Evolution...

Was It Them Or Me?

Whats the deal? I took a look at the situation...wondering was it them or me? 

Whats real compared to what? per Les McCann and Eddie Harris like Lance Armstrong....or even Samsung...a crook is wondering what the business will be..

Whats real? whats up man? some space walk like Neil Armstrong;  or was it a crip walk? business was handled per duffel bags delivered in Dodge Chargers stash houses in the Atlanta suburbs!

Whats up man? others were like Pussy Riot members dipping from Russia..facing handled some before they could get a handle on it; they'll get played like Busters and Herbs! 

O-Zone observes the scene.....rolling on I-20 from Atlanta to Augusta.....I Felt The I'm like Today produced by Teddy Riley; Is It Him or Me?

In danger zones like Louisville / Newburg one swerves in the Oldsmobile Aurora..bringing the horror and terror like it was the Hill of Horror in Johannesburg...shooting pistols; asking the world you feel me?

Rolling like James Holmes out in Aurora; damn!!  was it them or me? that was a question he probably asked! 

Sherlock Holmes gave a Testament...told Watson it was elementary; so whats the deally? as we shine like the Aurora Borealis;  ... we were intergalactic with the Northern Lights we basked!

Storms approach like Tropical Storm Isaac..soon a hurricane...whats up mane? some were cool like Shaft per Issac the limelight they basked...not knowing what the deal is...

... circumstances we're debatable...being built or torn down? meanwhile O-Dizzle multi-tasked....knowing what the real is!!

Scorned ones provide insights; masked up to pull a caper..they were asking was it them or me?

Some claim to be born again but act certified; like they have those papers..had me wondering..was it them or me?

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Ron Trent - Jazz Funk Freedom

Digital Crate Digging Continues..checking out this classic jazz / funk / house track from Ron Trent...damn!! its called Jazz Funk Freedom...its fire!!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Roni Size - Bite The Bullet

Digital Crate Digging Continues...chilling out in the lab /workshop....thinking about how I'm gonna play / do things...might have to Bite The Bullet per Roni Size..check this out!!

Random Thoughts / Mission Statement

Thoughts are collected like debt by bill collectors; check out these Random Thoughts! 

This is the mission statement...unlike Apple vs Samsung patent infringements.. O-Zone is outside the box...on the fringe with O-Dizzle collected obscure beat, cuts, and samples; so he could launch Sonic Assaults! 

This is the mission statement...truth or reality as we know it taught us to stay on point! 

Truth be told?  society is not checking for me and my people unless were blasting off rounds at the Empire State Building...were not the ones they'll anoint!

But they're usually disrespecting....check how the empire strikes back....domain awareness systems are up and haters are appointing us to positions where we can take the blame! 

.....wanting us to be the fall guys; but I was wise to the set up ....realizing that its all game! 

It can go either the GOP convention future inductees in the hall of fame bump heads with hall of shame candidates! 

Politicians, media pundits, and spinmeisters are the new type gangsters...but they claim their being candid about it! 

Like American diplomats fired on in Mexico..random acts of violence is the usual response; the people are tired of the deliberate falsehood!

From James Holmes out in Aurora to homie in Decatur Georgia doing the drive by in the Olds Aurora; whose acting false in the hood? 

Its all good said the shadetree mechanic!! now the vehicle breaks down! 

So whats good? a shady fanatic wasn't like Mr Goodwrench or Goodyear..more like a politician or media pundit when they break it down! 

2012 hasn't been a good'll take you down..word from the Mayans?

Check out these Random Thoughts that are expressed...check this mission statement....this is no funny business like the Wayans!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

End Of The Summer / Back To School / Class Is In Session

Its the end of the summer...some have gone back to school...but reality will give us crash courses; class is in session!

Fatalities tabulated in the warfare when these jokers act a fool; its going down from Louisville to the ATL...from Kandahar to Damascus; due to the aggression! 

Hostile territories are run by thought and fashion police; just like Assad in Syria...don't ask us what the country can do for you; what can you do for the country?

Hot styles tell this story; warm enough to make Arctic Sea Ice shrink...breakbeat scientific principles are followed; but some act like they're done with me! 

My files were dusty...others weren't really checking for me..I was overlooked! 

Maybe because I ignore those chefs in hells kitchen; the meals aren't nutritious and the beef is overcooked!

