Friday, August 31, 2012

I Was Telling Them...Of Course It'll Be A Bit Messy...

Checking out the Total Chaos... this world is in a state of despair and turmoil! 

Jokers were plotting and scheming like Mitt Romney and The GOP..or like the Koch Brothers..plans were exposed for us to take a loss; crops were planted in fertile soil! 

But plots were foiled ....brothers worked it out like Willie Hutch; we came through in the clutch...we dodged bullets by staying a step ahead! 

Like an old episode of Cops others were told to get on the ground!!! visions of polyester uniforms, Afros, Mullets and stone washed jeans danced in my head!

....Still trying to get ahead.... of course it'll be a bit is like that! 

Were down in a tunnel rocking a hardhat with the lantern on top; trying to light that! 

But those that have tunnel vision were waiting in the dark to fight that; some blame it on the was void of course! 

Those that have tunnel vision were hating..they spark the madness ....those I avoid...of course!

Of course it'll be a bit messy!! life is like that!! old girl down here in Georgia was asking; "you ain't knowing" ?

Par for the course; stress will be the by product of toil and strife... what "you ain't knowing"? 

The stress should be a motivator ...or is it a myth? "you ain't growing" ???  the Architect said trust the system! 

Back in the day....what was up with it?  Porsche Foxx rocked the box...said let your haters be your the old school baptist preacher said have faith in in him! 

In God we trust was on the dollar; a contradiction? was the Lord's name taken in vain?

Its odd!! of course this thing will be's real!! but  I see some are still faking the pain!


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