Wednesday, August 22, 2012


I heard what was said; some run off at the mouth like Paul Ryan..or maybe even Rep. Todd Akin... I had to tell them...yeah..right!

I heard some were misled; but some were just faking...but I knew some of the others wouldn't act right!

Please...some are struggling like Tiger Woods...its tight in these hoods...just a black man trying to make money..its all legit chemicals for the black money like in Dekalb County;  just making sure my act was tight when I put it down like this! 

You know the saga /struggle continues; will Syria use chemicals? whats the deal? you just finding out about this?

Were all about this breakbeat scientific business; coming equipped with many weapons in the arsenal! 

Others are caught out here..intergalactic like the Mars Rover? Curiosity killed the cat..they didn't have any business about themselves!!  the devil had tricks up his sleeve..he will try to make them fall! 

Whats up y'all?  is the game over for the middle class?  others act like they have class..chilling out in the parking lot pimping? 

..Heard what y'all said!! sounding like a lobbyist..I'm like..yeah..right!! they're wishing it was a simple thing! 

Whats the word on the curb? as I bounce / pimp through this..I heard a naysayer talking about yeah...right! 

They said I was contributing to the Total Chaos..told to take a loss; I said yeah..right! 

Yeah!! sho you right!!  I continue to drop insight..handling breakbeat scientific business! 

Similar to running the Large Hadron Collider; society is not hating on a freedom rider? yeah right! this brotha knows what the deal is!

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