That's word from the Hill of Horror in South Africa...they ask me...who will holla atcha? feeds from Facebook were blocked; who knew about the session? 

....Drank is drunk; bath salts inhaled..weed is smoked; guns are blasted like James Holmes in Aurora when your face to face with a crook; its hard to see in the smoke and mirrors...but class is in session! 

In the ATL?  crunk was taught!! that's why Holmes dipped in the Oldsmobile Aurora or Cut Dog! 

Coping strategies fail; now cashing reality checks to pay for tuition; whats up dog? 

Class is in session..check how O-Dog drops the funk; O-Zone has the good word! 

Whats the deal? the summer is over...back to school time....class is in session....that's whats up;  you heard?

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


I heard what was said; some run off at the mouth like Paul Ryan..or maybe even Rep. Todd Akin... I had to tell them...yeah..right!

I heard some were misled; but some were just faking...but I knew some of the others wouldn't act right!

Please...some are struggling like Tiger Woods...its tight in these hoods...just a black man trying to make money..its all legit chemicals for the black money like in Dekalb County;  just making sure my act was tight when I put it down like this! 

You know the saga /struggle continues; will Syria use chemicals? whats the deal? you just finding out about this?

Were all about this breakbeat scientific business; coming equipped with many weapons in the arsenal! 

Others are caught out here..intergalactic like the Mars Rover? Curiosity killed the cat..they didn't have any business about themselves!!  the devil had tricks up his sleeve..he will try to make them fall! 

Whats up y'all?  is the game over for the middle class?  others act like they have class..chilling out in the parking lot pimping? 

..Heard what y'all said!! sounding like a lobbyist..I'm like..yeah..right!! they're wishing it was a simple thing! 

Whats the word on the curb? as I bounce / pimp through this..I heard a naysayer talking about yeah...right! 

They said I was contributing to the Total Chaos..told to take a loss; I said yeah..right! 

Yeah!! sho you right!!  I continue to drop insight..handling breakbeat scientific business! 

Similar to running the Large Hadron Collider; society is not hating on a freedom rider? yeah right! this brotha knows what the deal is!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Kruder & Dorfmeister - Boss on the boot - Odessa - Honey - Anicca

Sunday Jazz Continues..checking out this  smooth jazz / funk / break beat / hip hop mix or EP from Austrian duo Kruder and Dorfmeister ....featuring the songs Boss On The Boot....Odessa...Honey and Annica....

Change / Strange

Changes were being made...its strange..were some being misled?  these jokers were full of surprises! 

Change or be changed was the cliche / mantra...whats up with ya? they said its strange...were we being built or torn down?  they asked me...circumstances were debatable..but some said I'm full of lies!

Some will start a Pussy Riot like in I stay in pursuit of the prize / freedom.....I keep running into distractions! 

Gangsters / pranksters said don't even try it!! they're rocking business suits or white tees and khakis.....Rockports or Chucks and Vans; a bruh understands during the interactions! 

Gangsta Chronicles by O-Dizzle broke it angle workers interrupt the flow...rolling like Romney and Ryan...somebody is lying....a hater stands in the way of progress; factions will bump heads...the clash / wrath of the titans? 

Angels and Demons try engineering like Siemens; mechanical or social....whatcha know? meanwhile this brotha enlightens!

Danger zones filled with benevolence?  I don't know..but the horizon brightens per the optimist!

There were Changes like Buddy Miles mentioned;  it captured attention ...meanwhile O-Dizzle is rocking this!

Strange is how these dirty / muddy styles are depicted; like platinum miners in South Africa...we were played like we didn't know whats up! 

Strange is how those dirty / muddy / bloody files were found; how did some kick it? they were corrupt!

Check the Total Chaos....I'm outraged by the destruction / corruption..change is powerful;  but like Sudanese helicopter crashes...I can see there will be collateral damage! 

Who will take a loss? its not strange ...change rolled up immediately or at the last hour;  but we kept circulating...were in transition...some how we manage!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Big Bang Theory...

Head on collisions will cause the big were at the CERN. 

Head on collisions were due to mind blowing decisions per Heatwave; damn!! when will we learn?

During this summer's heatwave some will burn..from the STL to the ATL! 

During the ongoing madness the funky drummer is drumming; the brotha O-Dizzle refuses to fail!

