Sunday, August 26, 2012

Was It Them Or Me?

Whats the deal? I took a look at the situation...wondering was it them or me? 

Whats real compared to what? per Les McCann and Eddie Harris like Lance Armstrong....or even Samsung...a crook is wondering what the business will be..

Whats real? whats up man? some space walk like Neil Armstrong;  or was it a crip walk? business was handled per duffel bags delivered in Dodge Chargers stash houses in the Atlanta suburbs!

Whats up man? others were like Pussy Riot members dipping from Russia..facing handled some before they could get a handle on it; they'll get played like Busters and Herbs! 

O-Zone observes the scene.....rolling on I-20 from Atlanta to Augusta.....I Felt The I'm like Today produced by Teddy Riley; Is It Him or Me?

In danger zones like Louisville / Newburg one swerves in the Oldsmobile Aurora..bringing the horror and terror like it was the Hill of Horror in Johannesburg...shooting pistols; asking the world you feel me?

Rolling like James Holmes out in Aurora; damn!!  was it them or me? that was a question he probably asked! 

Sherlock Holmes gave a Testament...told Watson it was elementary; so whats the deally? as we shine like the Aurora Borealis;  ... we were intergalactic with the Northern Lights we basked!

Storms approach like Tropical Storm Isaac..soon a hurricane...whats up mane? some were cool like Shaft per Issac the limelight they basked...not knowing what the deal is...

... circumstances we're debatable...being built or torn down? meanwhile O-Dizzle multi-tasked....knowing what the real is!!

Scorned ones provide insights; masked up to pull a caper..they were asking was it them or me?

Some claim to be born again but act certified; like they have those papers..had me wondering..was it them or me?

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