Saturday, August 11, 2012

Marinating / Still Soaking Up Game...

Chilling....marinating like I was in the Frigidaire;  with rub and sauce on me! 

Dealing with jokers who are hating...rolling like Romney and Ryan;  when they try to plot and scheme they lost me!

...chilling..marinating..watching Perseid Meteor Showers..but everything is not what it seems; that group Imagination mentioned its just an illusion! 

Everybody wasn't putting work in; on my team there were a bunch of slackers...struggling like Randy Travis...all up in the institution!

Doing the systems dirty work; their hands, hearts, minds, and bodies are dirty! 

Caught up in the system / matrix...while I was keeping it real..I never faked heard me?  

Who will work with me?  as I get scientific like Hadron Colliders;  numerology and astrology plus like Deuteronomy I can get biblical!

A fanatic is hating on these freedom riders; diplomatic immunity revoked?  winning / will the cycle go?

No telling how it might Dwight will go to the Lakers..I guess its a Bourne Legacy....

 Dealing with a telling how it might go..will we get down? please!! bear witness to how a living legend will be!!

Static will cling...where's the Downy?  please....where have you found me?  I'm just chilling / marinating! 

Waiting until the smoke clears and jokers get over their irrational fears; as they continue to do their share of hating!

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