I'm back with this...rolling down I-20 in Atlanta...O-Zone refuses to sail on the Titanic with a fanatic...rolling like Paul Ryan with his Medicare plan...whats up man?  that's a losing proposition! 

Danger zone policies confuse the average resident...then the budget gets cut like Jay Leno's show...they're put in a losing position! 

O-Zone is using the right ammunition....this good word; while O-Dizzle has the big beats....a breakbeat scientist working on the big bang theory! 

Similar to scientist at the Hadron Collider...but society still hates on a freedom rider; so the outlook is bleary!

Some find this type of work may destroy the earth...whats it all worth? circumstances are debatable...being built or torn down?

From Louisville / Newburg to the Hill of Horror in Johannesburg its going down... 

Its going down from Charlotte / justice or peace..Maybe Tomorrow like the Jacksons? I don't know...

The Big Bang Theory is in full thump in the hooptie on I-85 on the way back from Charlotte..were in Transition; making it home on fumes because of high gas prices..trying to survive during the ongoing crisis...going for what we know...

Commix & Logistics - Cold Kiss

Digital Crate Digging Continues...listening to this nice and smooth drum and bass track from Commix and Logistics called Cold Kiss...nice cousin..nice!!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Roni Size Reprazent - Change My Life

Digital Crate Digging Continues....listening to some classic drum and bass from Roni Size and Reprazent...something about Change My Life...that's what I'm trying to do...either you change or be changed....word!! anyway.......check the track out!!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Marinating / Still Soaking Up Game...

Chilling....marinating like I was in the Frigidaire;  with rub and sauce on me! 

Dealing with jokers who are hating...rolling like Romney and Ryan;  when they try to plot and scheme they lost me!

...chilling..marinating..watching Perseid Meteor Showers..but everything is not what it seems; that group Imagination mentioned its just an illusion! 

Everybody wasn't putting work in; on my team there were a bunch of slackers...struggling like Randy Travis...all up in the institution!

Doing the systems dirty work; their hands, hearts, minds, and bodies are dirty! 

Caught up in the system / matrix...while I was keeping it real..I never faked heard me?  

Who will work with me?  as I get scientific like Hadron Colliders;  numerology and astrology plus like Deuteronomy I can get biblical!

A fanatic is hating on these freedom riders; diplomatic immunity revoked?  winning / will the cycle go?

No telling how it might Dwight will go to the Lakers..I guess its a Bourne Legacy....

 Dealing with a telling how it might go..will we get down? please!! bear witness to how a living legend will be!!

Static will cling...where's the Downy?  please....where have you found me?  I'm just chilling / marinating! 

Waiting until the smoke clears and jokers get over their irrational fears; as they continue to do their share of hating!

Filthy Drum and Bass Mix

Digital Crate Digging Continues....checking out this Filthy Drum and Bass Mix..check out the tracklist...

1. RoughSketch - No More Loop ......2. Noisia - Devil May Cry Soundtrack Sample

3. Sinister Souls - The Highest Technology (Qore 3.0 OST) ....4. Cenob1te - Onslaught

5. Noisia - Alpha Centory (Excision & Datsik Remix) ....6. Dodge & Fuski Feat. The Highbury Whores - Pornstep

7. Flux Pavilion & SKisM Feat. Foreign Beggars - Jump Back ......8. Swedish House Mafia vs. Knife Party - Antidote (Schoolboy Remix)

9. Birdy Nam Nam - Goin' In (Skrillex's Goin' Hard Remix) ....10. Noisia Feat. Foreign Beggars - Soul Purge (Current Value Remix)

Friday, August 10, 2012

Pryda - 'Vega'

Digital Crate Digging Continues...checking out this smooth house track from Pryda aka Eric Prydz called Vega...

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Laying In The Cut / Waiting For The Smoke To Clear

I was chilling.....laying in the cut; reflecting..contemplating! 

Suspicions were confirmed; like Standard Chartered Bank jokers were shady...there's still no justice and no peace; when jokers come up I can see they're still hating! 

Check the weather....hotter than July in carbon credits were polluted clouds of suspicion burst; the reign began with a drizzle! 

Checked it out when dude said whatever...but like Syria...crowds face suspension of rights and privileges as plans fizzle! 

Rowdy is how O-Dizzle gets; as Sonic Assaults are unleashed! 

