Sunday, August 19, 2012

Change / Strange

Changes were being made...its strange..were some being misled?  these jokers were full of surprises! 

Change or be changed was the cliche / mantra...whats up with ya? they said its strange...were we being built or torn down?  they asked me...circumstances were debatable..but some said I'm full of lies!

Some will start a Pussy Riot like in I stay in pursuit of the prize / freedom.....I keep running into distractions! 

Gangsters / pranksters said don't even try it!! they're rocking business suits or white tees and khakis.....Rockports or Chucks and Vans; a bruh understands during the interactions! 

Gangsta Chronicles by O-Dizzle broke it angle workers interrupt the flow...rolling like Romney and Ryan...somebody is lying....a hater stands in the way of progress; factions will bump heads...the clash / wrath of the titans? 

Angels and Demons try engineering like Siemens; mechanical or social....whatcha know? meanwhile this brotha enlightens!

Danger zones filled with benevolence?  I don't know..but the horizon brightens per the optimist!

There were Changes like Buddy Miles mentioned;  it captured attention ...meanwhile O-Dizzle is rocking this!

Strange is how these dirty / muddy styles are depicted; like platinum miners in South Africa...we were played like we didn't know whats up! 

Strange is how those dirty / muddy / bloody files were found; how did some kick it? they were corrupt!

Check the Total Chaos....I'm outraged by the destruction / corruption..change is powerful;  but like Sudanese helicopter crashes...I can see there will be collateral damage! 

Who will take a loss? its not strange ...change rolled up immediately or at the last hour;  but we kept circulating...were in transition...some how we manage!

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