Thursday, August 9, 2012

Laying In The Cut / Waiting For The Smoke To Clear

I was chilling.....laying in the cut; reflecting..contemplating! 

Suspicions were confirmed; like Standard Chartered Bank jokers were shady...there's still no justice and no peace; when jokers come up I can see they're still hating! 

Check the weather....hotter than July in carbon credits were polluted clouds of suspicion burst; the reign began with a drizzle! 

Checked it out when dude said whatever...but like Syria...crowds face suspension of rights and privileges as plans fizzle! 

Rowdy is how O-Dizzle gets; as Sonic Assaults are unleashed! 

Whats the dizzle?  hell is caught!! O-Zone got away in the hooptie rolling like Usain Bolt....dipping down I-20 in tires screeched! 

Empires reached out to consume the masses; like Alleppo and matrix glitches are prominent! 

Umpires and referees show the superiority complex; that trait was dominant! 

The economy is similar to the drought in the Midwest...crooks and liars show the hostile territory how business is conducted! 

Like smoke from wildfires out in Colorado...I'm waiting on the smoke to I holla atcha..hook lines and his own beats is how O-Dizzle responds;  check the hot style used to tell the story...he wasn't corrupted! 

The street funk was one of the by products from laying in the cut! 

Meanwhile the Brotha O-Zone was praying for the corrupt!

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