Thursday, August 23, 2012

End Of The Summer / Back To School / Class Is In Session

Its the end of the summer...some have gone back to school...but reality will give us crash courses; class is in session!

Fatalities tabulated in the warfare when these jokers act a fool; its going down from Louisville to the ATL...from Kandahar to Damascus; due to the aggression! 

Hostile territories are run by thought and fashion police; just like Assad in Syria...don't ask us what the country can do for you; what can you do for the country?

Hot styles tell this story; warm enough to make Arctic Sea Ice shrink...breakbeat scientific principles are followed; but some act like they're done with me! 

My files were dusty...others weren't really checking for me..I was overlooked! 

Maybe because I ignore those chefs in hells kitchen; the meals aren't nutritious and the beef is overcooked!

That's word from the Hill of Horror in South Africa...they ask me...who will holla atcha? feeds from Facebook were blocked; who knew about the session? 

....Drank is drunk; bath salts inhaled..weed is smoked; guns are blasted like James Holmes in Aurora when your face to face with a crook; its hard to see in the smoke and mirrors...but class is in session! 

In the ATL?  crunk was taught!! that's why Holmes dipped in the Oldsmobile Aurora or Cut Dog! 

Coping strategies fail; now cashing reality checks to pay for tuition; whats up dog? 

Class is in session..check how O-Dog drops the funk; O-Zone has the good word! 

Whats the deal? the summer is over...back to school time....class is in session....that's whats up;  you heard?

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