Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Its Going Down; BreakBeat Scientific Business

Jokers needed to get some business about themselves...they were sounding like Republicans at the convention... they were slipping into darkness!

The Marcus Miller or War version ....both of them are working..as I continue to deal with these earthlings; usually Way Way Out There; out on Mars...spotted by the Curiosity Rover..but the game's not over..I'm rolling on the Mothership; on earth I had to park this!

Whats the deal with them? spotted some waiting in the darkness;  they didn't proceed towards the light! 

They didn't do what old girl in Close Encounters Of The Third Kind told them to do...or maybe it was Poltergeist!

Whatever.....whichever;  cunning and clever when I pull this spiritual heist...similar to the Nas and Rick Ross Tower Heist?  please!!  jokers usually aren't checking for me! 

.....unless litigation is involved; when they try to trump up charges .....then they're disrespecting me! 

What were they expecting from them? fired by Donald Trump up in this piece?

They said its not unusual to be loved by anyone like Tom Jones; now the heart thumps..even Carlton Banks is dancing... but there's still no justice or peace!

Its the usual business in these danger zones... please!! due to the deliberate falsehood  jokers will recycle the drama. 

Its the usual business; wishing it was simple...but nothing green or natural when jokers recycle the drama! 

....Needing to let go...break the cycle..or things will be perpetual; the usual business! 

As we go for what we know!!  its the usual and unusual; check out this breakbeat scientific business!

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