Saturday, August 4, 2012

Fast and Furious Like Ludacris and Them..

Some folk need to "slow that ass down" ...they were going for broke... rolling fast and furious! 

Caught up caught out the system / matrix...the funk? some even faked it....they're about to choke!!  rolling   fast and   furious like Ludacris! 

Or even Tyrese ....please!!  whats the deal? curiosity killed the cat...things will get hot like St Louis was in July; why lie?

Please!! my folk put it down from Charlotte to the STL / St Louis..acting like we knew this; others were Curious like George....why ask why?

 "Youse a damn lie"   was the response from the Brooklynite;  chilling down here in the ATL..he still had the "up top"  vibe!

You've got to keep on trying until you get it right!! damn it!! that was the advise from the we approach that point;  winning gold medals like Michael Phelps...soon the top tribe! 

Hoping my folk felt this...check this insight from the top scribe O-Zone;  the beat was provided by O-Dizzle!

 Checking the my folk dealt with that and this..some are mad because Ray Allen left Boston...Doc Rivers said its on him; ..not Rajon Rondo....things are going down fast and furious; but the reign began with a drizzle!

Checking the vibe...plans my folk dealt with that and closure just foreclosure...the system is fouling them...they left the mini-mansion in Atlanta...moved to a cheap condo..

Checking the vibe...plans fizzle; things are happening fast and furious..some will say blame it on the Uranus / Pluto square we continue to go will this world respond to a bro? 

...As we go for what we know.... moving at a high velocity....but we have the speed you need....

Things are and furious...dude said you can't catch what you can't understand...will we pray about this? true indeed...


  Intergalactic High Velocity Mix by omanxl1

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