Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Big Bang Theory...

Head on collisions will cause the big were at the CERN. 

Head on collisions were due to mind blowing decisions per Heatwave; damn!! when will we learn?

During this summer's heatwave some will burn..from the STL to the ATL! 

During the ongoing madness the funky drummer is drumming; the brotha O-Dizzle refuses to fail!

I'm back with this...rolling down I-20 in Atlanta...O-Zone refuses to sail on the Titanic with a fanatic...rolling like Paul Ryan with his Medicare plan...whats up man?  that's a losing proposition! 

Danger zone policies confuse the average resident...then the budget gets cut like Jay Leno's show...they're put in a losing position! 

O-Zone is using the right ammunition....this good word; while O-Dizzle has the big beats....a breakbeat scientist working on the big bang theory! 

Similar to scientist at the Hadron Collider...but society still hates on a freedom rider; so the outlook is bleary!

Some find this type of work may destroy the earth...whats it all worth? circumstances are debatable...being built or torn down?

From Louisville / Newburg to the Hill of Horror in Johannesburg its going down... 

Its going down from Charlotte / justice or peace..Maybe Tomorrow like the Jacksons? I don't know...

The Big Bang Theory is in full thump in the hooptie on I-85 on the way back from Charlotte..were in Transition; making it home on fumes because of high gas prices..trying to survive during the ongoing crisis...going for what we know...

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