Whats the dizzle?  hell is caught!! O-Zone got away in the hooptie rolling like Usain Bolt....dipping down I-20 in tires screeched! 

Empires reached out to consume the masses; like Alleppo and matrix glitches are prominent! 

Umpires and referees show the superiority complex; that trait was dominant! 

The economy is similar to the drought in the Midwest...crooks and liars show the hostile territory how business is conducted! 

Like smoke from wildfires out in Colorado...I'm waiting on the smoke to I holla atcha..hook lines and his own beats is how O-Dizzle responds;  check the hot style used to tell the story...he wasn't corrupted! 

The street funk was one of the by products from laying in the cut! 

Meanwhile the Brotha O-Zone was praying for the corrupt!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Do What You Wanna - Ramsey Lewis, Mr. Scruff's Soul Party Mix

Digital Crate Digging Continues...still on that Verve Remixed...checking out Verve Remixed 2 from 2003...Do What You Wanna by Ramsey Lewis remixed by Mr. Scruff...nice and smooth!!

Whats The Deal? I Had My Doubts About It...

They said they had a good deal for us; they said we would save money! 

Please!!  I had my doubts about it; they were going all out with Standard Chartered Plc; we spotted them plotting and scheming like G-8 and G-20! 

Gangsta like G-Money!! but Gangster Chronicles mentioned those rocking suits and ties instead of white tees and Converses or Vans! 

Whats up money? whats the deal? were dropping the funk plus these good word verses;  hoping one understands! 

As the mothership lands on earth; I can see these earthlings are going through it! 

Whats the deal? some blame it on Mercury retrograde..or even the Uranus Pluto they go there.. like Cheryl Lynn, some said its got to be real!!! so they said they're going to it!

 ....Some even asked;  Whatcha Know About  That / It? sounding like TI! 

They're being all they can be like the army; like Joe....the GI! 

Some cry a river like Justin Timberlake;  they're caught up the system / matrix! 

Let the healing process begin!! making amends with those who are real or even those that who fake it! 

Whats the deal?  O-Dizzle will break it..he takes beats and destroys them; then builds them..using them as a weapon in spiritual warfare! 

Whats the deal?  whats the dizzle? being built or torn down?  the devil has advocates..he deploys them; but O-Zone never yields to Staple Singers we take you there! 

Whats the deal?  were LA Laker Staple Center championship ringers....or running it like the Miami Heat! 

....Lebron and D Wade and them;  up in the project crap game I was fading stock brokers on Wall Street!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Jimmy Smith - The Sermon

Sunday Jazz's Sunday .....have you heard The Sermon? check out Jimmy Smith on that organ if you haven't!!

Don't Fool Yourself

I just happened to remember what the old school baptist preacher once said;  he told us..don't fool yourselves! 

The machine will fold and mutilate..they'll front on somebody like Gabby Douglas'  mother filing bankruptcy...what about all the times Donald Trump did?  meanwhile I'm bearing witness to what trying to get over the hump did...the machine will dismember body parts, scar hearts;  warm or cold hearts to rule yourselves? 

Whats up with me? I'm observing the scene / peeping game while I was laying in the cut;  soon I'll be ready to just for my self? yes indeed!! they were sharpened and cleaned! 

Whats up with me? digging the scene with the gangsta lean while rolling in the hooptie down I-20 in Atlanta; like G4S in London satellites and security cameras screened! 

Whats up with me? how was I responding...digging the scene as the train careened off the rails....just like my thoughts! 

Whats up with me? digging the scene while jokers were talking about they needed a new drug like Huey Lewis and The News... now they have K-2 and bath salts!

Society needed a new thug...hey you..haven't heard the news? now we have the latest rapper; Young or Little Somebody!

 I heard what was said by the old school baptist preacher; he said don't fool yourself...but Jesse Jackson said I am somebody!

Don't fool yourself...but you can still be somebody.. winning gold medals like the Williams sisters...

Don't fool yourself...even when we put it down like this the system will still disrepect us...

I had to school I pass this breakbeat science on to the masses...

O-Zone has this good word....while O-Dizzle will get busy conducting funk seminars and classes...


Saturday, August 4, 2012

Eddie Kendricks - Goin' Up In Smoke (Long Mix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues....checking out this classic Motown track from Eddie Kendricks...talking about were all going up in smoke....word!! 

.....its the long version too!! of course you know Motown had the best studio session players!! The Funk Brothers representing!! check this out...

Fast and Furious Like Ludacris and Them..

Some folk need to "slow that ass down" ...they were going for broke... rolling fast and furious! 

Caught up caught out the system / matrix...the funk? some even faked it....they're about to choke!!  rolling   fast and   furious like Ludacris! 

Or even Tyrese ....please!!  whats the deal? curiosity killed the cat...things will get hot like St Louis was in July; why lie?

Please!! my folk put it down from Charlotte to the STL / St Louis..acting like we knew this; others were Curious like George....why ask why?

 "Youse a damn lie"   was the response from the Brooklynite;  chilling down here in the ATL..he still had the "up top"  vibe!

You've got to keep on trying until you get it right!! damn it!! that was the advise from the we approach that point;  winning gold medals like Michael Phelps...soon the top tribe! 

Hoping my folk felt this...check this insight from the top scribe O-Zone;  the beat was provided by O-Dizzle!

 Checking the my folk dealt with that and this..some are mad because Ray Allen left Boston...Doc Rivers said its on him; ..not Rajon Rondo....things are going down fast and furious; but the reign began with a drizzle!

Checking the vibe...plans my folk dealt with that and closure just foreclosure...the system is fouling them...they left the mini-mansion in Atlanta...moved to a cheap condo..

Checking the vibe...plans fizzle; things are happening fast and furious..some will say blame it on the Uranus / Pluto square we continue to go will this world respond to a bro? 

...As we go for what we know.... moving at a high velocity....but we have the speed you need....

Things are and furious...dude said you can't catch what you can't understand...will we pray about this? true indeed...


  Intergalactic High Velocity Mix by omanxl1

Reggae Drum and Bass Mix. ..Courtesy of StudentDebts..

Digital Crate Digging Continues....checking out this Reggae / Drum and Bass ...courtesy of StudentDebts from YouTube...check out the tracklist....massive!!!


Damn!! Has It Always Been This Way?

Peeping game..checking my perspective; damn!!! has it always been this way? 

Whose sleeping in the game? Aerosmith and Run DMC said walk this this way! 

Whose creeping in the game? whats the business? finding out what the deal is..out there caught in the system / matrix avoiding the agent Mr. the hustlers hustle and the players play! 

Reaping what they're sowing in the game? drama is like Damascus;  old girl said we had to pray! 

Quantum leaping in the game after cashing reality checks?  now like the Planet Patrol...we play at our own risk!

 O-Dizzle is rocking them!!  DNA samples were collected from the vinyl, cassettes, and the compact disc!

Laying it down in MP3 or WMA format; tsk tsk tsk was the response from a naysayer! 

They didn't know the deally!!  old girl said everybody isn't able; that's why she said say a prayer! 

The drama will unfurl down here in Atlanta..the player in the Lincoln Navigator is knocked off balance! 

The drama will unfurl; no where to run or he can't run away in the slick bottomed gators...he kept falling;  he couldn't maintain balance!

Jackers raided the palace down in the ATL;  they knew he had cash and that work! 

Hackers deleted files from the database; he couldn't Bing or Google his history to know that plan he had wouldn't work! 

Slackers conflict with go getters and the dollars they chase; its like a shootout at the OK Corral at high noon! 

Or maybe the shootout in Aurora per James Holmes...whats up holmes? has it always been this way? jokers act spaced they're high off the smoke, drank, or schroom!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Santigold--The Keepers (The Knocks Remix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues....checking out this new Santigold cut The Keepers...remixed by The Knocks....massive!! check it out....

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Old Skool Jungle Drum & Bass Mix 2011 Dj InterLock

Digital Crate Digging Continues...O-Dizzle is an original hip-hop head...but lately I'm on the old school jazz or some techno / dubstep or some drum and bass...checking out this old school drum and bass mix from DJ Interlock...check the tracklist...

Original Sees (Congo Natty) Police in helicopter .......Firefox - Buck Rodgers

Q project - Champion Sound - Alliance remix.......Dj Zinc ft The Fugees - Ready or Not - dnb remix

Andy c and Shimon - Nightflight.........Origin Unknown - truly one

Scorpio - Trouble.......Bigga Star - Ghost......Bigga Star - Infomation.....Mask -- Splurt